Wednesday, 29 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief Week 7

Wednesday, April 29 to Wednesday, May 6 2015
***Triple Eviction Week***

Wednesday, April 29 2015 (post Eviction)
  • Kevin is HoH
  • HGs are making Zach a birthday cake. It's football shaped
Thursday, April 30 2015
  • Bruno, Bobby, Zach, Ash, Pilar and Kevin in backyard. Plan is to nominate Sarah and Brittnee,
    Bobby realizes the mistake he made.
    backdoor Godfrey. Bruno suggests putting "one of us" up as a pawn. Bobby wants to be nominated so he can compete in the veto. [note: imo Bobby didn't catch what Bruno was trying to pry out of the Diapers] Pilar tells Bobby he can always use his (fake) veto. Bobby says he wants to save it.
  • Godfrey and Kevin: Godfrey says he doesn't know if Bobby has a special veto or not. Kevin says we are about to find out, and reassures Godfrey he is safe this week - there are bigger things going on.
  • Feeds down for either HN comp or nominations
  • HN are Bobby and Zach. Bruno received reward - consisting of some kind of strategic video he can watch. (Perhaps he can eavesdrop on HGs???)
  • Bruno watched the video bios of evicted HGs [or perhaps all HGs?]
  • Feeds down - for late night nom ceremony?
Friday, May 1 2015
  • Kevin nominated Bobby and Brittnee
  • "Power of Veto Competition Today" on screen.
  • PoV players: Kevin, Brittnee, Bobby, Sarah, Ashleigh and Pilar
  • After feeds being down an extended length of time for PoV Comp, Kevin won Veto.
Saturday, May 2 2015
  • Zach and Kevin must wear French maid outfits and clean the entir house
  • Bruno wants to talk to Kevin about backdooring Zach this week
  • Kevin to Pilar: he will keep noms the same. If Bobby uses the "secret veto", he will name Bruno as the replacement, not Godfrey.
  • Kevin hopes Zach and Ashleigh won't be upset
  • Kevin wants to reign in Godfrey next week, doesn't want him evicted
Sunday, May 3 2015
  • Kevin did not use the veto. Noms remain the same

Big Brother Canada 3 - WTF is Going ON, Big Brother?

Are you people just winging it, or what?

It's the end of week 6 and in all likelihood it looks like Sindy Withaness will be evicted tonight. That leaves 10 HGs still in the house. Compare this to the same time last year: by the end of week 6, there were 8.

Before Sindy's return, we were keeping pace IF we had a double eviction this week, and another in week 8. Keep in mind that there are only 4 weeks left this season.

It's very clear TPTB were counting on that vault buyout offered to Bobby and Sindy. One person HAD to go, but neither accepted the $10,000 offer. Then there was another screw-up last week. The fan prediction page showed two eviction rounds for week 6. The first round was normal. The second round showed 3 nominees, with two evictions. This would mean a triple eviction for the week. That sounded like fun. Just when Twitter started going nuts over the news, the prediction page miraculously changed back to showing a regular eviction this week. The Brick, BBCda's major sponsor also made a slip when they tweeted a reference to this being a triple eviction week.

Okay, so I am no tin-hat conspiracy theorist. I realize that despite Big Brother being a reality show, it is still a TV show. They WILL do everything they can to manage the goings on in the house to get the best outcome drama-wise and the best ratings they believe they can. Don't fool yourself with all the purist, non-interventionist talk. That ship sailed once BBUS started doing the "Expect he Unexpected" routine, and some would argue even before that when Have-Nots were introduced. And we all know what REALLY happens in the Diary Room.

So, the only thing we fans are left with is the feeling that this has been a monumental screw-up OR TPTB didn't like the odds the triple eviction gave to this season's darlings: Kevin; Godfrey; and Bruno.

Of course there is still that thing in the Have-Not Room, which in all likelihood will come into play very soon. Maybe even this week. Is it a quick way to get rid of 3 HGs? Or maybe it's a one HG with one in the jury. Don't forget Arisa's slip (or was it a tease?) last week that Jordan wasn't allowed to see his DR goodbye messages. Hmmn...

The plot not only thickens, but may be burning.

And I am still waiting for Peter Brown serving salad on a silver platter to Zach.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BBCan3 Episodes 15 & 16 Week 6 HoH & PoV

Quickly recapping...

This week's HoH was a complete disaster, for several reasons. Called "BBC Student Film Festival", the HGs had to guess which comp or task is depicted in a film slowly puzzle-pixelated. If they get it right, they can eliminate another HG. If they get it wrong, they are eliminated. It's pretty easy to throw this one. Unless you're Bobby. He was the first to buzz in, hardly waiting for the first film to come on the screen. His guess was "V for Veto". Much to his and everyone's surprise, he got it correct. When Arisa asked whom he wanted eliminated, he stumbled and said "Sindy". He tries it again on the next film and this time, he throws it successfully. Bruno and Kevin manage to also throw it. Then lo and behold, Pilar steps up and guesses correctly. Mind you, it was awkward...she keeps grabbing her face or mouth. But she wins HoH. Who would have seen that coming?

This week's Have Not comp was pretty brutal. A game of Bubble Boy tackle. Lots of fun to watch, but some of the HGs took a beating, especially Sarah. Her teammates - Godfrey and Kevin, aren't helping because they want to throw it. Godfrey needs to talk game with Kevin while they are HNs.

Pili's reign as HoH is just as awkward as you can imagine. Don't get me wrong. I like Pilar. The thing is, Big Brother is NOT THE GAME FOR HER. Both Kevin and Ashleigh had to walk her through the alliance situation in the house. When she finally decides to nominate Godfrey and Sindy, she asks for Ash, Kevin and Zach to keep Sindy away so she doesn't have to deal with her campaigning. The nomination ceremony was no cakewalk for her either. Sindy tells her, "I'm really disappointed in you." Pilar cries over this, and once again I shake my head. Good God girl.

The PoV comp is called "BB Concentration". Pilar, Godfrey, Sindy, Willow, Bobby and Kevin play. They have to make matching pairs of KFC $5 Fill-ups cards. There are punishments and rewards as well, and the winner gets $5,000. Godfrey wins PoV, while Willow wins a slop pass and must wear a ketchup costume for 24 hours.

At the PoV Ceremony, Godfrey saves himself and Pili - in another excruciatingly painful segment nominates Brittnee as a replacement pawn.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Amazing Race Canada 3 What the Hell Just Happened??????

Shhh. Don't tell anyone!

The chess pieces have assembled and are now in place to begin filming the third season of The Amazing Race Canada.

There were some sightings today in Toronto, and Jon was seen with his wife in the Distillery District. Did they begin filming? Is the start line in Toronto?

I can't say for sure just yet, BUT the same thing happened last year. Several sightings were made in the same area of Toronto about three to five days before the teams flew out to Alberta. So for now, I am just going to say, "On your mark"....but probably not "Go" ...YET.

And does this mean the start line will be in Toronto? Nah. Before you start complaining about this, let me just say that TPTB are very much aware of how ravenous the fans can get about the show concentrating on certain areas of the country. If I was a betting woman I would put money down on the third season start line being nowhere near Toronto. In fact, I actually have a few theories. I am predicting it will be east of Ontario...

Nuh uh. Not so fast.

But check back here, I will let you know. In the meantime, if you would like to take your own stab at predicting where the start-line will be, or where this season's legs will visit, take a look at my Amazing Race Canada Locations chart HERE and feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment.

UPDATE Friday, May 1: The real race began today. The startline was Quebec City, just behind the Chateau Frontenac. Looks like a great assortment of teams that I can't wait to get to know - and I hope there isn't a single <ahem>  "blind-dating <ahem> couple among them.

To see my current leg by leg spoilers for Season 3, click HERE

Sunday, 26 April 2015

BBCda3 Episode 14 Week 5 Eviction: "Sindy and Bobby in the Vault With a Button"

It's not very often I get emotionally involved, but this was one of those weeks.

First of all, JP makes the dumbest decision ever in offering himself up as a nominee. I want to reach into the TV and shake him repeatedly. Then there is Zach whom I have now come to loathe. He should have refused JP's offer outright. Then he should have done everything he could to orchestrate the house to vote the right way.

Of course this week's biggest pain in the side of the BB house was the return of Sindy Withaness. Her goal is to get rid of Zach, and anyone else who gets in the way. Unfortunately for JP, that means him. But she has to move quickly to get the house to see Zach is the biggest target. She gets to work on 2 fronts: Bruno & Bobby and Sarah & Brittnee. Her advantage is all the information she received from Naeha, Johnny and Graig in sequester. She aligns herself with Brittnee and Sarah. That was no problem. Neither is Bruno. He knows who his biggest threat is. The one holdout is Bobby who refuses to give up on the Chop Shop and his alliance with Zach.

Take the money and run, you dumbasses.
But first, Big Brother has an offer that MAY be hard to refuse. Two HGs must volunteer for a task without knowing what it is. Sindy and Bobby turn out to be the guinea pigs. They are told to go to the Vault. Oh Oh. Nothing good ever happens in there. Inside, they find a 24 hour timer, and two buttons. That's it. No explanation. Nothing. So Sindy and Bobby decide to let the clock tick down. Twenty four hours later, and with only a few minutes left, the others are shown what's going on inside. Arisa offers Sindy and Bobby $10,000 to leave the house...and that money comes out of the $100,000 season 3 winner's pocket. Of course, neither Sindy nor Bobby take it. Bad, bad decision. Do they really think they have any chance of winning? Sindy's days are numbered, and Bobby's best hope of finishing this season is fifth place. Fourth if he's lucky. He's just too big of a physical threat to risk taking to F3. It ain't going to happen dude. You guys should have taken the money.

Bobby is still hung up on his unwavering devotion to Chop Shop and Zach. Bruno sits him down and
There is no Chop Shop, Bobby!!!
uses candies to map out the situation in the house. Chop Shop is an illusion. It's just a theory that died, way before Graig left. Zach is playing everyone in the house. Bobby is still in denial, out in left field in LaLaLand. It takes Brittnee to knock some sense in him by letting him know HE was Zach's target this week. Yep, Bobby... Zach, the guy you have pledged your life in the game to for the last 5 weeks was about to send you packing. And the only thing that saved you was Zach's huge ego and his belief that he and Jp were living on easy street.

Now remember all this time, Zach and Jordan are 100% sure that they have the vote and Godfrey will
JP when the vote is read.
be voted out, probably unanimously or at the worst, 7 to 2 with Bruno and Bobby voting to save Godfrey. In fact, Zach has been so sure of victory this week that he has spent the whole week trying to convince Ashleigh to play hide the weenie with him in his HoH bed. Worst HoH ever in Big Brother Canada history, even supplanting Ika Wong's HoH last year. The kicker being of course that he didn't take his closest ally, JP, off the block WITH THAT VETO HE WON. What an asshole. I mean, REALLY. What an asshole.

Jordan gets evicted 5 to 4.

Of course, the live-feeders saw this coming, and I completely dreaded watching JP get totally blind-sided. It was great for television, but I really did not want to see the kid go through that. Thank God, he took it incredibly well, recognizing the game play and strategizing that had to come into fruition for this move to be carried out. He knew he made a massive mistake and admitted to it on-air. At the very least, he met his pre-show goal to make the jury.

The week 6 HoH Comp is called BBC Film Festival. They are shown fan made films of this season's
Ummn, ahhh, ummn. I don't know, ahhh Sindy????
comps and tasks. If they buzz in with the correct answer, they can pick another HG to eliminate. If they guess incorrectly, they are eliminated. Each film is a slow reveal...with pixels gradually coming together for a complete picture. This one won't be hard to throw at all, right? Nah. Not at all. Well, until Bobby decides he wants to be the first out with the wrong answer and buzzes in as soon as the first film begins. He guesses "V for Veto". Of course, what happens? Yep. He is correct. He actually screwed up the screw up. He's totally flustered, and when asked to name an HG to eliminate, he blurts out Sindy. Thus screwing up the screwed up screw up.

Only Bobby could do this.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief Week 6 (Spoilers)

From Wednesday April 22 (Post Eviction) to Wednesday April 29, 2015

Wednesday, April 22 2015

  • Pilar won HoH
  • HGs start to question the vote. Sindy lies and says it was Willow who voted JP out. Sarah is
    happy Sindy lied because it exposes her game
  • Bruno and Zach in HoHR: Bruno explains why he had to vote JP out over Godfrey. He could work with Godfrey, and had no connection with JP. Bruno leaves and Zach sits alone for a long time.
  • Kevin uses Pili's candies to explain the alliances in the house, what her strategy is and who she wants to target. Pilar is extremely confused, even thinking that the extra vote to evict JP came from Godfrey.
Thursday, April 23 2015

  • Right after waking up, Sindy, Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey go to Pilar and Kevin in HoHR, expose the Chop Shop and explain how each member of the Chop Shop focused on one other person (followed and friended them, to have an extra for voting purposes) - and how Pilar was Ashleigh's. Pilar is very upset.
  • Have Nots are Sarah, Brittnee, Kevin and Godfrey
  • Pilar nominated Godfrey and Sindy
Friday, April 24 2015
  • PoV Comp today 
  • HGs are sore today, feeling the effects of the HN Comp. Sarah is injured her tailbone. Brittnee was crying this morning.
  • PoV players: Pilar, Godfrey, Sindy, Kevin, Bobby and Willow. Sarah is the host.
  • Feeds down for PoV comp for about 6 hours. When they return, Godfrey won PoV. Willow must wear Ketchup costume for 24 hours.
  • Pilar does not want to be alone with Sindy...doesn't want to listen to her campaigning
Saturday, April 25 2015

  • appears that Pilar will now put up Brittnee as replacement nom
  • Several HGs were given tasks for a reward - but the real task was with Bruno who had to keep them all from going into the vault.
  • Ash, Zach, Kevin and Pilar in washroom: they think of bringing in Willow because she wasn't in o the JP vote. They also discuss putting Bobby or Bruno up against Sindy on the block, settle on Bobby
  • Bobby walks in and they tell him Brittnee will go up as pawn. He agrees.
  • Kevin and Zach say Sindy has to go this week, but they need to strike first at Bruno and Bobby.
  • Bruno, Godfrey, Brittnee and Sindy in the backyard. Sindy talks about sequester and why Naeha was a target. Bruno tells Sindy the Chop Shop hasn't been a thing for a while
  • HGs in lockdown in HoH, probably awaiting their reward
  • arts and crafts: they have to make masks
Sunday, April 26 2015

  • Booze delivery in the wee hours of morning. They all proceed to get drunk, quickly
  • Everyone hung over
  • PoV Ceremony: Godfrey uses veto to save himself. Pilar puts Brittnee up as replacement nom
  • New task for a "surprise": HG's must work in pairs (each pair for 1 hour at a time) for 24 hours walking a treadmill in a car across country. A
    giant screen shows where they are. Bruno & Bobby; Kevin & Sarah; Zach & Willow; Sindy & Brittnee; Ash & Pilar.
  • Kevin and Sarah get a snow storm driving through the Rockies, have to put on coats and hats.
Monday, April 27 2015

  • HGs finish cross-country trek
  • Feeds down, when they return all look pissed off/tired
  • Ashleigh receives punishment: 300 laps around backyard on a trike
  • Sarah asks BB for a bottle of champagne for a date with Willow (Sarah's a HN)
  • Willow compares Zach to a Nazi. Sarah tells her she can't say that. Willow doesn't get why that is inappropriate.
Tuesday, April 28 2015

  • Sindy continues to campaign but it's pretty clear no one can trust her and everyone wants her out
  • Sindy attempts to talk one last time with Bruno and Bobby, after the two have gone to bed. She says she would go after Zach. Bobby asks Sindy if she wants the truth, then tells her he's still voting her out.
Wednesday, April 29 2015
  • Marsha Mission, or something more: Marsha tweeted she's back. 
  • Everyone is watching Willow get her pits waxed. Meanwhile, Kevin seems to be on his own mission, making the fortress sign to give to Sindy for JP. He says, JP will understand.
  • Feeds down until post-eviction and week 7 HoH
Go to Week 7 live feed summary HERE

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BBCan3 Episodes 12 & 13 Week 5 HOH, Noms, PoV + 1st Five Comp: "Everything's So Screwy Around Here"

You could say this whole week has been a monumental screw up.
Zach's win is celebrated by both JP & Bobby...awkward.

The HoH comp continues. It's the old "Before and After" trivia quiz. The most important thing to realize is that Newport's plan this week was for JP to win this one, while Zach will win next week. This simple plan will prove to be the root of all evil. You guessed it. Jordan gets an answer wrong and is knocked out of the comp. It is now up to Zach, and it comes down to a tie-breaker between him, Godfrey and Pilar. The question: How long, in minutes, did the Switching Gears comp last? Zach wins it. But then it wasn't that difficult when Pilar guesses 2600 minutes.

Jordan feels bad...he assumes Zach thinks he intentionally threw the comp. Then he ran and jumped on Zach when he won. Gee, gosh. How can JP make it up to him? He gets a brilliant idea. Volunteer to go up on the block. And you know what's even better? Zach agreeing to it. Seriously, I am starting to think Zach has taken one too many shots to the head playing football. Newport's plan is to nominate Godfrey and Jordan, Jordan or Zach to win PoV, then backdoor Bobby or Bruno.

Meanwhile, the First Five comp to determine who will re-enter the house gets underway. It's called "On the Edge" and it's a straightforward endurance comp. They must hold onto a raised rope with three knots (decreasing in size) used as foot support. Yes, this comp favours smaller body types. Inside, the HGs are given a short glimpse of the activity on stage, and they immediately get together to pledge bouncing out whomever makes it back in. (don't believe it, folks). The first to fall was Johnny, followed by Graig, then Risha - all 3 falling while on the first and largest knot. It's now a fight between Naeha and Sindy. They adjust to the second, medium sized knot. Sindy says her pageant training taught her to never show pain on her face. That's fine, but I don't think pageant training taught her how to hide the buckets of sweat dripping off her face. When they are told to re-adjust down to the final and smallest knot, Naeha can't get her feet to grab it. She's done. Sindy cries. Arisa tells Sindy to make her way into the house quietly, and go to the vault where she will be given further instructions.

Oh oh. Someone let the S out.
She is offered a chance to win immunity by correctly solving a series of 5 riddles, each resulting in 1 number of a five digit code. She had only 30 minutes to do it, or else she would have to spend the night in the Vault. Needless to say, she won immunity. While this was going on, the PoV comp started. It was a very long, very hectic day.

Trevor Boris really outdid himself with this week's PoV comp - a massive, vertical maze called Ant Farm. This was also the challenge that the 3 winning fans got a chance to participate in. Zach, Godfrey, JP, Ashleigh, Sarah and Pilar. They must each retrieve 6 food items ( marked on disks) hidden in the maze, and are timed individually, without knowledge of each others' results. Ashleigh does the worst at 42 min, while JP - clearly with a height advantage, wins it at just over 4 minutes. And then there is JP. Poor, misguided, all-too-trusting JP. He decides to throw the comp.
Big farm for big ants

Soooo, you know where this is going, don't you? Don't you?

Yep. Zach decides to keep the nominations the same.

I would leave it at that, but then I would leave out THE best moment of the week. Perhaps THE best PoV Ceremony reaction in Big Brother Canada history. And it comes from Godfrey who proclaims that Zach just awakened a sleeping giant. Godfrey looks right at Zach and says he is not afraid to get blood on his hands. Oh Oh. Zach, you are so screwed.

Here is my spoiler: There is too much screwing going on. Zach spends all his time this week trying to get screwed by Ashleigh in the HoH. Jordan takes a double hit: first he screws himself, then Zach screws him. Meanwhile, Zach doesn't even see he's getting screwed by his other alliances.


Something big is on the horizon:

  • The HGs have noted there is no building going on in the backyard (for the next HoH comp)
  • Arisa teased her Red Sharpie is going to have the "best day ever" (in case you don't know, Arisa uses a red Sharpie to cross off the HGs as they are evicted)
  • There are way too many HGs still left in the house. We have already had one double eviction week, which evened out the cast & schedule to be on par with S2. To continue keeping the numbers and events even with S2, we would need 2 more double evictions - one in week 6 (next week) and another in week 8. However...that was before Sindy came back.

People are getting screwed all over the house.

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief: Summary Week 5 (Spoilers)

From Wednesday, April 15 to Wednesday, April 22 2015

Note: Feeds will be off for the better part of Friday, due to multiple comps (PoV comp inside, 1st 5 comp on stage)
Also Note: There is no After Dark Tuesday or Wednesday 3 AM. I have to assume there will be NO Live Feeds Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - implying the 1st Five buyback winner will return into the house sometime on Monday.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

BBCan3: Episode 9 HoH/Noms & Episode 10 PoV Comp/Ceremony with Spoilers.

Just to save time...this is only a quick summary, followed by a few spoilers, speculation and clarification.

  • HoH comp "Through the Wringer" continues. Godfrey gives Bruno 2 letters he needs. You can argue amongst yourselves if that is cheating or not. I tend to believe Bruno accepted them without thinking, in which case he should watch it. Down the road, if Godfrey wanted Bruno out of a comp, he could set him up. Bruno ends up winning and we get a very Rocky-esque musical accompaniment when he climbs up to hit the button for the win.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Masterchef Canada Season 2 Current Standings

This chart covers the progress of the 16 Finalists who will face off against each other in the MasterChef Canada Season 2 Kitchen, beginning with Episode 3 (Sunday February 15, 2015) To see how the rest fared in episodes 1 & 2, CLICK HERE


Episode 3:
Jon won Mystery Box Challenge and saved David and Jennifer from elimination
Line and Andrew won Pressure Test and will be captains in the Team Challenge in Episode 4

Episode 4:
Team Challenge: Red Team (Andrew) wins. Blue Team (Line) lose.
Pressure Test: Jennifer and Line saved from test.

Episode 5:
Cody wins Mystery Box but voluntarily forfeits his advantage
David and Sabrina win Elimination Challenge and will be captains in the Team Challenge in Ep 6

Episode 6:
Team Challenge: 3 Teams - Green Team (Line); Red (David) and Blue (Sabrina) face Pressure Test for elimination

Episode 9:
Announcement made that one of 3 eliminated home chefs will return: Andrew, Cody or Kevin.

Friday, 10 April 2015

BBCan3 Episode 8 Round 2 Eviction - "Lonesome Glove"

When evictions get predictable, the episode becomes boring. That's what we have this week as Bobby and Graig - or whom JP refers to as Dumb and Dumber, find themselves on the block. And if you are a Live-Feeder, even the scenes used as fill for the episodes are ho-hum. Of course, part of the problem is with Brittnee's nomination choices. Sure, her master plan was very well executed and it played out great. She thought she was making a "big move", but in the end she just took the easy way out. Dumb and Dumber are simply Bruno's meat shields.

The episode "filler":
  • An update for all the Zach and Ashleigh shippers out there. They have been growing closer.
    Much closer. The PG-rated episode shows some kissing, and that's it. It's no secret to the Live-Feeders that the two have taken it a bit further. In the Have Not room. Under the sheets. And despite Zach's superfan claim, he asks JP if there are cameras in the Have Not room. Tsk, tsk. Zach, you are fooling no one except maybe the very casualist of viewers out there. Stop playing innocent! 
  • Kevin investigates the trigger for the alarm in the Have Not room. He has figured out the trigger is the two pressure sensitive tiles in the centre of the room. He tries to stick a piece of paper between the tiles, and tests the sensitivity level. Surely to God, he must know there is some kind of twist involved with it. Then he turns around and shows JP and Pilar. WHY??? What the hell are you doing? You should be keeping this info close to your chest, just like your Poker hand. Forget sharing it with your showmance or any alliance members - real or fake!!! Geesh.
  • Bobby's terrible attempts at campaigning for votes. He is absolutely horrible at lying and he's being way too obvious. The problem is he tried to convince Sarah and Brittnee he is not a threat. The obvious part happens when he tries this with people whom he never talks game with. He's keeping most of his game talk with his Chop Shop alliance when he should be talking some level of game with everyone. At least he knew enough to lay low this week and let Graig dig his own grave.
  • Graig's campaigning seems to be to convince Bruno and Godfrey to campaign for him. What
    Bruno: Dumb is the clear choice over Dumber.
    he doesn't know is that neither Bruno nor Godfrey really care if it's he or Bobby evicted this week. Bruno prefers Bobby is evicted. He's a bit smarter and much stronger than Graig. Bruno tries to convince Ashley, Zach and JP. But Bruno is going to comply with the rest of the house and not risk making a target of himself. Poor Graig. You're just not worth it at this stage of the game. Other than Graig's meagher attempts at campaigning, he spent most of the two days leading up to eviction as "Lonesome Glove". Moping about, being alone and even disappearing for extended periods of time. This even led some Live-Feeders to speculate he might try to self-evict.
  • There is a ridiculous OxiClean product placement reward challenge. Colour coded shirts are placed around the house and the house guests must collect 30 of them - one at a time, and put them on hangers. The winner gets $1,000 and an advantage in the upcoming HoH comp. Zach wins. Ho-hum.
Like I said...boring episode. When the Eviction Vote goes down, nobody wants to vote against the house. Graig is evicted unanimously.

The HoH comp is another OxiClean product placement called Through the Wringer. The goal is to spell out the phrase, "Fight Dirty Laundry" by recovering one letter at a time, printed on washcloths. The HGs must slide down into a giant washer of OxiClean soapy water, grab a washcloth, squeeze themselves through a wringer (do any of them even know what a wringer washer IS?), drag themselves along a clothesline and put the washcloths on a drying rack. Just one question. What the heck is up with the tight short shorts? Ugh. Oh and there is an added encouragement to get these HGs who don't want to win HoH and try to throw it. Five thousand bucks will go to the winner.

Arisa announced a new Twistos Twist fan vote. This one is for a choice between 2 options for the
PoV: a "Forced PoV", where the PoV holder MUST use it on one of the noms; OR a "Double Veto" where the PoV holder has the option of using it on both of the noms.

Next episode is Sunday at 7: HoH comp will conclude and this week's nominations will be revealed.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

BBCan3 Live Feeds in Brief: Summary Week 4 (Spoilers)

***If you only watch the aired episodes, any info from the Live Feeds will be a spoiler.***

Thursday April 9 to Wednesday April 15

Thursday, April 9
  • Willow, Brittnee and Pilar are Have Nots
  • Looks as if Bruno is planning on nominating Sarah and Johnny, and has told them his plans.
  • Bobby and Bruno: Bobby thinks Kevin, Pilar, Zach and Ashleigh are in an alliance. He thinks it's strange that Zach and Ashleigh are are avoiding Kevin as a possible nomination.
  • Feeds down, probably for Nom Ceremony
  • Bruno nominates Johnny and Sarah
Friday, April 10
  • (12:25 AM) Roof begins to leak over stairs/in front of Vault. Meanwhile Bobby, Ashleigh and Pilar in hot tub. Bobby skinny dips.
  • Feeds cut
  • PoV Comp today. They mention that they have not heard construction noises, so it is a simple comp.
  • PoV players will be Bruno, Johnny, Sarah, Brittnee, Bobby and Kevin
  • Bruno won PoV
  • Johnny and Bruno have a very long talk, both feeling each other out.
  • HGs wait in HoH bathroom to surprise Bruno for his birthday tomorrow (the clock is set 1 hour fast) just after 11 PM.
Saturday, April 11
  • Sarah points out Vault control panel to Zach. It has turned on. Zach says it might mean a twist
    is coming. Bruno said he noticed it before.
  • Feeds cut  (maybe for PoV Ceremony?)
  • It was a task for reward. Sarah won.
  • They are locked out of house
  • They watched "Remedy"
  • Bruno to Godfrey: We have to get Kevin or Zach out next. Bruno to Zach: We have to get Kevin out next.
  • Godfrey wants Bruno to put up Zach as replacement nom. Bruno knows he doesn't have the numbers. Then Bruno talks to Bobby about taking out Zach.
Sunday, April 12
  • Approx 1 AM: Johnny, Ashleigh and Willow setting off HN alarm, with Sarah while Brittnee tries to sleep.
  • "PoV Ceremony Today" on screen in LR
  • Bruno reassures Kevin he is not using the PoV
  • feeds down (~ 1:15 PM) For PoV ceremony?
  • Double Veto option was voted in by Canada, but Bruno kept true to his word and did not use it. Nominations remain the same.
Monday, April 13

  • early AM/middle of night. Johnny and Zach have huge talk re: Sarah flipping sides. 
  • Zack still thinks Johnny is bigger threat than Sarah
  • HGs around Hot tub, locked out of house (in prep for BBTV task)
  • Feeds cut, come back on, cut again. Looks as if they were told about the task.
  • HGs given show genres, eg: talk show, courtroom drama. Also given costumes/wardrobe.
  • Kevin Talk Show
  • Judge Sarah
  • BBCan2 re-enactment. Bruno plays Jon Pardy in baby outfit...then disappears. The real Jon Pardy enters.
  • Other TV shows are Psychic Sarah and an HG Talent Show. Feeds cut after they learn they won their wrap party

Tuesday, April 14
  • Feeds return in early morning, after being off since HGs won their wrap party. HGs still sleeping, Fan Feed shows the bathroom a disaster.
  • HGs nursing hangovers
  • JP Zach Sarah Brit: JP believes HoH comp will be A or B answers because they are based on "polled" responses, and something they were given recently. He tells the others if they are unsure of the correct answer: Sarah and Brit answer "A" while he and Zach answer "B"

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

BBCan 3 Episode 7 Round 2 Noms & PoV - The 3 Laws of Fembotics

No hard feelings guys. You're just pawns. The Fembots have bigger fish to fry.
Brittnee has just won the HoH comp and Sarah yells out, "From pawn to queen in one move, right here." Sure everyone is excited for her, but you could tell it was very forced for some of them. Graig, Bobby and Bruno give her their obligatory hugs. They aren't happy and it shows. Graig says he thinks he has a good relationship with Brittnee. Apparentlt, in Graig-speak, a "good relationship" means "She is easy to manipulate." Bobby tries to pick Brittnee's brains about her plans for nominations, then tries to throw Johnny under the bus. Oh Bobby, you aren't very good at this. Brittnee just agrees with him and HIS (the Chop Shop's) "master plan" to nominate Johnny.

Johnny, just like Sarah, voted for Britnee in the Instant Eviction only so Naeha would be spared from a unanimous vote. It was a sympathy vote. Johnny is a bit worried that Brittnee may be a little pissed so he has a little talk with her. Brittnee understands what he did, but for now she wants to keep Johnny in the dark. You see, Johnny is a key figure in her "master plan." Nyuh, huh, ha.

Yep, that's right. Up until now Brittnee has been a pretty quiet house guest. We only knew she was in the house because she has been nominated twice. Even on the live feeds, she just seems to mope about and rarely talks. Of course, being a Have Not on slop for the last week may have had something to do with Brittnee chronically staring into space. I can't fault her for that. But now, Brittnee has suddenly become a player and she has her own plan.

Her target this week? Graig. The Ginga-Ninja himself. Brittnee's had enough of being his pawn. For now, she is going to keep him at ease, pretending to do his will. Then BAM. Graig's going to find himself back-doored.

Cos that's what Fembots do. Brittnee and Sarah refer to themselves as Fembots. All fluffy and smiley on the outside, pretending to have no clue as to what's going on. But on the inside they're circuits and wires. Cold and calculating.

Brittnee goes in the vault and shortlists Bobby, Godfrey, Kevin and Graig. Then she comes out to reveal her noms: Kevin and Bobby. She tells them it's nothing personal. She hopes they play for PoV because she has "bigger fish to fry". Then she says, "I never forget when someone writes my name down." Ouch. Johnny hangs his head in shame.

Poor Johnny, he's doomed...right, Graig? Wrong. Even Jordan could see through the charade and says he can't believe that Graig is so arrogant he can't see he's the real target. Johnny goes up to the HoH room looking all mopey. He closes the door behind him then immediately he and Brittnee do a victory dance. As it turns out, Johnny knew the moment Brittnee looked at him during the nominations, that he wasn't her target. It was Graig. Johnny puts his mopey face back on as he leaves the HoH. He's going to play this up.

The Power of Veto comp is called Spooling Around. Brittnee, Kevin, Bobby, Sarah, Johnny and Zach
Curious mix of Devo and Oompa Loompas.
must transfer "thread" (rope) from 3 large spools to oe larger spool by wrapping it around their bodies. Of course all this spinning leads to dizziness and vomiting. Kevin sees this as a good opportunity to practise his art of comp throwing. Sarah panics because she wound the thread too tight around her chest and constricted her breathing. Brittnee and Zach wound their thread too loosely and got tangled. Bobby said this comp should be a breeze because he is a rock climber and is used to ropes. I don't see how this would be an advantage winding the rope around your body unless he repels down a rock-face like a Yo-Yo. Johnny wins the comp - looking very haggard and maybe a bit dehydrated.

It's no secret that Johnny will save his Kevy Wevy with that PoV. Bobby is scared and makes a beeline right to Brittnee to ask if there is anyone else in her crosshairs. She doesn't respond. The next day, Graig brings up the fact that Johnny spent a lot of time in the HoH room with Brittnee and Sarah. He mentions it to Bruno - who is ALREADY distancing himself from Graig. The best line of the episode is Graig: "I tell him I'm going on the block. Bruno just thinks I'm paranoid like he does every day. But this time I know it's for real"

Graig confronts Brittnee who has had enough. She tells him how irritating he is, he hasn't left her alone once, and he thinks she can't think for herself. She tells him even Johnny has said the same thing to her. Graig takes this to mean that Johnny planted this in Brittnee's head. (did he not hear what she just told him??? Geesh.) Graig thinks Johnny has no one in the house, and it was Johnny's game move to ruin his game. So then comes the Graig/Johnny showdown. Lots of yelling back and forth.

But at this point there is nothing Graig can do. Of course, Johnny saves Kevy Wevy and Britnee names Graig as the replacement nominee. The master plan nears completion and Graig is getting backdoored by The Fembots.

There's just one problem. The Fembots' master plan isn't all that masterful. They are simply taking out the henchman, NOT THE REAL MASTER. Ooops.
Look out Ginga Ninja, the Fembots are gunning for you.

The 3 Laws of Fembotics:
  1. A fembot may not injure a house guest or, through inaction, allow a house guest to come to harm.
  2. A fembot must pretend to obey the orders given it by aggressive house guests, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A fembot must protect its own existence in the house, and backdoor the aggressive house guest.

Monday, 6 April 2015

BBCan3 House Guests Stats

BBCan3 Episode 6 - Instant Eviction and Round 2 HoH "A New Hope"

Right after Kevin's HoH win, he is summoned to the Diary Room, while the rest are on lockdown in the backyard. He is REALLY pissed off he won that HoH by default. Big Brother tells him to immediately go to the Vault where Arisa gives him news to piss him off even more. It's an Instant Eviction and he must nominate 2 people. He picks Britnee and Naeha, working on the assumption the guys have his back. And one more thing...if he tells anyone about this, he will be evicted.

Speaking of bad feelings...this.
In an effort to cover for Kevin's absence, the HGs re-enter the house to find a belated birthday party for Johnny, complete with a cake. Yeah, that sounds reasonable. No one will ever suspect something is up with Kevin and his HoH win. He was obviously baking and decorating the cake the whole time he was gone.

Everyone jumps on the chance to talk to Kevin and try to deflect any ideas that he may have putting them up on the block. Bruno and Graig get hold of him first and point out what a threat Naeha is. You better believe it. Then Zach and Jordan talk to him in the storage room. They even come up with a new alliance name for the three of them. The Bromuda Triangle. Later that same night, Naeha, Johnny, Sarah Zach and Jordan sit Kevin down to let him know he was Bobby's primary target last week. Oh, oh. Kevin REALLY messed up those noms. Or did he? He seems to be taking it all in stride, and rightly so. If Naeha can muster up all those people so quickly to have a talk with him, then who is the most imminent threat to his game?

Instant Eviction time. The HGs are called down to the living room. Kevin walks out. They know
That's no lens flare.
something is up. Arisa tells them, "Tonight is an instant eviction." Okay, come on. All these self-described superfans in this season and not ONE of them saw this coming? It's the Easter weekend and the feeds always go down. it is done this way so the first half of the double eviction can happen in secrecy. Kevin nominates his choices. The HGs vote, but this time it's a little different. They must write their choice down - Survivor style. Not only that, but they must show their vote to everyone. Very interesting. They can't vote in anonymity. Naeha is evicted by a vote of 9 to 2 - the two holdouts were Sarah and Johnny who explain it was not really a vote to evict Britnee, but a sympathy vote for Naeha. They knew perfectly well how the others would vote.

Naeha is gone. She was our only hope. But wait...there is another. Sarah also seems to have the force with her. She gathers the 4 other girls together to jump start the game. One of them has to win the next HoH and start picking off the alpha males, or they will all go the way of Naeha.

The HGs are divided into "pre-determined" pairs, who must stand together on a series of three elevated gears - from big to small. Britnee says she should have this because models have to stay on their feet all day. While most of them tackle this challenge face-to-face and hugging each other for support, Bruno and Graig didn't to try it "spooning " style. After  while, they figure it would be best to switch it up. Doesn't help. They are the first off, followed by Zach and Bobby; Jordan and Ashley; Pilar and Johnny. Finally, Godfrey and Willow fall off leaving the win to Britnee and Sarah. Sarah hands the HoH reins over to Britnee. Aww, isnt that sweet? I am sure it had absolutely nothing to do with Sarah not wanting to get blood on her hands.

Look for Sarah, I mean, Britnee to flip the house this week, target the Empire and destroy the Death Star. It's happening. Graig may even get frozen in carbonite. Cue the Ewoks.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

BBCan3 Episode 5 - Live Eviction & HoH Comp. "Where's a Good Meat Shield When a Girl Needs One?"

After the PoV Ceremony and Sindy is named as the replacement nominee...

Sindy decides to stop her search for a meat shield and actually start to campaign. Well, for a little bit anyways. But it's too little, too late. She's just annoyed way too many people along the way.

Naeha: I'm going to get that Graig. Britnee: Ummn, okay.
 Bruno decides to stir the pot. Actually, he decides to stir Naeha's pot. His plan? Create a rumour that Naeha is campaigning to save Sindy with an S. And who in the house can he seed this idea? Graig, of course. Graig drops this info on Britnee, who seems indifferent to this news. She's just going to sit back and let it play out. But Bruno's deceit does not fool the all seeing eye of Sindy who runs to Naeha with the news that Graig thinks she is a major threat. Now Naeha is out for Graig's blood.

The funny thing is, it's all true. Naeha did entertain the thought of keeping Sindy and voting out Britnee and Naeha IS a major threat. The result of all of this is, Graig is now target number 1 for Naeha. I am not sure Bruno thought this thing through to the end. Or did he??? Is he just making Graig his shield?

We get the obligatory showmance segment. Zach likes Ashleigh and Ashleigh likes Zach. Ho hum.
JP: "Getting some action in the BB house was my dream."
Jordan tells his buddy to chill for a bit. It's too early for a showmance. Zach is glad Jordan set him on the straight and narrow. Meanwhile, there's the Odd Three-Way: Johnny, Kevin and Pilar. Kevin cuddles with his "cuddle-buddy" Johnny, then goes off to cuddle with Pilar. Then there is the new fling. Sindy....and Jordan? What? Yep. Seems like Sindy made her play for the innocent JP, and he obliged. Three times by my count. Just kissing, no real hanky-panky. Sure, why not. But he had some explaining to do with Zach, because this happened after JP advised Zach to put his showmance with Ashleigh on hold. Fear not. JP was just getting him some. It's his DREAM to get some action in the BB house. Sindy's intentions? Who the hell knows. Last ditch strategy or was she planting some seeds for post-show romance. Ugh. I really don't think Jordan has any intention of going down that road.

Next up...April Fools' Day. All I have to say about the prank is... it wasn't a prank at all. No good would ever come from an April Fools' joke inside the Big Brother house. The broken camera issue only created hostility, mainly coming from Graig and Godfrey, who tagged teamed their accusations towards Sindy. I guess they needed some filler for the episode. And when do they let the HGs know it was all a joke? Right before the eviction vote - after everyone had already decided who to vote for. It's not that I think this prank tipped the scales against Sindy. I'm pretty sure she already sealed her fate, but it didn't make her last day easy (not that I liked her).

Sure enough, Sindy is evicted unanimously 12 to 0.

Who's the REAL winner here? I don't know.
The HoH comp is a quicky. A True-False based on the Sleepy Time video the HGs were shown three times, they had to square off two at a time. The winner of each round named the next two to answer. The first half of the match-ups were basically flip-flopping between Godfrey and Naeha. Each names the other to go up next. These two really do not like each other. Sure enough the comp ends with the one guy who swore he would not win ANY comps...Kevin. So much for the art of comp-throwing. This time, he actually won by default. Ashleigh either straight up answered incorrectly, or she threw it to Kevin.

There is one more thing to take note of here. Kevin's win was celebrated by the Chop Shop members, who are completely convinced they have Kevin in their back pocket.

Kevin is making a target of himself, again. He will have a hard week ahead of him. This is a double eviction week, and Kevin must nominate two HGs for an instant eviction. When the dust settles from that, he will either be safely ensconced on one side of the house, or the number one target of the Chop Shop.