Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Recap of The Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels Final Rose Ceremony and ATFR

Looks to be a storms a brewin'.
If you haven't watched Tim Warmels' Final Rose Ceremony, then yes - the following will be a spoiler for you.

Picking up from last week, Tim leaves April's room without a resolution. But you just have to know he said something to her, because....

The Bachelor Canada Final Rose Ceremony

Today is the day. Will it be Trisha or April?

At the end of the Part 1 Finale last week, we were led to believe April was about to pack her bags and leave Tahiti and Timbits behind forever. Trisha looked like she was in a very comfortable position.

It will be quick. The episode is only 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute After the Final Rose. I don't know how they expect to pull it off.Perhaps it will be one hell of an ATFR.

Without further ado, Tim will propose to...

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Recap of The Bachelor Canada 2 Finale Part 1

We begin with Timbits flying off to Tahiti. Air Tahiti must have been down on it's bookings that day because it looks like Tim was the only one on the plane. Tim laments that this is a very important week because he will be proposing to either April or Trisha by the end of it. The problem? He is falling in love with two very different women.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Bachelor Canada 2 Finale

CityTV has decided the finale for Tim Warmels reign as The Bachelor Canada will be a two parter.

The one hour Part 1 airs tonight. Tim, Trisha and April travel to Tahiti, where Tim will offer overnight dates in the Fantasy Suite to each of the girls. Then the girls get to meet Tim's Mumsy, whom they are making out to be a real over-protective you-know-what. The preview shows April having some sort of a melt down - presumably over the encounter. Tim has supposedly never seen her like this. Has he ever seen her, well...anything?

As for Part 2...

It is only a 30 minute show - as is the After the Final Rose. What the hell is going on? If Part 1 was 60 minutes, common sense would suggest Part 2 would be the same length or longer. But no. In thirty minutes, they are going to cram Tim saying good-bye to one girl and propose to the other. This just screams they want this horrible, ridiculous season to end as quickly as possible.  Put it out of it's misery. Stop the bleeding. Stick it with a fork cos it's done. So you have to ask yourself, why? Don't they usually want to milk it for all it's worth? Especially after the popularity of Brad Smith's Season 1 finale.

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