Saturday, 15 October 2016

Good Idea? Bad Idea?

This week, I'm looking at this whole Bachelorette Journey thing a little different. Let's play a little game of Good Idea/Bad Idea, Bachelorette Canada Style. Yes, I am making the rules up as I go.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The One With All the Red Flags and Damage Control

Photo Courtesy: Corus/W Network

As Jasmine's Journey continues in Jamaica...
  • Jasmine has learned to let herself go, to open herself up to everybody. She says every decision she makes brings her one step closer to finding her man.
  • Kyle wants to solidify the connection he is now feeling with Jasmine
  • David wants a date so the other guys will stop calling him "Dateless Dave." [So we're pretty sure he will get one.]
  • Chris will be extremely shocked if he doesn't get a date. [So we're pretty sure he won't get one.]

Saturday, 24 September 2016

It's Time for "DATING TIPS ...with Jasmine"

(A.K.A. My recap of The Bachelorette Canada Episode 2)
Bachelorette Canada Photos Courtesy Corus/W Network

Dating is a hell of a thing to begin with. Now multiply that by 15. I suppose if you're dating fifteen guys simultaneously, even the most experienced person is bound to gain some new insights very quickly. Just the thought of remembering all those names is mind boggling, not to mention who said what and when. So let's follow along with Jasmine's Journey as she discovers her new found role as a Dating Advisor. What valuable lessons will Jasmine pass on to us this week?

Sunday, 18 September 2016

My Weekly Predictions Scorecard: Week Two Predictions

Here are my guesses for Week Two:

Week 1 Results:
I got 13 out of 15 right. Not bad. She dumped Eddie and Tony, kept JP and Kevin P instead. I was so sure TPTB would push Canada's Crush Eddie on her. And I was right about Mike getting the First Impression Rose. And knowing what we know now, I would change my guesses for 1st 1-on-1 & 1st kiss. Oh well.

Friday, 16 September 2016

14 Things I Learned From The Bachelorette Canada Premiere

Photo Courtesy: Corus/W Network

Right off the bat, I have to say I am much more impressed with The Bachelorette Canada than I ever was with The Bachelor Canada. It seems W Network has gone full steam ahead, producing and promoting their franchised version, creating a far superior product. In comparison, it is no wonder The Bachelor Canada died a miserable death after only two seasons. Twenty bachelors. A new host. Ninety-minute episodes. An After Show hosted by Jennifer Valentyne. Yeah, I'm in.

Now, on to the recap...and instead of a rehash of events, lets do this a little different. Although this isn't my first time watching anything from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, let's pretend it's a brand new experience.  Here's my list of the things I learned from the premiere:

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Those Bachelors, Eh?

Yes, it's time to light those fairy lights, fire up the candles, stick 20 guys in a limo, and above all else, hose down that driveway. Tonight is the night, folks!

I've intentionally tried to limit my impressions of the Jasmine's Bachelors until after the premiere.
We've been given all those silly, darn bios and videos. And those profile pics??? It's like they are just taunting us with those. Hey. I can't just let that go, can I? Jasmine gets a First Impression Rose, so why can't I give my first impressions? Alright, here goes, then I will use that prediction table:

Friday, 9 September 2016

Big Brother Canada 5 Open Casting Calls Announced!

From the Global TV/Corus Entertainment Press Release, September 9, 2016:

The search for the next group of Canada’s most outrageous houseguests continues as details are announced for Global’s Big Brother Canada Season 5 national casting tour. Canadians 19 years of age and older can continue to apply online at until October 24, or apply in person at the following locations:

Preview of "Second Place Isn't Good Enough"

It's here.
Yeppers. The finale of The Amazing Race Canada's fourth season is upon us.

There are SPOILERS ahead. Do I really have to warn you?

Friday, 2 September 2016

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Preview of Episodes 9 AND 10 - Amazing Race Canada (with UPDATES)

The end game is upon us. The next two episodes will see us go from five teams down to three, with no more non-elims or keep-on-racings.

Seeing as I will be away for these two episodes, I have decided to post previews for BOTH episodes. 
There are big spoilers here.
 You have two choices. You can back outta here the way you came, remaining blissfully ignorant OR you can find stuff out that will amaze and dazzle your friends.
It's in your hands.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Friday, 19 August 2016

Preview of Episode 8 "I Just Wanna Win" in Havana, Cuba

Leg 8 heads to Havana, Cuba. I can hear the complainers now, droning on with their persistent crap about the Canadian Race should stay in Canada, and what does Cuba have to do with Canada? Well, you morons, think: the U.S. embargo on Cuba while Canada maintained a relationship with them. And also think of Trudeau and Castro. That's Pierre Elliot Trudeau, not Justin. Really. But I have figured out why these people are so adamant the show stays in Canada. They really don't know too much about their own country and have to depend on a reality program to learn about Canada. Well, watch TVO or go take a night class somewhere or something, because this is the format for Amazing Race Canada.

I've got SPOILERS here...

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Bachelorette Canada

          Photo: Corus/W Network
Well, well, well. Are you ready for this?

The first season of The Bachelorette Canada is set to premiere on the W Network on Tuesday, September 13th at 9 PM ET/PT.

If you are thinking this series will be anything like The Bachelor Canada's two previous seasons, think again.  I believe production has wiped the chalkboard clean and are starting over from scratch. Here is what we know so far...

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Jasmine's Bachelors: Part 1

Photo Courtesy: Corus Ent/W Network

Here are the first 5 of Jasmine Lorimer's 20 Bachelors, all vying to become her future ex-fiance:
(Additional names & bios will be added in additional posts, as they become available by Corus/W Network.)

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Bachelorette Canada Week-by-Week Summary

Click through to see a week-by-week summary of Jasmine's progress - which guys got dates, who's been sent home and who remains.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Preview of Episode 7 "I Could Be Prime Minister"

There are major spoilers here that may offend the squeamish. 

Oh, the horror! The horror!

As all six teams survive a KOR at the pitstop in Hamilton, and are now heading to Kingston, we are all left with the worst cliffhanger since "Who killed J.R.?" or, more recently, "Who did Lucille kill?" We are all on pins and needles over the fate of poor, poor dear Joel and Ashley. All I can say is...

Friday, 29 July 2016

Big Brother Canada 5 Now Casting

It has begun again.

Casting for season 5 is now in full swing, and hopefuls have until Monday, October 24th to submit an online application (note the proviso that says that date may be changed at any time). Head on over to the official site  and read the application instructions very carefully. Something else that you should read very carefully is the waiver.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Preview of Episode 6 "Am I Really Operating the Plane?"

There are spoilers here, so I must
warn you NOT to click through,
unless you really want to know...

Recap of Episode 5: "The Little Blind Tugboat That Could"

I really looked forward to this episode. Following two very dynamic and difficult legs in Vietnam, it was supposed to be the gem of the season. Surely this was going to be the best of the domestic legs this year. I wanted to be overwhelmed by the beauty of northwest British Columbia, entranced by the Haida peoples, and most of all, thoroughly entertained by a well constructed TAR leg.

I wasn't. Well, it was gorgeous and the Haida segment was nice, don't get me wrong. But I just felt they could have done so much more with it. And this leg had only 3 tasks, two of which were Roadblocks. No Detour. I think it made for a boring leg, making it very linear. No real flipping back and forth of positions. And the timed seaplane and ferry departures only aggravated the situation.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Preview of Episode 5 "The Little Blind Tugboat That Could"

The seven remaining teams travel back home to Canada, flying into Vancouver, then on to Haida Gwaii.
Thar be spoilers here...

Recap of Episode 4 "Shine Your Light" ...Or Worms in My Mouth, Worms in My Ear

Teams set off from the Mekong Lodge in a late morning/early afternoon start. Note: only two hours separate first and last place teams, so there is potential here for some shuffling, and anyone can win this leg:

Friday, 22 July 2016

MasterChef Canada Season 4 Now Casting

From CTV:
"Canadian home cooks have a chance to show off their culinary chops during the “MasterChef Canada” Season 4 Open Casting Call Saturday, Aug. 6 in Toronto. Home cook hopefuls are encouraged to arrive at 7 am ET at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel (225 Front St. W), with one prepared dish.
Applicants will be given three minutes to plate their dish before presenting it to professional tasters, and as there will not be any kitchen facilities or supplies available, all dishes will be tasted at room temperature. Applicants must also be able to carry everything they need into the audition room. Prospective competitors will be judged on how their dishes taste, as well as plating, creativity, skill, and food knowledge. 
Home cooks can visit the CASTING SITE, where they can complete the online application in advance of their audition, and also read the FAQs. All applicants must be amateurs, and cannot have worked professionally in a culinary environment as a cook, chef, or in food preparation.
Home cooks who can’t make it in person can also apply online before auditions close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, Aug. 6."
Please read the application instructions CAREFULLY!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Recap and Review of Episode 3 "Toads! Are You Kidding Me"

When last we left our 9 remaining teams in Calgary, Steph and Kristen had won themselves a pair of Express Passes, and last-place Kelly and Kate were saved by a surprise NEL. The Pitstart for the third leg is the pedestrian/cycling Peace Bridge over the Bow River. The starting times are:

Jillian and Emmett 1:49 AM
Stephane and Antoine 3:07 AM
Frankie and Amy 3:39 AM
Joel and Ashley 3:53 AM
Anne and Tanya 4:45 AM
Steph and Kristen 5:05 AM
Julie and Lowell 6:17 AM
Rita and Yvette 6:38 AM
Kelly and Kate 6:43 AM

Preview of Episode 4 "Shine Your Light"

There are SPOILERS here. You have been warned.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Amazing Race Canada 4 Preview of Episode 3: "Toads! Are You Kidding Me?"

What's that I hear? Oh! Could that monotonous drone be the sound of people complaining about teams leaving Canada? Again? Maybe you are one of those complaining that Canada and Vietnam don't have a history or connection. Well, if that's the case, you get an F-minus in History. So, your assignment this week is to find three points and/or events which connect Canada to Vietnam. Go now. GO!

Meanwhile, for the rest of you... There are spoilers here. Proceed with CAUTION. Or don't.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Amazing Race Canada 4 Preview of Episode 2 "Deal Guys? Deal! Deal!"

Well, now. That's an interesting title, isn't it? Sounds like two or maybe even three teams have entered into some kind of agreement. I wonder what that's about? Are these teams going to work together on a task? Or is this a long-term deal? Are there some teams who aren't too happy about Jillian and Emmett winning the first leg? Or does this have something to do with the exes lying to Steph and Kristen? Emmett wouldn't lie to anyone, would he? I mean, if you can't trust a Milkman, who the hell can you trust?

Yes, they've been in Calgary before - in seasons 1 and 2, but they have never had a complete leg there.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada 4 Leg-by-Leg Race Results

Keep track of your favourite team right here.
Weekly results - including team eliminations, will be posted immediately after the episode airs EASTERN TIME. It is generally accepted that such information is NOT A SPOILER.
I have set this behind a page jump if you landed on my home page and live in the western time zones.
You're Welcome.

Monday, 27 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada: 14 Best Moments

Are you ready for an all new season of The Amazing Race Canada?

Since it appears this season of The Amazing Race Canada will be drawing in new viewers because of the whole Jemmett/Big Brother Canada crossover, I thought it might be a good time to show all the new fans what they've been missing.

Here is my countdown of best moments from the first 3 seasons. Just remember one thing. This is MY countdown of best moments. Sure, everyone remembers the tear-jerking moments, like a very sad elimination. But for the most part, I like comic relief the best. Okay, I lied. Remember one more thing. This is for our homegrown version ONLY. So, all you superfans out there... please don't go telling me of so-n-so in the U.S. or other franchise who did something better, okay?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada Preview of S4 Premiere "Who's Ready to Let It All Hang Out?"

Beware all Ye who enter here, as this preview includes some spoilery bits. You've been warned!

Be prepared for a brand new season of The Amazing Race Canada. And be prepared to see snow in June. JUNE!!! NO, Winter is NOT coming. Why oh why must we be reminded of that stuff? Why? I'll tell you why. Because WE ARE CANADIANS. We really are, to quote Stephen Colbert, a bunch of iceholes. But then again, it's because The Amazing Race Canada chooses to film in late April through to late May, and tends to alternate its route every year. Startline to finish line. East to west. West to east. Or close to it.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Amazing Race Canada - Welcome to Crapfest '16

*No spoilers here, unless of course you're including the official cast announcement for the new season.

Now in its fourth season, The Amazing Race Canada has become a summertime tradition. Oh how we love to watch our favourite teams race around Canada and venture out of the country for a few legs. This year's cast was just announced last week, and right along with it came what now has become another tradition - the Annual Amazing Race Canada Crapfest.

The Amazing Race Canada 4 Teams

Don't you just love this time of year? Summer's here, network shows are done with their seasons, and The Amazing Race Canada takes over the airwaves. Now in their 4th season, it was become a summer staple.

The casting for our Canadian version always nails it. Well, usually. Okay, so they had that little hiccup last year. But I think they learned their lesson - don't cast a team unless you expect them to win. And with this cast, I think it's safe to say that any of these teams would make for a great win.

This year, we have ten teams to cheer. Of course, the first thing everyone has noticed is this is down two teams from last season. I'm not going to get into the reasoning behind this. I am just going to accept it and say I am glad. In my opinion, twelve teams last year were a little hard to follow in the first couple of episodes, with some teams getting overlooked in airtime and their story.

Besides, with such a fantastic cast this year, who needs two more teams? Yep, I am going to say it. I think this this could be the best cast producers have given us. Better than the cast of Season 2? Maybe. But then again, last year's cast looked good in the pre-season. Please, please, please don't let us down S4 people! Argh. I am sure they'll be okay. There are no Montani-types this year.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

All the Reasons We Love Amazing Race Gifs [Reposted from June 2015]

[TBT - reposted June, 2016]

Season 3 of Amazing Race Canada is almost upon us. I mean, it's so close it's almost time to meet this year's teams. It's just so darn AMAZING, isn't it? As if you need any more inspiration to get you pumped for the Race, here are some of the things that make it so Canadian...and that is always amazing.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Bachelorette Canada is...

...Jasmine Lorimer

From the W Network Press Release:

TORONTO, June 9, 2016 /CNW/ - The wait is finally over, Canada. As revealed on Entertainment Tonight Canada, Kenora, Ontario-native Jasmine Lorimer is putting her heart on the line this fall on W Network's The Bachelorette Canada. Lorimer, a hairstylist currently based out of Pemberton, British Columbia, will search for the man of her dreams when 20 eligible bachelors do whatever it takes to win her heart. By her side throughout the journey will be host Noah Cappe, who is best known for his roles on Food Network Canada's Carnival Eats, The Great Canadian Cookbook and W Network's top-rated series Good Witch. The smash-hit reality series premieres this fall on W Network.

"It is such an honour to be Canada's first bachelorette," says Jasmine Lorimer. "This opportunity came at the perfect time for me and I couldn't be more prepared to embark upon this lifelong adventure."

A small-town girl at heart, 27 year-old Lorimer's artistic nature and adventurous spirit drew her to the beauty industry and the West Coast. Her free spirited, down-to-earth approach to life, coupled with a warm and radiant disposition, make Jasmine the perfect choice for this romantic adventure of a lifetime. Refreshingly open, honest and not afraid to laugh at herself, Canadians nationwide will fall in love with Jasmine as she risks it all to find "the one."

In the Canadian version of this widely successful reality series, Jasmine Lorimer is in search of her soul mate – and hopefully her groom-to-be. The male suitors compete for the Bachelorette's affection on individual and group dates involving local and far-flung romantic encounters and adventures in exotic locations around the world. As Lorimer narrows the field and the number of men dwindles, romance and tensions rise. Ultimately, she will choose the one man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

The Bachelorette Canada is produced by Good Human Productions Inc. The series is based on the U.S. format created by Mike Fleiss and produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Sales of the format are handled by Warner Bros. International Television Production.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Big Brother Canada Renewed for 2017

Oh joy!

Big Brother Canada was officially renewed for a fifth season today! Global buried the news in their 2016/2017 Primetime programming announcement. Maybe they just want to check to see if we're paying attention.

"After its most successful season yet, with an average audience of almost 1.2 million viewers per episode (2+) – growing audiences with total viewers and key demos A18-49 and A25-54 versus Season 3, reality champ Big Brother Canada returns for a fifth season of competing, scheming, and household chaos. Based on Endemol Shine Group's worldwide hit franchise and commissioned by Corus Entertainment Inc., Season 5 of Big Brother Canada is produced by Insight Productions in association with Corus Entertainment Inc."

Look for future casting announcements coming soon. If they stick to the same schedule as last year, open casting calls should begin in select cities beginning in late summer/early fall.

But we have questions...

After four successful seasons, can we expect some returning players? 


What about a few crossovers... you know, a little tit-for-tat after (spoiler alert) The Amazing Race Canada snatched up fan favourites Emmett and Jillian for their Season 4 cast? Hmmn. So many possibilities!  

Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Amazing Race Canada 4 Team Spoilers

This is my preliminary description and elimination order of the teams we'll be seeing in the upcoming season.
There are major spoilers here.

Are you sure you want to know?
This is my final warning!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Amazing Race Canada Rumours Confirmed

The Amazing Race Canada 4 Filming Spoilers

Season 4 of The Amazing Race Canada began filming Thursday, April 28.

Yes, there are spoilers here. I repeat, THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE
So DO NOT click through unless you want to know about the new season. 
Are we clear on that? 
You're not going to complain to me now, are you? Okay, good. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguest Status, Voting History & Season Stats

Catch up on the current status inside the house! May include SPOILERS from LIVE FEEDS, ahead of the aired shows.

Any SPOILERS ahead of AIRED Episodes are courtesy of

*** Week 4: "Fake Double Eviction"
Week 8: Ramsey voluntarily left the house after receiving news of family emergency. This occured after he was nominated and won POV, but before the POV Ceremony.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Feeds in Brief April 3 to 7 (Week 6)

Thursday, April 7 (Day 42

  • Mitch and Tim (in High Roller room) Tim mentions Mitch might be good as a commentator (on a side show). Mitch hints he has other interests.
  • Tim and Cass: Tim says he thinks Mitch might be a Youtuber because of some of the things he told him. He says he's been playing BBAU style, but this week he's playing BBCan style in voting Mitch out.

Wednesday, April 6 (Day 41)
  • Mitch and Nikki: Mitch wants to campaign to the Brothers and goes over it with Nikki. He wants to offer the Brothers 3 things: Mitch & Nikki are two votes to save the Brothers; if he and Nikki win HoH, they won't put the Brothers up; AND if Mitch is on the block next to the Brothers, Nikki will save the Brothers over him. Nikki agrees.
  • Mitch and Phil:Mitch tells Phil the hardest thing will be to survive a Triple (eviction), therefore his offer is: neither he nor Nikki will put the Brothers up in a Triple; if he or Nikki aren't on the block next to them (the Brothers) they will vote to save them; and Nikki will vote to save the Brothers even if he (Mitch) is also on the block in a triple. He also adds a few more things: the 3rd Wheel, Tim & Cass, Ramsey & Maddy would all vote to save each other. The Brothers have no "partner"; and he (Mitch) has already promised to go after the 3rd Wheel. He also points out that if he is voted out, Nikki would be vindictive and never vote to save them (the Brothers)
  • Tim and Nikki: Tim tells Nikki that he and Mitch could have been great together if they had gotten together from the beginning. BUT he wants Mitch to come to the same conclusion first, before he tells Mitch.
  • Mitch and Tim: Mitch begins by saying they are similar players and he saw that as soon as Tim came into the house. Tim says he finds it fascinating that Mitch - whose game depends on laws and odds, is being undone by pure luck. Tim says BB is not a logical game. Tim wants to be friends with Mitch after the show, but he was disappointed in Mitch wanting to play with the "cool kids". Mitch agrees. Tim says that for him, winning any BB is making sure the "Prom King & Queen" (in this case, Jared & Kelsey) don't win.
  • Mitch & Phil (in High Roller room) Mitch tells Phil that Kelsey made a final 4 deal with Maddy & Ramsey, and the Brothers were the next target. Kelsey comes in and Phil confronts her. She denies it. Mitch goes to get Maddy and Ramsey. The confrontation moves to the Living Room, with Maddy and Cass talking from over the upstairs railing. Eventually Phil defends Kelsey.
  • Meanwhile, Jared and Raul are in the HoH. They hear the commotion but don't join in. Phil enters, then Kelsey. They laugh and say it's just another failed attempt by Mitch.
  • Mitch and Raul in the HoH: Very long convo. Mitch tells Raul about his ASAP Science Youtube channel, his 5 million followers and his book. Raul says Mitch's followers will hate him. Mitch mentions he may be the first jury member. Raul asks if Mitch will vote for him (to win). Mitch leaves. Raul cries and repeats, "It's just a game."
  • Kelsey and Jared comfort Raul, tell him that he and Mitch will be friends after the game.
Tuesday, April 5 (Day 40)

  • Tim & Phil: (their task was to stay up all night) Tim says that with the sunrise, as far as he's concerned, the task is completed. He sleeps for about an hour. 
  • Tim & Nikki: Tim says BB's tasks are getting meaner and meaner. He's sick of being treated like special needs. He says it feels like being in a concentration camp, then says that's insensitive. He's just being sensitive today.
  • Kelsey & Cass: Cass says Tim is getting annoying, always follows her around, or calls for her. Kelsey says he votes just to stir up trouble. Cass says he just wants to keep the real players in the game. Cass says she's through with him.

Monday, April 4 (Day 39)
  • Kelsey and Cassandra: Cass tells Kelsey about all the cattiness last week while Kelsey was away, and what she had to put up with
  • POV Ceremony today
  • Jared did not use the Veto.
  • Cass & Kelsey: talk about the Veto Ceremony. (apparently Mitch's Veto speech was dramatic - he called the Third Wheel a cancer that had to be cut out of the house) Cass says don't worry, we're voting him out. They agree he was so different than the Mitch we knew before.
  • Jared & Maddy: Jared explains about the Mitch-intel that Kelsey found out about from Loveita while in sequester in the secret suite. Raul really screwed us over by opening his big mouth to Mitch. Now they have to deal with it. He tells her he wants to get Mitch out this week, hopes she votes with them. He also says the original plan was to put Cass up. Maddy mentions that she and Ramsey may vote differently.
  • Jared tells Kelsey about the Maddy convo. They work out that Mitch would be safe with Maddy, Ramsey, Nikki and Tim
  • Mitch calls a meeting or a "presentation" with Nikki, Cass, Tim, Maddy, Ramsey, Nick & Phil. He uses chocolates to explain odds in the game and everyone's chances going forward - if they keep him. He uses casinos as an example. [Note: to me, it came across as his excuse for floating/making numerous alliances - he was just playing the odds] At one point he says, "this is how I made by nominations before" (was he referring to Loveita's HoH???)
  • Tim says his mother knows statistics - he does too, and Mitch got a few things wrong. He and Cass go to talk to Kelsey and Raul. Basically, they agreed they don't have a problem with each other.
Sunday, April 3 (Day 38)
  • When feeds return: Jared has won Veto
  • Mitch and Raul: Mitch tells Raul he will be polite to him BUT he will give him no more in this game.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Nikki Grahame's Episode 8 "Tim-Meltdown" in GIFs

During Week three's live eviction episode, we were treated to an extended sequence featuring Nikki Grahame having a meltdown. Seems Nikki had an issue with Tim getting too close with Cassandra. She explains it to us in the DR...
Obviously I'm not for the whole Cassandra-Tim relationship thing, but I know my bond with Tim is stronger than theirs could ever be. I mean she's just a young, shallow girl that just...I don't know, she just needs all the help she can get to play this game.
First, she wandered through the house looking for Tim. When she can't find him, she heads out to the hot tub. There she finds Mitch, Kelsey and Christine - her audience. Of course Kelsey had to ask Nikki if she was having a moment. Nikki lets it all out... 

 But she's not done stewing. She heads up to the HoH and is comforted by Loveita. Tim walks in, asks her if she's doing good, then leaves. This only sets her off again.

The whole sequence resulted in a lot of people commenting that Nikki and Tim behave like a married couple. Maybe. But the studio audience erupted into laughter and applause. Nikki Grahame isn't just live-feed or TV gold. She's comedic genius. Just look at her troll face! 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Big Brother Canada 4 Episode 8: The BBGrand Dismisses Maid for Sleeping on the Job

To paraphrase Tim, it's funny that the person who was on the block last week is running the show this week. He's not wrong, but he's not quite correct either. There is dissension among the ranks. This is Loveita's second HoH, Will this one go the way she wants - to get Cassandra evicted, or will it be another wasted HoH?

Cassandra began campaigning for support the minute Loveita nominated her. Christine on the other hand, continued with her 2-fold strategy of staying in bed or fulfilling her duties as the BBGrand house maid. She only went into campaign mode after the POV Ceremony. And when I say campaign mode, I mean a half-hearted attempt at best.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Feeds in Brief: March 17 to 24 (Week 4)

Aaah, that "first day of spring" feeling in the Big Brother Canada house.
Live feed recaps are spoilers if you only watch the aired episodes.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

This Week on Big Brother Canada 4: Much Ado About a Nomination (Week 3)

After Sharry is evicted, and Loveita wins HoH on a fluke shot, we all assumed she would put up two members of the Third Wheel. Hell, if one of them won Veto, then Loveita could throw the third one up on the block. It only seemed logical, right? Right?

Friday, 11 March 2016

Feeds in Brief March 10 to March 17 Week 3

Thursday, March 17 (Day 21)

  • Happy Birthday Phil!
  • Phil is the victim of Nikki's pranked mouthwash/dishsoap. Nikki apologizes and tells him it was her and Tim who did it. Tim tells Phil it was Nikki who did the mouthwash, he only did the toilet/Vaseline.
  • Loveita, Kelsey & Dallas: Dallas tells Loveita that Cass has made it clear that if she wins HoH she's putting her on the block. He also tells them the vote will be close. Kelsey adds that at least with Cass, they know what she's about.
  • Tim warns Joel that if they go against Jared in the vote, Jared may target them. Tim says it's really not about the player this week, it's about the play next week.

Wednesday, March 16 (Day 20)
  • Joel & Christine: Christine tells Joel she's talked to Nikki, Dallas, Maddy & Ramsey (and has their vote) That's 4. She's working on Tim. She tells Joel that people think Cassandra flips too much. Joel asks her who she'd go after if she's HoH. She says someone big (Jared), someone has to do it and she's not afraid. Joel tells her he's an open book, will listen to anyone.
  • Nikki, Kelsey, Loveita in HoH: Nikki rants on about Tim. She doesn't need his help. She's sick of is self-importance/ego.
Tuesday, March 15 (Day 19)

  • Kelsey to Phil: I want Cassandra to stay. Phil agrees. Kelsey adds Christine already won $10,000
  • In the HoH: Joel tells Loveita that he told Cassandra he will vote to save her. Daas enters. Loveita says it was Tim who convinced her to put up Cassandra. Nick, Nikki and then Phil enter the convo. Phil says he was set to vote Cass out, until he heard that oveita and Dallas were working together. Phil warns Dallas that his name keeps coming up (as a target) in convos.
  • Nick, Phil & Joel: Phil says he trusts Jared more than Loveita and Dallas, and Christine is sketchy. Nick admits that Loveita bullies/pushes her agenda, but Jared & Kelsey respect him. Phil says Loveita told us to do what we think is best for our game (re: the vote). Phil explains to Joel that he'll be good with Cassandra staying and he'll be safe next week if she stays.
  • Mitch & Joel: Joel tells Mitch he's keeping Cassandra. Mitch agrees and adds that he knows Cass is not with Dallas. Mitch wants Maddy and Dallas to not switch their votes (to evict Christine), he wants the vote to be 7 to 4.

Monday, March 14 (Day 18)
  • POV Ceremony: Dallas did not use the POV. Noms remain the same: Cassandra & Christine
  • Loveita to Nick in the BY: Nick questions the High Roller room...says there's "something in there". Loveita says she saw something (in there). Feeds cut. 
  • Nick & Loveita in HN room. They go over clues from the POV Comp. "something is not what it seems". Nick says, "what if they're just here to..." and feeds cut again. When they return, Nick is alone in the HN, still thinking of the puzzle. 
  • Tim, Nikki and Ramsey pull some pranks.Tim puts Vaseline on the toilet seat. Nikki puts BBQ sauce in the shampoo bottle and dish soap in the mouthwash. Nikki wants something brown to smear on the toilet seat, so Ramsey gets Nutella. Nikki says its perfect - it looks like burning diarrhea.
  • Cassandra is the victim of the Vaseline. She asks Tim, "Who's j!zz do I have on my ass?"
  • Phil, Cassandra & Tim: Phil tells Cassandra he heard she was trying to target him. Tim says no, and that some people were trying to blame the backdoor plan on her.
  • Rare glimpse upward near the hot tub.
  • Loveita says the vote is up to fate and that she no longer cares who goes. Loveita goes to the HoH bathroom and sees the Nutella on the toilet seat. Tim says someone had a blowout and Nikki adds, "that's animal behaviour"
Sunday, March 13 (Day 17)
  • Injuries from POV comp: Christine fell from 3 meters off the ladder, Cassandra strained her ankle
  • Loveita to Joel: I can't stand Kelsey & Raul. There's a big opportunity to backdoor a big player. Later she says if I get Cassandra out, Christine needs to start to work with us.
  • Jared to Christine: Loveita is by herself (in this game) Dallas comes in and tells them of his convo with Loveita last night (trying to tell her to backdoor the brothers). Dallas says he had to calm Loveita down. He thinks Loveita is working with the brothers.
  • Mitch to Loveita: Be prepared for Dallas using the POV. Loveita knows Jared, Kelsey & Raul will break her deal with them.
  • Loveita asks Dallas if he's going to use the veto. He says no.
  • Cassandra, Jared & Kelsey: They count votes. Jared: Kelsey, Mitch, Raul, Tim. Kelsey adds Joel. Jared agrees then says it's up to Nikki.
  • Dallas & Maddy try to convince Loveita to "backdoor"* Jared. They use the line "they got rid of Sharry/we owe it to Sharry"
  • Tim, Nikki and Loveita discuss putting up Jared and the plan loses steam
 *not technically a backdoor, which is a plan hatched pre-nominations. This would be just a renomination.

Saturday, March 12 (Day 16)
  • POV comp Players: Loveita, Cassandra, Christine, Dallas, Jared & Ramsey. Tim will host.
  • Loveita's making her rounds today to reinforce the reasoning behind her noms and push her agenda. Christine tells her she understands even though she thought it was weird. Ramsey, Dallas and Jared tell Loveita if they win POV they will keep the noms the same.
  • Dallas wins POV
  • Tim believes his POV Hosting script held a clue in the wording. He tells Loveita, then later Joel and Cassandra... "Beyond the walls... it's not what it seems...look for the sign, look for the clues. Go home, the fringe, behind the bureau" Tim only gives them bits and pieces.
  • Dallas wants to use the veto on Cassandra and have Loveita put up Phil/Nick. Loveita tells him not to fall into the trap of doing the dirty work for Jared & his crew. Loveita tells Dallas to broker a deal with the brothers, using the threat of Veto & them being the renoms.

Friday, March 11 (Day 15)
  • Tim to Loveita: if I were you, I'd put up 2 people from one side of the house. If you put up one person from each side, you'll piss off the whole house.
  • Loveita says Kelsey has turned the house into High School
  • Loveita to Jared: Who would you want saved, Kelsey or Raul? He says Kelsey. Loveita tells him she's not getting blood on her hands to save you guys (the Third Wheel) and the house was already voting in her favour (i.e: Jared, Kelsey & Raul had nothing to do with keeping her safe/flipping the house)
  • Loveita to Nikki & Tim: I'm going to give a nice speech then self-evict. Tim & Nikki freak and try to talk her out of it. Loveita tells them she was kidding.
  • Joel and Cassandra have a date night in the HoH room (this could have been a task for Joel, May even have been a Marsha task because at one point, Joel and Cassandra went into the Wedding Chapel where we know Marsha is hiding)
  • Feeds are on and off several times, in between which: Loveita has still not decided on her noms; HGs have a celebratory dinner. The last glimpse ic BB calling the HGs to the LR. Cassandra and Joel are being punished for violating the HN rules last week (they ate grapes) and will be the HNs again this week.
  • Feeds are down, presumably for the Nomination Ceremony.
  • Loveita nominated Christine and Cassandra. She tells Joel that Cassandra is the target.
  • Dallas asks Loveita if she made a deal. Loveita says no, that she just didn't want to rock the boat.
  • Cassandra confronts Loveita. She tells her she had her back last week, she campaigned for her to stay. Loveita says she put her up because of a comment Cass made. Cass said it was a joke. Cass asks her if she made a deal and tells her now the whole house is mad. Loveita asks who.
  • Loveita, Cass & Joel go up to HoH. After more ping-pong conversation, Loveita asks Joel, "How do we fix it?"

Thursday March 10 (Day 14) Post Eviction
  • Kelsey to Loveita: I keep my word 100%. I'm not in a showmance with Jared, we're just friends. She, Jared and Raul won't be targeting her until later in the game.
  • Loveita can hear DR convos (it's loud!). She calls out to BB then the feeds cut.
  • Kelsey tells Jared the Third Wheel is safe this week. Then later tells Raul she's afraid they will be Loveita's target.
  • Nikki brings a basket of booze out from the DR.
  • Jared to Kelsey & Raul: you have to be nice with Loveita. Raul says: Just until tomorrow. Jared corrects him by saying: no, all week. Kelsey flips out.
  • Kelsey again refers to Nikki as "the alcoholic British chick"
  • Phil admits to Tim, Ramsey & Joel that he has a huge crush on Nikki. Tim says, "crazy in the head, crazy in bed"
  • Jared tells Loveita he flipped the house to keep her safe this week.