Memes, Gifs & Stuff

Memes and gifs I made for this blog. Plus a few other things.

The Amazing Race Canada: 

Season 2 Team, Ryan & Rob

That's what Pete & Mickey called them.

Season 1 team, Jet & Dave.

Without a doubt, the best moment of S3, one of the best runs to the mat ever.
S3E11 "Cabotage" at Kelly's Saloon. Fort Edmonton Park
S04E01 "Who's Ready to Let It All Hang Out?" Yellowknife/Jasper

Rita & Yvette. S04E02 "Deal Guys? Deal. Deal!"

Emmett Blois S04E07 "I Could be Prime Minister"

The Bachelor Canada:

  • Watch The Bachelor Canada 2 Tim Warmels alter ego. Ricardo Amor, Latin Lover talks about how he can go all night. Look out ladies. It's actually one in a series of commercials for LG G2 battery, but this Canada's answer to Juan Pablo? Is sokay?

Big Brother Canada

Sabrina's now legendary freak-out.

Britnee's edit had a kind of megalomaniac vibe to it.

Zach & Kevin's punishment for being messy: Dress as French Maids and clean up.