Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 Things I DON'T Want to See in Big Brother Canada 3

This just in...

The official cast reveal will be a 3 night event on ET Canada, beginning Monday March 16. Of course, I will be giving my first impressions and predictions of these people. That's half the fun.

So while we wait, here is a little ramble as the clock ticks down. Cos I am getting kinda antsy. For crap sakes, they haven't even updated the official site yet. It's just sitting there in some kind of Season 2 limbo. Ugh!

5 Things I Don't Want to See on Big Brother Canada 3:

A Sabrina Clone.

Love her or hate her, there is no denying Sabrina made the show last year. She started and masterminded the First Five alliance, survived its demise, avoided elimination after elimination, and managed to talk her way to the final 2. Then there were the lies, the nose picking and the pube tweezing. The overuse of the word "literally" - pronounced "li-tra-lee". The ridiculous one-thousand percent crap...or whatever percentage-du-jour that came out of her mouth. The overly-dramatic meltdowns. Aaah, good times. Yes, we want good TV. We just want it fresh and new. So, I don't want to see any Sabrina look-alikes or wannabes. But then again...I think I might miss her. I may even say, "what would Sabrina do?" (#wwsd) when a house guest gets in a jam.

Junk Scratching.

You know who you are <cough> Jon <cough>. Actually, there were several of them doing it. We know its there, you know its there. We just don't want to see it jiggling about. Not like that anyway. I would rather see Arlie running naked through the house than all the constant pulling, tugging, and flipping. You're on TV. You're not watching hockey and drinking beer with your buddies. Get your hands out of your pants, boys! Besides, I was sick of explaining in the chat room that it was a fungus and not an STD. That's all I have to say about that.

A Showmance in the Final 3.

Emmett and Jillian. Jon and Neda. This show has a better track record on the romance front than The Bachelor Canada. But if this new batch of house guests haven't learned from experience and don't nip any showmance in the bud....I don't think they are worthy of being in that house. Sure, showmances are a major element of the show. And it was great watching Jillian turn on Emmett or Jon on Neda. I just don't want yet another winner emerging from a showmance.

An Alliance Forming Too Soon.

Lets hope there is no First Five repeat. Everyone knows what a bad idea it was. The fans knew it.
Even the alliance members themselves knew it. It makes for boring TV and predictable eliminations. The only thing less exciting was watching everyone sleep in the dark on the live feeds. On the other was pretty cool watching it all come crashing down. Thank you, Canada and thank you, Arlie.

Snow Around the Hot Tub.

Yes, this is Canada. We get snow. But the last two winters have been tougher than usual up here in the Great White North. By March, we are chomping at the bit for some above 0 (Celsius, that is) weather, and we don't want to see mounds of the white stuff on TV either. I am kind of thinking the snow issue is one of the reasons it is starting 3 weeks later this year. It's 3 more weeks of hot-tubbing.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Wow...That Was Quick!

Season 2 of The Bachelor Canada officially ended today.

In a post on his blog entitled "Whatever Is Meant To Be", Tim Warmels announced the end of his engagement to April Brockman. He also elaborated on Twitter that it took them several weeks to announce it.

Season 1 ... strike 1
Season 2 ... strike 2
Season 3 ... pfft!!!

For crying out loud, Big Brother Canada has a better track record. Unless, of course, they switch to doing a season of The Bachelorette Canada. The only question is: will it be April or Trish?

...enough said.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Recap of MasterChef Canada Episode 203 "Constant Cravings" OR The First Mystery Box Challenge is Brought to You By....

Here we go. It's the first Mystery Box Challenge of season two. Sounds exciting, no? No, not really.

The Phyllo with no name. Who made you, poor Phyllo?
The first Mystery box contains standard fare: phyllo, pineapple, maple syrup, peppers, berries, walnuts, kale and "one succulent
pork chop". Meh. Oh, I forgot the cream cheese. How could I miss the obvious sponsor? The first Mystery Box is brought to you by Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Duh. I can also tell the phyllo was not made by a sponsor because it just gets a miserable typed label. It could have come from anywhere.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Recap of MasterChef Canada Episode 202 "Patriotic Pantry" OR Who ARE All These People?

What's the point in having 49 "Finalists" when so many are not shown auditioning? I am scratching my head in disgust, and thinking it's just to show how crowded the audition room is. What makes it worse is they don't show the auditions of all 25 home chefs who are awarded a white apron. What's the point? Cramming this process into 2 episodes - when it should be 3, leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Pun intended. Then there is what happened to Meg Tucker....

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Recap of MasterChef Canada 2 Premiere, "Fit To Be Tied" OR May I Please Have a Hashtag With That?

The best part of MasterChef Canada's season premiere airing right after the Superbowl is that you
don't have to sit through all the insufferable post-game analysis. Cos no-one needs that crap. And the best part about watching the MasterChef Canada auditions is you can pretty much tell who is going to get a white apron (or who doesn't) as soon as they open their mouths. In addition to that, you can tell who is going to make it through the first few eliminations when their auditions are "featured". We are given a back story and for a select few, there is now a hashtag. The way I figure it, if a home chef gets a hashtag during the audition, production REALLY wants us to get behind them, emotionally speaking. Yeah, it's just that simple.

Monday, 2 February 2015

MasterChef Canada 2 Audition Results

Who scored a white apron and who left empty-handed? Here are the results from Episode 1 "Fit to be Tied" and Episode 2 "Patriotic Pantry.

  • Out of the 49 finalists, 25 white aprons were awarded.
  • Of these 25, nine were cut in an elimination Stress Test.
  • The 16 survivors will go on to face their first Mystery Box Challenge and Elimination in Episode 3, Sunday February 15, 2015
  • Not all of the finalists are seen auditioning, including those who receive white aprons.

Contestants were given one hour to prepare their "signature dish" and 5 minutes to plate in front of the judges. To get their white apron, the home chefs needed the approval of 2 out of the 3 judges: Alvin Leung; Claudio Aprile; and Michael Bonacini.