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Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 25 Week 9 POV Comp and Ceremony

Heather is upset Jon put her on the block without telling her first. Jon told her she is the pawn but in reality she is his target.

Adel thinks Jon is going to take him to the F2, and together they will "Wake up Canada". Geez. Please, enough of that crap already. Canada is done with it.

Neda throws Jon under the bus and tells Heather she doesn't know why Jon didn't tell her. Neda reconsiders her plans about taking Heather to the end, based on how hard she played in the HoH comp. Neda goes to Jon to tell him he should have talked to Heather first. Heather decides to suck it up and talk to Jon about it first. Heather breaks out the dry tears. Jon gives her some mumble mumble excuse, which is not only a little hard to understand but also a little hard to take seriously while he's wearing that damn baby outfit.

Jon calls his diaper a chastity belt and neda is afraid that he's actually been using it as a diaper. Heather is moping at the hot tub about being on the block and misses her boyfriend Will.

POV competition is called Blown Away. They have to jump in the Twistos Twister (wind chamber) box and grab letters spelling "Grab the Power of Veto". There are also Twistos bags with money values inside.

Jon is safe this week so he says screw the veto and grabs money first. Then he goes for the letters.
Adel is next. He grabs all the letters he can without thought.
Neda goes for money first then grabs handfuls of letters.
Sabrina has a big choice because she may be going home this week. She wants the money and the veto. She goes for the money then the letters. Too hard so she grabs more money.
Heather is last. She really wants to take herself off the block so grabs as many letters as possible.

New Twist: only the person with the most amount of money in the fastest time gets the money. Neda got $3000, but Heather wins Veto.

So now the real battle begins...naming a replacement. Adel wants to convince Jon to put up Neda rather than him. Neda wants Sabrina to stay over Adel. She knows Adel is better for Jon's game, but it's Sabrina, not Adel who's better for hers.

Each house guest is called to the living room. Sabrina is first and offered 2 minutes with a loved one in exchange for a punishment. She meets her friend in the War Room, but they are separated by glass. Her punishment is slop. This should get interesting. Heather gets to see her boyfriend and gives up access to the HoH room, which wasn't hers this week anyway. What's up with that? Adel has to give up sleep for 36 hours to see his friend. Neda gives up all her personal belongings to see her sister. All of it, make up too. Jon sees his father and in return he is put in solitary confinement in his HoH room for 24 hours. I guess they let him take off his baby suit first. Their punishments will begin after the PoV ceremony.

The one thing I am thinking is, why didn't Jon, Heather, Adel or Sabrina question the existence of the War Room? Neda knew of it of course, she's been in there twice. Not one of them said, "What?" or "What's with this room?" They have to be thinking that there had to be a bigger purpose for it than just this visit with their family or friends...and only 10 minutes of screen time.

Adel tries to get in Jon's ear, trying to convince him of his value to Jon's game. He actually thinks Jon will put up Neda instead. Meanwhile Sabrina does the right thing and goes directly to Neda and Heather who will be doing the actual voting this week. Who said Sabrina has no game? Adel tries to talk to Jon's picture in the backyard, hoping to put some sort of spell on Jon I guess. Something tells me that isn't going to work.

No big surprise at the Veto Ceremony. Heather takes herself off the block and Jon puts up Adel. It's pretty clear that unless someone makes some big move, who is going home this week. Look for some heavy duty bickering between Adel and Sabrina in tomorrow's episode.

Monday, 28 April 2014

MasterChef Canada Season 1 Finale Recap

And Then There Were Two

Eric Chong and Marida Mohammed are the two remaining home chefs in the first season of MasterChef Canada.

Pino and Josh are rooting for Eric, while Kaila thinks Marida is going to win. Those eyes of hers get misty saying that Marida is the most beautiful person she has ever known.

Their challenge is a 3 course dinner. Three servings of appetizer, entree  and dessert.They are allowed 10 minutes in the pantry.

First up, they have 60 minutes to prepare an appetizer. Marida chooses a pumpkin soup with creme fresh and pig tail, while Eric decides to make crispy pork belly with dumplings. Alvin says a soup must be very well done at this stage of the game to impress him. As Claudio walks up to Marida, she spills the soup on him.

Marida's soup goes over well with Michael, Alvin and Claudio. They agree she has elevated the soup and her presentation skills have improved dramatically. Eric's turn. Alvin says it's a very ambitious dish.  Claudio says one of his slices of pork was dry.

Next up is the entree. Marida makes Taro Steamed Cod with Cucumber Chutney. Michael warns her that the cod will dry out if its overcooked after she tells him its pretty forgiving. Eric makes Egg Noodles with Poached Lobster Sauce. Claudio is afraid that he might overcook the lobster is he stir fries it after cooking.

Michael tells Eric that he has learned how to cook lobster. Alvin tells him that he has learned to mix east and west cooking together. All three chefs like Marida's dish but Michael says her serving size was insufficient for a main course. It small piece of cod, not much larger than a meatball.

Dessert. They have one hour. Marida makes Apple Crumble with Coconut Ice Cream and Warm Rum Sauce, while Eric makes an Asian  Tempura Banana Split and two types of ice cream. He has difficulty shredding the coconut. Both home cooks use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream. Claudio says Marida is looking confident, but they are very impressed with Eric making two different ice creams...infusing the liquid nitrogen simultaneously into the two mixtures. It looked pretty damn cool.

All thre judges like Marida's dessert, although Michael says she should have removed the skin to make it more elegant. They think Eric's dessert was very innovative.

Michael, Alvin and Claudio believe that Marida and Eric have just cooked the meals of their lives. It will be a very hard decision.

Here's my opinion: Marida's dishes showed a more complex flavour. Eric's dishes proved to be innovated and complex in design.

There can only be one winner. Michael, Alvin and Claudio agree that the winner is....

21 year old Eric Chong!!!

Final Standings MasterChef Canada Season 1 'White Apron' Contestants

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Episode 24 HoH and Nominations

The "On the Ropes" Head of Household competition continues. They have to negotiate through the rope grid, untangling the rope that is attached to their waists. Every time they have
to untangle it from underneath, they have to go for a dip in the cold water. Each of them reflect on the fact that they are "on the ropes" - equating the comp to their position in this game. Sabrina says she is on the ropes - working at a disadvantage because she has a big butt. Even Adel, who as the out-going HoH isn't competing in this comp, says some gibber jabber about being on the ropes right now. It's basically down to Jon and Heather. Heather proves she is a beast in comps, but it's Jon who wins it in the end.

Jon gets his room and a great letter from his gal Janelle. A clear liquid seeps out of his eyes.Jon and Adel talk to Neda about targeting Heather. To Neda, its the best move, but she is not going to admit it. She wants everyone to think it was Jon's idea. She uses reverse psychology and pushes Jon to nominate Adel. Jon falls for the ploy.

The stork arrives to deliver five little bundles of joy. Yep. They have to show their parenting skills by taking care of one of those care baby dolls things. It's a reward/punishment task. Adel and Sabrina will make great parents as long as they don't do it together. Jon and Neda, not so much. They don't have a clue what to do to make their spawn stop crying.

But the biggest baby in the house is Sabrina who apparently needs constant attention and reassurance. Jon tells her she with be nominated, but she is only a pawn. She finds it hard to believe, and wants to know who his real target is. He won't tell her.

They are given a baby shower. The winner is Adel, followed by Neda, Heather and Sabrina. Sabrina can't believe she is a worse parent than Neda and Heather. Jon had the most number of infractions. His punishment is to wear a giant diaper and baby bonnet for the rest of the week, just like Jeremy in BBUS15.

BB messes around with the HGs. Flashing lights. "Ika, please put on your microphone". There are a few random screams. Neda is scared. She wields a frying pan. A creepy diembodied baby doll head is seen in the one way glass, and a creepy voice cries "Saaa-breeen-a". The HGs are asked to gather in the living room. BB tells them they have been disrespectful in his house., and explains that he unleashed terror in the house the previous night. He then says "none of it was real...or was it?" They probably think an evicted house guest will be coming back in the house.

At the nomination ceremony Jon, who is still wearing the massive diaper and baby bonnet, puts Heather and Sabrina on the block. Heather doesn't like that Jon nominated her as a pawn without telling her about it.

Amazing Race Canada 2: Good Luck! Race Safe!......Go!

***If you don't want to read spoilers, then get out of here, quick!!! Geez.***

That's right, the second season of Amazing Race Canada began filming Saturday. Or maybe it was actually Friday. They can't hide this stuff. Happy, energetic people in matching outfits with very nervous looking camera crews in tow. There is also a lot of running.

Teams and crews were spotted on a Toronto to Calgary flight on Friday. Late Saturday, teams were on board a Calgary to Vancouver flight. What did they do in between all that time? Well, I would assume they were busy getting to the start line - which may or may not have been somewhere north/northwest of Calgary. I will let you know. At the Vancouver Airport, some of the teams ducked into the YVR Coles - presumably for maps, while others hit the Visitor Info Centre. They were last seen boarding a shuttle bus. 

If you watched season 1, then you are aware that the teams raced to pit stops in Kelowna (episode 1) and Vancouver (episode 2). So you are probably thinking geez, they are just repeating last year's race. Not so. The scuttlebutt is they are headed to Victoria this time. Besides, the first season was promoted as a "love letter to Canada". This season they can promote it with "Canada's love letter to the world" - and yes that is a hint.

As for teams, there are two teams made up of familiar faces. I will probably not identify these people until a little later on...but here are some clues to wet your appetite:

Hint: Would you care for a cup of Earl Grey?**
One team will make hockey fans very happy - which means practically everyone in Canada will rejoice. This team could accessorize their matching red outfits with their new gold medals - if they wanted to. Especially if they wanted to flaunt them over their silver medal American rivals. Sorry, not sorry.

One person in the other team of fame will be well known to fans of the National Ballet of Canada and/or So you Think You Can Dance Canada? If you're not a fan of either of those, his name could be confused with the actor who starred along side Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Not only that, but his partner's name will confuse a lot of people too, because it is identical to a very famous movie star of old. Did I just give you too much info?

I will post updates as the filming progresses, probably in one or two ongoing posts, along with pics. So check back often, and if you know of any spoilery info, or have any questions, you can send an email to

 *Stock Photo: courtesy of
**Stock Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Guilice),_Victoria.JPG

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Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 23 Week 8 Eviction

After the POV Ceremony...

All Sabrina has is Rachelle. Rachelle says she really is trying to campaign, but there is nothing she can do...she's just not that creative, I guess. At least sabrina is trying to make deals. Rachelle would rather just go get a coffee.

Adel talks to the pictures in the backyard. I guess he did learn something from Arlie other than the bad advise on pissing off potential jury members. I am really starting to think that Arlie gave him bad advise on purpose.

Heather and Neda talk about F2. Neda knows that she can't bring Jon to the end. She would loose. Jon is starting to see a change in her behavior.

Update on the Jury House. Or shall we say, Arlie's Nudist Camp. Of course he's naked.

Arisa talks to the HGs gathered in the living room for the vote. Jon mentions that they have to keep up good relationships because you definitely don't want a pissed off evicted HG going to the jury house. They didn't show Adel's reaction to that. But I doubt it would sink in anyways.

Heather confesses to Neda and Jon about being isolated by the others at the beginning of the game. She also tells them they will be her friends for the rest of her life.

Jon gets his wish list from the Easter Egg win. Whiskey, beer, pizza, burgers and cigars. Of
course Neda can't have any so Jon is bummed out. They start drinking and have a hot tub party. A fight soon develops between Adel and Sabrina...he started it. This results in Sabrina wanting to do anything to get Adel out. She tries to strike a deal with Jon and Neda. They throw the next HoH to her, she gets rid of Adel, and after that she doesn't care if they vote her out or not.Jon was drunk when he made that deal, and he and Neda quickly backtracked on that one the next day.

Jury vote. But first a montage of the Gremlin story that we don't really want to see, and I have no comment on.

No surprise. Rachelle is evicted by a vote of 3 to 0. Buh bye. Off to jury. Arlie will have a whole week with Allison and Rachelle before the next one shows up. Better make sure some ground rule include NO PEEING IN THE HOT TUB. There's a pond nearby for that.

The comp for the next HoH is called On the Ropes. It's a Survivor-ish type comp. They have to untangle a rope which is attached to their waists, wound through a thicker rope grid. It's also over very cold water. Only Sabrina, Neda, Heather and Jon compete. The show ends before a new HoH is determined.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 8 Eviction Day Spoilers (Second Eviction)

So, what's been happening in the BB Canada house this week?

Not much.

Oh, yeah, there was a big fight last night. Everybody was enjoying some booze (except Adel) in the hot tub. The conversation drifted to past events in the house. Adel wanted to know about Sabrina and her big snit with Ika. If, you remember, it was the night before Ika was getting evicted. Sabrina claimed that Ika bashed into her on the stairs, then she followed Ika and Adel out to the hot tub. She wanted to pick a fight with Ika.The two went at it and Sabrina ran to the DR claiming that Ika threatened to kill her and her little dog too. (FYI, she didn't).

Anyway, part of Adel's strategy is to piss off the house guests he believes are headed to the Jury House. He brought this up knowing that Sabrina would go ballistic. Heather told Adel not to go there, not to stir up trouble. He didn't listen, and was encouraged by a now very drunk Jon. Sabrina tried to explain herself with events that only happened in her head. It didn't take long for Adel to sink to the lower level of Hell and go off on Sabrina, telling her that he doesn't care about her, that nobody cares, that she is not worth caring about. You know, the kind of stuff that will purposely make Sabrina go off on a rampage. Lit-tra-lee.

When the dust cleared, Sabrina, Neda and a drunken Jon formed an ill-conceived plan to throw the next HoH competition to Sabrina. (Actually, Sabrina approached Jon about this plan just after the nomination ceremony, but Jon wisely said he would think about it.) She will nominate Adel as the target and Heather as the pawn. She is so pissed off with Adel that she wants to be the one responsible for his eviction. She says she doesn't care if she is evicted the following week. She just wants to outlast Adel. Jon and Neda agreed 1-hundo on it. That was last night. Today, Neda is only about 80% in.Tonight, they have totally reconsidered. It's too risky. Neda and Jon want to win HoH and they want either Heather or Adel out next week. They seem to have agreed on Heather, for now. They both find her "sketchy". Do you know what I find sketchy? This new plan of Neda's. Could it be she maybe has another plan in mind? Is Jon her real target?

On the other hand, Rachelle has done nothing to campaign to stay. She has known she is the target since Adel won HoH, because everybody believes she is such a huge physical threat in an endurance competition. They don't want to risk taking her any further.

You might be asking yourself, what exactly did Rachelle ever win to make people believe this? Well she won that HoH way back in the week that Ika was evicted. The comp itself was suspicious. It was that rope contraption which was attached to a belt worn around the waist - and was "individually calibrated" for tension based on each HG's weight. Individually calibrated... my ass it was. Weight is not a clear indicator of strength to begin with, and Rachelle's rope looked kind of slack when others were struggling to hold their position. If that isn't enough, then you have to consider how many of the others threw that comp. Very few people at that stage of the game, especially the ones that are fans of the show and understand the strategy involved, would want to win HoH. They just don't want blood on their hands. They also don't want to show what they have, strength-wise. They want to save it for the end game. So all things considered, this "Rachelle is a threat in endurance" is complete nonsense.

So it looks like Rachelle is out the door come Thursday. If that changes, I will update this post.

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 22 Week 8 POV

We left off in the last episode with Adel's Nomination speech. Remember the one with all the pointing? Pointing at Sabrina, then Rachelle and then the front door...apparently nobody knew who Sabrina and Rachelle were or where the stairs and front door were.

Sabrina and Rachelle go to the pantry, get pissed off and make fun of Adel's speech. Adel thinks his strategy is genius. I think Arlie either advised him wrong on purpose or Adel took Arlie's suggestions the wrong way. Sabrina has a hissy fit. She wants to ____ ____ his____ ____. Well...what she wants is to be personally responsible for getting Adel evicted next week. She tells Rachelle that IF Adel was Canada's player, then he just exposed himself as the ____ of ____ he really is. I never thought I would say this, but Sabrina is actually right this time. Meanwhile Adel explains his strategy in the DR, then yells "wake up Canada". Geez I wish he'd stop this whole Canada's player crap.

There is a short montage of how Neda and Jon annoy each other. Jon's farting bugs Neda. Jon complains about how Neda eats or rather doesn't eat. She doesn't know how to cut meat and she eats little wee bites of food. You know who else wouldn't know how to do the simple things like that? Yep. An android. Androids have no knowledge of human customs. In fact, androids find everything humans do "sketchy". Have you ever noticed how often Neda says "sketchy"?

POV Comp is called STAMP-Pete, hosted by Peter Brown. If Peter can get his eyes off Rachelle for a moment, he will read the postcard of an evicted HG. They have to find 4 puzzle pieces that make up the post card from that person.

Round One: was a postcard from Ika. Jon is the last to put it together and is eliminated.
Round Two: was from Andrew. Adel throws it because he doesn't want to be a threat. (He just stands there. That doesn't prove he's not a threat. Just proves he threw it.)
Round Three: was from Kenny. Rachelle is eliminated.
Round Four: was from Paul. Sabrina is eliminated. Only Heather and Neda remain.

Round Five: was from Sarah. Heather throws it,  and Neda wins.

Neda, Jon and Heather rejoice. Jon picks up Neda in one arm and heather in the other and does a little twirl. Sabrina has another hissy fit. The Gremlins are devastated because one of them are headed to the Jury House to spend the next two weeks with Arlie and Allison. There are no more twists to save them.

Neda gets a letter in the Diary Room. It's a prize for winning the POV. She gets a two-on-one with Emmett and Jillian in the War Room. Neda is very excited. Wait, it's not what I thought. It's just a strategy session. No biggie, but The Milkman brought milk and cookies. Of course, Neda doesn't have any due to the fact that she has no need of human sustenance. She IS an android. Maybe a robot. Well one of those cybernetic electronic things. No human is that skinny. Eat ,Neda, EAT something. Geez. Anyway, here is what they talked about:

  • Neda identified Jon as her closest ally.
  • The more u win the more u have to win.
  • Taking Heather to F2.
  • Have Heather, Adel or Sabrina take Jon out.
  • She played a good game to get this far, but will need a better one to win.
  • Tell the person who will be evicted they will probably be leaving, because they appreciate and respect the truth. Make sure even your goodbye message is good. It's the last opinion they will have of you before going to the Jury House.
  • To win, you have to adapt to each situation.

Now, do you see how ridiculous Adel's strategy is? Being mean to the people you think are headed to the Jury House. Adel is playing to win second place? Nonsense. Nobody plays for second. Ever. He is depending on the argument to the jury that it was his strategy to be mean. Nope. That isn't going to work.

An Easter bunny from 1952 arrives a few days late and leaves his baskets for the HGs. There is an Easter Egg Hunt. The HG with the most eggs wins a reward, the one with the least gets a punishment. Jon wins and gets to make a wish list of 5 consumable items. Neda loses and is put on slop. Which is fine by her because she doesn't need food. Besides, she says parents shouldn't lie to their kids about the Easter Bunny.

At the Veto Ceremony, Neda decides not to use the veto. Shocker. Rachelle says she is not ready to leave yet. Too bad she hasn't even tried to stay. Adel thinks he did such a good job as HoH in destroying the Gremlins. Too bad he couldn't see the bigger threat.

Big Brother Canada 2: Adel's Gameplay in the HoH Competition

Did Adel cheat during "The Eyes Have It" Head of Household competition?

Here is the transcript of Arisa's instructions to the House Guests:

There are five riddles on the side of your station. each of these riddles describes a current or former house guest. They are not in chronological order. So you must read each of them, figure out who they refer to, find their face and put it in the five piece puzzle in chronological order of events - earliest at the top. When you think your puzzle is complete, try to drop your ball through it. If the puzzle is correct, the ball will go all the way to the bottom. The first person to get their ball to the podium is the new head of household. You understand?

And here is the transcript of Adel's Diary Room/added voice-over description of his strategy:

I'm not much of a reader. Riddles? I don't know them. My strategy is straight up guessing. I am going to put up as many things as I can and drop the ball. Whatever happens, happens and I am going to go from there.

Here's my opinion. Arisa's instructions were as clear as could be. They had to read the riddles and figure out who the person was and then determine the chronological order of the event. Adel explaining that he is not much of a reader and not knowing riddles is not a free ticket to override the rules. Therefore he cheated.

You can call it whatever you want. You could say he didn't follow the rules. You could even say he was smart enough to find the flaws in the set up of the game. It's the same thing. He cheated.

Here are a couple of other things I noticed:

The slots for the puzzle pieces were wide enough to see the plexiglass tube behind it, making it easier to find the matching cut-out on the puzzle piece. I saw both Adel and Jon taking a peek. Adel also looked over the top to check the first puzzle piece.

The set up for the game made it easy to check out the other players' boards. The puzzle pieces were laid out upside down in a row along a very long lane for each player.

The edit showed Adel making only two attempts at dropping the ball. In the first attempt, he had all the pieces right except for the top piece. What are the odds of that happening? In simple terms, it was highly improbable. You could counter that argument by saying it was just the edit we were given, BUT Adel's reaching that point happened very quickly in comparison to the other players.

During Arisa's commentary, she pointed out that Adel was going right to the puzzle pieces (and not reading the riddles). Production could have stopped game play then and there, but they allowed him to continue. You can decide the motivation in that, but my take is that they gave him preferential treatment, which in turn makes me think they wanted him to win the comp.

Would they do anything about it? Even if they wanted to, the game cannot be replayed and events have progressed past that point. The nominations have been set, the Power of Veto comp has been played and the Veto Ceremony has already happened. The house guests have even altered their strategies because of Adel's win...and formed new alliances to get them through to the final 3. If production can do anything it would have to be a punishment of some sorts, and I just can't see that happening.

The game goes on.

Monday, 21 April 2014

MasterChef Canada Season 2 Now Casting

The first season of MasterChef Canada has not finished airing and already a second season has been announced.  Filming will occur over a period of approximately 40 days this September and October.

CTV has also announced that Michael Bonacini, Claudio Aprile and Alvin Leung will return as judges for season 2. The inaugural season has averaged 1.7 million viewers per episode, winning it's 8 P.M. time slot and making it the #1 new reality series in Canada.

Full details can be found at

Casting is regional, with application deadlines set for 3 areas of Canada: Ontario; everywhere east of Ontario; and everywhere west of Ontario. If you intend to apply please read and follow all the steps carefully, and good luck!

Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Episode 21 Week 8 Instant Eviction

After Neda wins HoH, she is called to the DR. There she is led, blindfolded to the War Room and sequestered there. She is astonished at the room. And by astonished, I mean overly dramatic, with lots of Oh my God!s WHAT?s and What is happening?s There are TVs for her to watch the others, but no sound. The bobbleheads of the 7 remaining house guests are sitting on the table.Allison had been before she entered the house.

Nobody knows what happened to Neda - at first. But soon they understand that something "unexpected" is up. Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison quickly come to the realization they made a huge mistake sending Arlie home. No shit. You realize this now? Shoulda, coulda, woulda...things are always clearer in hindsight.

Arisa talks to Neda and tells her she has 5 minutes to nominate 2 people. She considers the gremlins, but in the end, she picks Sabrina and Allison. It's funny listening to people trying to justify their choices in this game. She previously said that Allison should trust their F4 alliance, then she turns around and says she has always thought that alliances mean nothing to her.

They make it seem like she was in the War Room for about an hour - in reality, she went in Thursday night and stayed until the feeds went down on Friday at about 2:30 P.M. In other words, she had lots of time to think about what was happening and why she was put in there. I doubt if Arisa had to tell her it was going to be an instant eviction. Her nominations certainly weren't as spontaneous as they made it out to be.

Arisa then tells the other HGs about the instant eviction. Neda is told not to mention the secret room and not to speak to anyone until the nomination speech. When she nominates Sabrina and Allison, she makes it clear that Allison is her target and Sabrina is the pawn. She explains that she found proof that Allison cannot be trusted. It was a lie to make everyone believe Allison was the best choice to evict. Everyone is warned not to speak otherwise they will find themselves on the block. The vote is 4 to 0 and Allison is evicted. No studio audience. No one to cheer or even boo her. Probably for the best. She is off to the jury house with Arlie. I just hope he has his clothes on when she walks in on him.

The HoH comp is called The Eyes Have It. There are 5 clues for picking houseguests' pictures which must be put on the board in order. When they think they have the board right, they drop a ball down the back of the board. If they are correct, the ball will run all the way down to the bottom. If a picture is wrong, it will block the ball from dropping. Adel skips the clues and tries to place the pictures in the proper order. It's a hit or miss technique, but it exposes the flaw in the game. He wins Head of Household. Go figure.

Adel wastes no time whatsoever in letting the Gremlins know they will be going up on the block. Sabrina immediately goes into another meltdown. Oh joy. Adel shows off his first HoH room and the Gremlins eventually show up acting like they were on their way to the gallows. They say as soon as he reads that stupid letter, we leave. Adel reads his letter from his sister who advises him to always show respect to other people. The gremlins leave. Then another Sabrina meltdown. "I feel so stupid." Wah. "This person (Adel) has been so awful to me."

All the house guests are treated to a Passover meal and Rachelle gives her best attempt at explaining the feast. "We all get together and explain what Passover is." Okay, thanks Rachelle for clearing that up for us.

Adel gets together with what he thinks is his alliance - Jon, Neda and Heather. I say that
because he is the fourth member of that alliance. He wants Sabrina out, but Neda has other plans. She quickly chimes in that Adel is basing his nominations on emotion. Had to laugh because her nominating Allison was a purely emotional play on her part. Jon and Neda convince Adel to target Rachelle because she is supposedly a more physical threat. Rachelle won one physical challenge that was kind of questionable and we keep hearing that she is a huge endurance threat. If that was true, then why didn't Neda get rid of her in the instant eviction when she had the chance?

I have to say that I have not been a fan of Adel's, BUT what happens next was the best and most gratifying nomination ceremony of the season. Of course he nominated Sabrina and Rachelle:

Adel, "I have nominated you Sabrina (pointing at her) for eviction because you have been a thorn in my side since day 3 and bashed my religion" Then, "I have nominated you Rachelle (pointing at Rachelle) because you are a mere shadow of Sabrina and I don't even know what you are doing in this game. I cannot wait til you take the walk of shame (pointing up the stairs and holding it for dramatic effect for a very extended period of time). It was priceless.

The last scene of the night is Sabrina absolutely flipping out in the Diary Room. Could this be the week we finally get rid of one of these Gremlins? Or does Adel have bigger plans? He says later that he knows Sabrina didn't bash his religion, but the speech was necessary for his plan. Hmmm. I wonder if he is going to follow Arlie's advice. After all the two of them talked strategy the entire night before Arlie's eviction.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Light Those Candles and For God Sakes, Someone Hose Down That Driveway!

Well, what do you think?

Here's what you need to know. He's 28. That's it really. Oh and his name is Tim Warmels.

Okay. If you really must know all that other stuff, here it is.

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hometown: Campbellville, Ontario
Currently living: Toronto
Occupation: Entrepreneur
"Born and raised in the small countryside town of Campbellville, ON, the 28-year-old entrepreneur is as handy with a horse as he is with a hockey stick. Having grown up working on ranches and farms, Tim is a down-to-earth, all-Canadian guy who isn’t afraid to work hard and get his hands dirty. A natural athlete, Tim also enjoys sports such as hockey, sailing, and scuba diving.
A highly motivated student with a keen mind, Tim was accepted into Canada’s top business program – the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating with honours, he moved to Toronto and proved himself as an investment banker on Bay Street. Tim is now a successful entrepreneur with a number of tech ventures and his own boutique contracting business." (from

But who cares, right? Just look at those eyes, that hair, that face!

You just know the producers are loving this guy. Not only is he extremely good looking, young
and photogenic, but he can actually form complete sentences...unlike the humongous fail that was Juan Pablo in the last season south of the border. I mean, I am still asking what were Mike Fleiss and his minions thinking? Geesh. Anyway, Tim looks pretty good. I can see his introductory montage for the series premiere now: playing hockey; some scuba diving; riding bare-chested atop a mighty steed; walking along a beach, hair blowing in the wind; wearing a construction helmet and plaid shirt - probably red, renovating his house in Toronto and showing us how well he can use his hammer. Wiping the dirt and sweat from his brow. You know, all that everyday, "I'm just a regular guy" stuff. 

Lighting the lights and wetting the driveway.
Filming began yesterday, on Good Friday of all days. The producers teased us with several pics yesterday of the exterior of the Bachelor Mansion, getting prepped for the big night. You know...fairy lights in the trees and lighting a million strategically placed candles. Oh oh. It looks like someone didn't measure the correct distance between those candles there in the foreground. And let's not forget the essential hosing-down of the driveway so it shimmers in that just right magical way with the light. Or for some unsuspecting Bachelorette to slip on with her stripper heels. I just want to know who has the job of making sure the interlocking bricks are evenly watered down? It's all in the details, you know. I hope someone fixed that candle placement or else Tim might not fall madly in love-at-first-sight with one of them. Or several.  Even though the second season won't air until the fall, the hype has already begun. Check out the HELLO! CANADA cover  Or the official Twitter account. Yeah, here we go..."Most dramatic Bachelor Canada Rose Ceremony ever" OR "Sexiest Bachelor Canada ever". Please. On the first night? Gee, seeing as how Tim is only the second Canadian Bachelor, that kind of sounds like a kick in the teeth to poor Brad Smith.

Spoiler Update: It looks like this season has turned into a road show right from the get go. The entire cast was whisked off to Los Cabos, Mexico. They are now in the Bahamas.

If you have any sightings you'd like to share, or have any questions please feel free to email me.

Big Brother Canada 2 Weekend Update for Week 8: Neda is in the War Room!

Thursday night's episode of Side Show gave us a peak of Neda getting called into the DR after her HoH win, and then being led into the War Room blind-folded. We were also told there would be a
double eviction this week, the first of which being an instant eviction.

That Instant Eviction happened Friday afternoon. I think it's safe to assume that whoever was voted out is already in the Jury House with Arlie.

The live feeds went down Friday afternoon, and will not return until after Sunday night's show. Here's what happened in both the War Room and the rest of the house before they went to Hush Hush.

  • On Thursday night, everyone speculates on where Neda is. They reveal that they heard a scream earlier, and suspect that she is still in the house somewhere, possibly in a secret room. Jon and Allison say she is in the walls. They also know that Kenny once tried out the wall that concealed the door to the War Room.
  • Sabrina and Rachelle with Allison in tow, check out the wall, trying to listen.
  • Neda can watch the others' on the TV screens, but cannot hear them. She can hear them through the door. (production removed the sound insulation and the fake wall inside the War Room that hid the door).
  • Jon purposely and noticeably talks louder, hoping that Neda can hear.
  • Jon is upset that Neda is "gone", and gets up several times during the first night
  • On Friday morning, Neda watches Allison get ready for the day. She says Allison looks sketchy even when she's doing her hair. She asks if Allison is even human, then refers to her as a robot.
  • In the kitchen, (I don't know if Neda could hear) Sabrina repeats her position on lying: that lying about strategy while inside the house is acceptable gameplay. Lying about personal traits, or making personal attacks about someone is not acceptable. 
  • Neda listens at the door to the others who are gathered on the couches in the living room.  They talk about the Jon/Neda relationship. Neda asks herself why are they still talking about this? She then realizes it is always Sabrina and Rachelle who bring this topic up.
  • Sabina and Rachelle continues on the alliance between Neda and Jon. They point out that if Neda brings Jon to the Final 2, she would not win, "because 1000% Jon would win over anyone else." Neda takes note of this and wonders why the Gremlins are saying this now and in front of all the others. (Neda knew that the Gremlins thought she could hear her, and that it was clear they were trying to send a message to her)
  • Neda used the bobbleheads a bit. At one point, she placed the Heather and Sabrina bobbleheads off to the side, then put Allison in front of Sabrina. I am presuming that she thought Heather was a pawn to force the vote towards either Sabrina or Allison.

So who did Neda vote out? At first she considered backdooring someone, but I think she must have realized that when she is released, there would be an instant eviction.She has watched several seasons of Big Brother. Another thing to consider is that the vote is out of 4, and if there is a tie, she is the tiebreaker. That is not the best thing to happen when the evictee is a member of the jury.

She has several targets: 

Allison. Neda hates Allison and finds her sketchy. She may even suspect that Allison spent time in the War Room before entering the house. However, she also knows that Allison can be easily swayed.

Adel. He is on Neda's hit list. Adel has a problem with keeping his mouth shut. Neda has even convinced Heather that Adel needs to go. The HG's suspect Canada will have a vote in the Jury, and Adel won the Buzzworthy challenge - which tells Neda he is popular. In addition, Adel was the benefactor of an all-nighter with Arlie, who gave Adel all kinds of game strategy.

The Gremlins. Pairs, whether a showmance or just a tight friendship are a big threat in this game. While in the War Room, Neda has taken note of the things these two have said. She may decide that if she takes out Sabrina, Rachelle would be next to helpless. She could actually work with her - get Rachelle to do her dirty work for her. Here's one more thing to consider: being the person responsible for removing Sabrina from the game once and for all will garner a lot of jury votes. But who knows. Maybe Arlie won't be happy having to spend 3 more weeks with this woman in the jury house.

So it just depends if Neda will base her decision on logic or if she reacts to emotion.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 20 Week 7 Eviction Plus Where Did Neda Go?

So Allison had just pulled that Red Veto out of her butt, turning the entire house upside down. This, just after Arlie's realization that he was getting backdoored. She removed Sabrina from the block, forcing Jon to name Adel as the replacement nominee. Sabrina was stunned, but still not speechless. She asked Allison if it was for Andrew. Let me point out that Sabrina has been riding Allison's ass ever since Andrew was evicted - reminding Allison that Andrew was watching from home and he was judging her. Such a charming woman. Allison quickly corrected Sabrina by explaining she did it for "game."

Everyone wants to know how Allison got this PoV, especially Neda. Allison convinces Neda that she is still on her side, but neda vows to get rid of Allison at the first opportunity she gets.

Arlie intends to maintain his composure. Jon knows that everything that Arlie says for the next few days will be strategy. Adel feels secure thgat he is not going anywhere. The gremlins rejoice...they have dodged a bullet again.

Arlie makes a case with the Gremlins and then Allison, that it would be wise to vote out Adel. In reality, he was correct. The four of them would have the majority in the house. (from the live feeds: for two days, it really looked like Arlie was going to stay). Meanwhile Jon and Neda see the danger if the Gremlins and Allison align with Arlie.

There was a montage of funny moments, including Arlie getting his ass kissed and Rachelle peeing in the hot tub. I was surprised they showed that second one. Shame, shame Rachelle. I mean what were you thinking? The worse part of that was that When Sabrina and Rachelle were done in the hot tub, poor unsuspecting Adel got in it. It's nice to see that they outed the dirty girl.

The Have Nots were given a task - they have one hour to create a restaurant quality dish that will elevate slop. The others are the judge and get a meal cooked by two of the contestants from Top Chef Canada. Neda and Heather win.

Adel talks to Allison about targeting Jon. Neda and Jon talk to Allison (it was a conversation that lasted close to 3 hours) and in the end, they form a four way alliance - Neda, Jon, Allison and Heather. This was after Allison and the Gremlins promised Arlie they would vote to evict Adel. To add more confusion, in the live feeds, Jon and Neda formed a final 5 alliance with Heather, Allison and the Gremlins.

The "live" pre-taped eviction begins. Arlie and Adel give their pleas, but in the end it was Arlie that was evicted by a vote of 5 to 0. When Arlie talks to Arisa, he says that Jon really screwed his game up. He tried honesty to explain his playing both sides and then flipping. Everyone's good-bye messages were heartwarming...except Neda's of course. She explains that Arlie helped her get rid of the big players in the house but now she just doesn't have any more use for him. She comes off as a bitch. Nice edit. Arlie becomes the first member of the Jury.

The comp for the next Head of Household is based on a trunk full of fake documents and heritage artifacts that explain their characters. They have to answer True or False. It comes down to Allison and Neda.The tiebreaker is how many acorns were in the backyard during Nuts to That. Neda is closest without going over. and is the next HoH.

The next Twistos Twist is that Canada will be seventh jury vote. No biggie there if you do the math. There are seven members in the jury, plus the two finalists means 8 HGs. Arlie is the first jury member and there are only 7 HGs left. So this news comes as no surprise. What is news is that next week is another double eviction.

One more surprise. The live feeds returned at the same time as the Side Show revealed that Neda was in the War Room! Not sure how she got there. Was it part of an HoH reward or maybe a Pandora's Box...and is she the one who will also get the special strategy session with Jillian and Emmett? Don't know yet. This could be good for her game OR it can also really screw up her game. Big time.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 19 Week 7 POV

So the Gremlins are on the block, and we all rejoice at the thought of seeing either one of the get booted out of the door. Sabrina is upset that Jon didn't take up her offer for the Gremlins being his gremlin bitches.

The players for the PoV are Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Neda, Arlie, and Allison. Adel pulls out his PoV comp card and takes Allison's place in the comp. Allison is pissed. It shows her she is at the bottom of the Sloppy Seconds alliance.

Neda wants Arlie gone next week because, well basically Arlie is too close to Jon. Jon's not on the same page until Neda convinces him that when you have a chance to get rid of a strong player, you take it.

Marsha has a three part mission for Adel. He must get one of the girls to go on a date, one person to cry and one to work out with him. He only has an hour, or the HGs will be punished. Meanwhile the others are called into the storage room and told about Adel's mission - and then told that they must make sure Adel FAILS. He tries to ask Sabrina on a date and is turned down. He asks Jon to work out, and Jon puts him off. He can't make Sabrina cry...for a change. Allison turns down a date. Marsha scolds him for failing and he gets genuinely pissed off at her, and takes a frame off the wall to threaten her with it. He meant it too....he definitely wasn't joking. Shame, shame Adel. You mustn't talk to Marsha like that. I thought you were calling yourself Canada's player! Marsha's reply was "Game on bitch!!!" Adel leaves and tells everyone they will get a punishment. Then Jon tells him that it was all a trick. The reward is a nice dinner while being handcuffed to each other. They must feed each other. Poor Adel gets Sabrina. I guess that was his punishment for talking to Marsha like that.

The PoV comp includes a trip reward from Ramada. They have to find 10 Ramada destination t-shirts, and toss them in a suitcase. Jon wins the PoV. He is leaning towards using it. Of course, they make it look like it was Sabrina's doing. It wasn't. At this point, Jon was planning on putting Allison up as a replacement.

Heather talks Jon out of it, with Neda's encouragement. The new plan is to backdoor Arlie. They think they are so smart, but only because they don't know about Allison and her Red Veto.

At the PoV Ceremony, Jon decides to take Rachelle off the block. Sabrina doesn't look very happy because she thought Jon would save her, not her bff Rachelle. He replaces her with Arlie. Arlie says "Big Move". Shocker number one. But wait for it...

Allison stands up and pulls the Red Veto out from the back of her pants. (Jon later says in the live feeds that she had a red veto up her ass!!!) She says "Actually, I found this." Then she takes Sabrina off the block. Jon puts Adel up. Before you get too mad at Jon, you have to remember that Adel previously volunteered to be put up as a pawn and Jon was very much on the spot. Or you can think of it as Karma for threatening Marsha with a picture frame. I mean, who does that, really?

Everyone is in a state of shock. Sabrina asks Allison if she did this because of Andrew. Yeah right Sabrina, that's why she did it. Allison corrects her promptly, and tells her she did it because of ... game. The fact is, she wanted to expose Jpn's game - to show his hand and see where she fit in the Sloppy Seconds hierarchy. Which is now a one-hit wonder. All done. Well played, Allison, well played.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Red Veto...Played.

*** Spoilers from the Live Feeds ***

First a bit of background. Late Sunday night, BB gave the house guests some booze, which always guarantees some action one way or another. This time, Allison got plastered and passed out. But not before she went on a drunken rant that this game was not for her, that she knew she was getting backdoored, blah, blah, blah. This gets Neda and Heather thinking....perhaps we weren't thinking correctly on this and we should be getting rid of Arlie, who's been making final 2 deals with everybody in the house. Neda and heather try to wake Allison up to talk to her before the POV ceremony today. They keep telling her they have a plan. They also talk to Jon, and he's all on board with the new plan.

Here's what happened at the PoV Ceremony Monday:

Jon takes Rachelle off the block and nominates Arlie as the replacement. Allison stands up and pulls her Red Veto out from the back of her pants, and saves Sabrina. Jon had to think fast, and knowing that Adel had previously volunteered to go up as pawn, nominated Adel as the replacement.

Can't wait for the Da Da Duh moment on Wednesday's episode.

When the feeds returned, Neda, Jon, Heather and Allison were in the HoH room, talking it all out. Allison was very careful in explaining the history behind the Red Veto, and told them it was burning a hole in her ass. She had to use it, or risk carrying it around in her pants for the rest of the game. Jon, Neda and Heather were dumbfounded, and not looking very happy about it. Even though it saves Jon's ass in the Arlie nomination. They should also consider that the Gremlins will now think they are safe and how beneficial that would be. Adel comes in and tells Jon he completely understands. He also wants to know if the plans next week are to get rid of the Gremlins, and everyone tells him yes...almost in unison.

Meanwhile Arlie has isolated himself in the main bedroom, thinking silently to himself for a change. He later re-emerges and tells everyone he is still going to be social. He starts spilling all his game play to date, looking like he has resigned himself to going home. It's just the opposite...he has not stopped playing.

Here's the situation: it is Neda, Heather, Allison and the Gremlins who will be voting. It will take a vote of 3 to 2 to evict. Don't be too confident that Adel is just a pawn in this. He is just as much of a threat to everyone as Arlie is, maybe more so. Let me put it this way. If you were in the final two, who would you rather be there with - Arlie or Adel?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode !8 HoH and Nominations Week 7

Continuing from Thursday's double elimination, Jon wins the Head of Household competition.

Neda is very happy that she and Jon won back to back HoHs. Arlie said that's why you take in the rejects, you don't get rid of them, it makes no sense.

Meanwhile Sabrina's heart is broken. Arlie thinks yes she does look like an idiot, but he's going to pump her tires a bit. Tell her what she wants to hear and stay on her good side.

Jon gets his HoH room. Plus booze. His letter is from his dad. He cries like a baby.

The Gremlins decide to offer their undying support, and do his biding for the rest of time. Or something like that. They will do his dirty work and take out Arlie. Jon considers it - after all, this is the Big Brother house and things can change at the drop of a dime. The Gremlins rejoice.

The competition for the Have Nots is a Beer Pong Frat Party. Giant size. They are divided into 2 teams. The winners get a frat party. It comes down to Sabrina for the blue team vs Rachelle for the red team, and believe it or not Sabrina actually wins. Arlie, Heather, Rachelle and Neda are on slop. Jon, Allison, Adel and Sabrina get a frat party.

Jon spills the beans about the condiments being dumped - not telling the HGs it was actually Neda. She looks pissed so he tells everyone that it was Neda. Jon tries to apaologize to Neda.

Jon and Arlie agree on an alliance...a back-up plan. In reality, neither trusts the other. Good idea. neda thinks Rachelle could be good for her game, so they talk.  Heather knows she is at the bottom of the totem pole.

The Gremlins try again with Jon. Sabrina says Rachelle is great at endurance and they will do his dirty work. She tells him they are coming after him next week, and if you don't believe it, you're stupid.

At the nomination ceremony, Jon puts Rachelle and Sabrina on the block. Canada rejoices. But don't get your hopes up.

Arisa has announced that the next fan meter goal is now running. She promises it will be a big one. The meter must hit 20 million to unlock a strategy session with Jillian and Emmett for one house guest. Meh. Seems like a way for those two to get some airtime. Also the waste of that fan meter.

The Bachelor Canada..."Big" Announcement

The Bachelor Canada teased on their Facebook page that a big announcement will be made next week. Gee, I wonder what that could be?

Looks like they finally found the perfect Mr. Perfect to be Canada's next Bachelor. Let's hope they aren't going for the douche-nozzle type like Juan Pablo this year. Any guy who is even half good looking will do...just as long as he can form a complete sentence, and at least a glimmer of sincerity in making the "journey" to find true love.

You have to admit that the show will have an uphill climb in the care factor after the massive failure that was Juan Pablo and the recent break-up of Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber.

Stay tuned to Breakfast Television next week. That's where they first introduced Brad Smith as Canada's first Bachelor two years ago.

Update April 13: Tyler Harcott teased he was on his way to Toronto and that he was having cocktails with Canada's next Bachelor.
Update April 14: The reveal will be announced this Thursday April 17 on CityTV's Breakfast Television. Go to for a teaser pic and facts about the guy.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Weekend Update for Week 7

Spoilers from Live Feeds:

  • Sabrina and Rachelle pitch a deal to Jon. If he saves them this week, they will promise their loyalty to him for the rest of the game.
  • Jon nominated Rachelle and Sabrina, aka The Gremlins, for eviction.
  • Sabrina confronts Jon. She says he was foolish not to take their offer. Sabrina says go ahead and vote me out. Jon says okay. 
  • Neda tells Rachelle to try to win the POV Comp.
  • Adel used his special card to replace Allison in the POV Comp. Allison has become suspicious of this - she already suspects she is at the bottom of her alliance and is now thinking the others are planning to backdoor her. Adel tells her that he wanted to play in the comp, and he had to pick someone. She doesn't buy it. Allison leaves to go to the DR and Adel says fuck it, she's gone next week
  • Jon wins POV. 
  • Neda tells Jon to take Rachelle off the block. Neda wants Allison gone. As of Saturday night, he plans on backdooring Allison.
  • Jon, Neda and the Gremlins talk about getting rid of Allison
  • Arlie tells Adel that he should be included in the negotiations with the Gremlins, Adel prefers not to.
  • Allison sat in chair at bottom of stairs next to the War Room door contemplating her fate. She whispers "why won't you open?" and wonders if Sarah might be in there.
  • Adel is on a secret mission...Marsha? He went to the DR, and all the other HGs were locked down in the supply room. Feeds were down, but when they returned, Adel was asking several people for a date, including the men. All give him excuses. So were the HGs told by BB of his mission while on lockdown and told not to cooperate? 
  • Late Sunday Night The HGs were rewarded with booze. Allison gets totally wasted and goes on a rant about her not being right for this game and knowing that she is being backdoored.
  • Neda and Heather reconsider the plan to backdoor Allison...they have figured out the trouble that Arlie has caused, and now recognize the Arlie/Jon plan is not right for their game. Neda and Heather now want to backdoor Arlie.
  • Neda and Heather try to wake up a passed-out Allison to explain their plan. They want Allison aware of the plan before the POV Ceremony on Monday
  • Neda talks to Jon and Jon is now seemingly on board with taking Arlie out.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 17 - Week 6 Double Eviction Nailbiter

They start the show with everything we already know. Kenny won POV, took himself off the block and Heather nominated Sarah as replacement.

Arlie realizes he has to reveal himself, so he tells Sarah he flipped to the other side of the house. Blah, blah blah, Allison tells Sabrina she is with the Sloppy Seconds. Sabrina tries her dry cry crap but Allison completely shut her down. Neda sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night and throws out all the condiments for the Have Nots Rachelle, Sarah and Kenny. Just to make them extra cranky.

Out at the hot tub, everyone is happy and having fun. Kenny blurts out "Fuck it, I'm gay". Sabrina stops the rejoicing by saying something inappropriate...gays like to do yoga and that's why they are extra bendy. Kenny tells her how very wrong she is. She then says all her best friends are gay. Quite frankly, I don't think anyone is listening to her anymore.

Sarah tries to make a deal with Neda, but Neda tells her no.

First eviction.  Sarah is evicted by a vote of 3 to 4. Rachelle, Sabrina and Kenny voted for Allison, as expected.

Arisa tells them it's a double eviction. The HoH Comp is called We are Counting on This., based on the house guests' knowledge of the number of items in the house. They are pitted against one another in pairs. The person who buzzes in first and answers correctly knocks out the other, and then chooses the next pair to face off.

Rachelle bumps out Sabrina
Neda bumps out Jon
Kenny bumps out Rachelle
Arlie bumps out Adel
Neda bumps out Neda
Arlie bumps out Allison
Neda bumps out Arlie and wins.

Arlie was actually playing until he faced Neda, then threw it. Surprise, surprise. Yeah that was sarcasm.

Neda only has a few minutes to name her nominees. There was no Topaz moment like last year. She nominates the Gremlins, aka Sabrina and Rachelle. She is obviously counting on one of the Sloppy Seconds to win the POV Comp, because we know her target is Kenny. Adel runs to get his POV card before the players are picked, just in case he has to use it to replace Kenny. (if Kenny is picked to play in the POV Comp)

Three other players are picked to play the POV: Heather, Adel, and Arlie. At this point, the Gremlins are really, really hoping that the Sloppy Seconds are planning to backdoor Kenny, otherwise their number is up.

The POV Comp is called Dumpster Diving for Day Old Donuts. They have to dive for donuts with the names of the first five (not the alliance) evicted house guests, then put them in order of eviction. Hey, what do you know, Arlie actually wins something! So you might ask why he thought he had to win. Well he wanted Kenny gone, that's why he flipped in the first place. Plus he wanted to prove his loyalty to his new alliance (even if that loyalty is only temporary to him).He only has a few minutes to pick someone to take off the block. The Sloppy Seconds do the Adel Happy Dance in the bathroom. Arlie takes Rachelle off the block. Neda puts up Kenny.

No surprise here...Kenny is evicted. However, Rachelle voted to evict Sabrina. does she intend to lie to Sabrina and blame, oh I don't know, maybe Arlie? Was it a sympathy vote for Kenny? OR has Rachelle had enough of Sabrina and her constant BS? If the later is true, the house and the live-feeders are in for one hell of a treat next week with a complete Sabrina meltdown. Sabrina might even self-evict. What do you think?

The HOH Comp for week 7 is called This is How We Roll. They have to get 6 balls into an indent by gentle manoeuvering a platform back and forth. This comp won't be determined until later tonight for those watching the live feeds, or Sunday for those who just watch the aired episodes.

Big Brother Canada 2 Week 6 Double Eviction Day Spoilers

***The following should be considered spoilers if you only watch the aired episodes and not the live feeds. Just saying.***

Tonight's episode is the first double eviction of the season. Here's a breakdown:

The first eviction is pretty much straightforward. Sarah is going home tonight. Sarah tried to strike a deal with Neda to flip her vote in exchange for protection of both Neda and Jon. Neda declined, but went to Jon just to make sure. She wanted to know if Jon trusted Allison insofar that if Jon was on the block with Arlie, whom would Allison vote to evict. Jon said she would vote Arlie out.

The second eviction is a toss up. Suddenly, we have a real competition.

Jon and the Sloppy Seconds vs Kenny and The Gremlins

No, they aren't two really bad pop groups from the 70's. It's the two sides of the house. Kenny commands the Gremlins - Sabrina and Rachelle. The rest of the house...The Sloppy Seconds, are basically under the control of Jon, with Neda and Arlie as second in command.

Jon and The Sloppy Seconds
If Kenny and the Gremlins win, they will put up Jon and Arlie OR they could nominate Arlie and Adel then backdoor Jon. In either scenario, Jon is their target, but they would be happy to let any 3 of them go.

Kenny and The Gremlins
If The Sloppy Seconds win, Kenny and Sabrina will find themselves on the block...but Kenny is their target.

Will Arlie flip again? My guess is no. He will work the numbers game to take this opportunity to get rid of Kenny. He won't flip to evict Jon and risk the majority of the house coming after him next week. Will Arlie try to win this HoH or take another dive? That depends...I think he will play for real until Kenny and the Gremlins are knocked out of the competition, then let someone else in the alliance win. Of course, that's just my opinion based on his track record.

The one wild card in the whole situation is Allison and her Red POV. Remember, she only has 2 more opportunities to use it...for the 2nd POV Ceremony and Next week's. (last night's POV ceremony was her first chance). After yesterday's talk with Jon, she just may use it to save Jon if he is nominated by Kenny!

Okay, I lied. In many ways, I also see Kenny as a bit of a wild card. What? Well the only ties Kenny had to Sabrina were through Sarah. Kenny can't tolerate Sabrina, and has only been civil in an attempt to make Sarah's last couple of days in the house bearable. He also knows that Canada doesn't particularly care for the woman either. Combine that with his trying to clean up his game and coming out to the house just yesterday, and you just might see Kenny make a big move. With Sarah out of the picture, I can't see Kenny remaining with the Gremlins simply by default.

Of course, things might change as leaks come out from the taping, and I will update my House Guest Standings page as events unfold. You can find that HERE

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 16 POV Ceremony + Secret POV

So Allison and Kenny were nominated for eviction. But Kenny is determined to push back. Jon wants to get Allison over to their side of the house. Sarah is now trying to work both sides with Arlie, or so she thinks. Allison knows that Heather is keeping secrets behind her nomination. At this point, she doesn't know that Arlie is working both sides.

Here's the thing, all week Sabrina has been trying to weaponize Andrew with Allison - mentioning to Allison that Andrew is at home watching and judging her. Saying things like ...what do you think Andrew would say.

Players for PoV comp is Heather, Kenny, Allison, Arlie,Sabrina, Rachelle. Jon is the host. The theme is Yukon Gold. Some guy from History Television's Yukon Gold does an intro. They have to pan for letters and form the longest word - like Scrabble. Just one problem. There seems to be a severe lack of vowels.

Allison spells cry
Rachelle...    crest
Neda...   shocks
Arlie...  farting
Kenny... shocking
Heather... wishfull...(not only did she spell it wrong, but she also had a Y and could have won with wishfully)

Kenny wins. Allison hopes that something comes up in the next few days to save her. Hmmm...I think either Big Brother angels are listening, or they have done some fancy editing here (keep reading to find out what I mean). Meanwhile, Sarah is scared that she will be the replacement nominee. Kenny tries to talk to Heather about nominating Jon instead of Sarah, and even promising Heather 2 weeks safety in exchange.

Suddenly there are flowers upstairs. Neda checks them out but doesn't see what Allison saw. There was a clue which sends her on a scavenger hunt: it says make a splash...she goes to the pool and finds a clue in a puck. This clue tells her to go to somewhere hot that is cold. The hot tub. The third clue hints that she must get into the secret War Room. Read it like a book, 1 to 3, turn it right then back again. She goes to the red wall and starts turning the white slats.

She's back. In the War Room. Arisa greets the lucky house guest with a final clue... blah blah blah...tap 3 times. She gets it. It's a red POV, good for 3 evictions and can be used after the regular POV. Of course, if she tells anyone she will be instantly evicted.

Arlie goes to Kenny and tries to suggest that Sabrina might flip in the vote. What Arlie doesn't know is that Kenny already suspects Arlie has flipped and might blame Sabrina. Sarah knows this, but thinks she is safe with Arlie. None of them know how many people are involved in the other alliance...yet. Kenny, Sarah. Sabrina. Rachelle think that they have the numbers this week,  assuming Arlie and Allison are with them. Arlie is still keeping up the facade.

POV Ceremony. Kenny saves himself. Allison wonders about using her Secret POV. Heather nominates Sarah as replacement. Allison decides to let it ride, knowing that if she gets voted out while possessing the Secret POV she will be the biggest idiot in Big Brother history.

Big Brother Canada 2 - Kenny Comes Out to His Fellow House Guests

Big Brother Canada 2's Kenny Brain finally came out to his fellow house guests on Wednesday. The sun was shining, everyone was happy and Sabrina took a break from her relentless yapping. Kenny turns to his confidant Sarah, gives her a peck on the cheek, then blurts out, "Fuck it, I'm gay."

It took a couple of seconds for it to register in everyone's brain. When the screams subsided, Kenny started to explain himself to everyone. How it was strategy, how he had told Sarah about a week ago, and of course when he first knew he was gay. Nobody could believe how Kenny managed to hide it from them. In case you don't know the story, Kenny decided before he went in the house that he would play both sides of the house in a way that no other BB cast member has ever tried before.

He first told Sarah because he had to get it off his chest. That, and I believe he may have been concerned how Canada, and the gay community would perceive the situation - especially after Canada nominated Andrew and Sabrina because of their poor behavior on the show. Feelings have been mixed about his strategy. Some that do not watch the show may believe that Kenny was not doing the LGBT community any justice. Most Big Brother fans recognized it as a damn good strategy - if he can fool them, then he should go for it. It certainly worked for him in the first few weeks of the show.

*Source: Youtube video from BBxx2000xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 15 Week 6 HoH and Nominations

We pick up from last Thursday, halfway through the "Blind Side" comp for the new HoH.

Kenny answered correctly and takes out Adel
Neda takes out Kenny
Heather takes out Sabrina
Jon takes out Allison
Jon takes out Rachelle
Jon takes out Sarah
Arlie answers incorrectly and is eliminated (he threw it again)
Heather takes out Jon
Heather takes out Neda

In a complete blind-side, Heather wins HoH. Looks like a lot of people underestimated Heather. Heather and Adel meet up in the bathroom and do the happy dance to celebrate a win by the good guys. Heather wants to back door Kenny, but Adel has gotten a little cocky and convinces her to put Kenny up straight up. Bad, bad, bad decision.

Heather gets her HoH room. My first thought is, who is going to be the first to go and kiss Heather's ass? Like Heather says, she can see them (Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle and of course Sabrina) rolling their eyes in the mirror when her back is turned. In reality, Sabrina gives Heather the most sinister side glances imaginable. Scary.

Heather puts Rachelle, Kenny and Sarah. Sarah volunteers because she has a slop pass and doesn't want Sabrina to go without food...because Sabrina without food is like a walker on The Walking Dead. She'll go right for the jugular. How commendable of Sarah taking one for the team like that. Plus she'll get to spend time with her new bgff(best gay friend forever) in the Half Not room, because apparently Sarah thinks he needs constant attention.

BB tells the HGs they have 15 minutes to pack their bags. They assume it's an instant eviction. Chaos ensues. Sabrina says to one of her allies the plan is to vote Rachelle out over Kenny. Oopsie. Guess who heard that?

It's not an instant eviction. You see it was raining out that day and the kids needed a rainy day activity before they start fighting for Mumsy's attention.They are divided into pairs and must make a puppet of the other person. It's like some kind of bizzaro group therapy exercise. They must talk to each other in the character of their puppet. Sabrina uses this opportunity to tell Rachelle that if Rachelle and Kenny are on the block together, she will have to vote out Rachelle. Even though Sabrina swore on her head to explode that 100 billion percent she loves Rachelle and would never vote her out. I am still waiting for her head to explode. Rachelle looks pissed. Or maybe she was just a bit confused that the sock puppet knew so much.

Every time each HG spoke out of character, an item was taken out of their luggage. Sabrina had the most items taken away...21.

Kenny gives his best plea to Heather to not put him up for eviction. When Heather asks who he thinks she should put up, he suggests Jon. Heather is really enjoying how everyone is now kissing her ass. Then Kenny goes to Jon and wants to mend some fences, but Jon remembers last week when he went to Kenny under the same circumstances. Needless to ain't happening, Kenny.

BB calls everyone to the living room. Someone ate something while a Have Not. Oh oh. Yep it was the ditz Rachelle, who accidentally ate one of Heather's Fuzzy know,...accidentally. It was a complete accident that her hand went in the jar, pulled out the candy than popped it in her mouth. Completely understandable. You don't pay attention to your hand for a few minutes and it will shove food in your mouth. Happened to me yesterday with the cake. So now everyone is on slop and cold water for 48 hours. Here we go. Sabrina cries at the thought of no food for 2 days and everyone fears for their lives. They may have to make a rudimentary crossbow to put her down.

Sabrina ceases an opportunity to poison Allison's mind. Meanwhile, Rachelle follows Heather around like a puppy. I think this was her shallow attempt at pretending to be Heather's new friend. This is the most I have heard Rachelle talk in the last couple of weeks since she became Sabrina's lap dog. Heather strings her along, loving every awkward minute. Rachelle states the obvious: if she is put up as a pawn, there is a chance she may go home. Genius. Of course Rachelle is telling Heather this? Rachelle? The same Rachelle who put Heather up as pawn next to Ika? Without telling Heather beforehand?

Heather tells Allison she will be nominating her as pawn. This was the truth. Heather also tells Rachelle she will be nominated as a pawn. This was just Heather handing out her own brand of justice...making Rachelle sweat on it overnight for getting everyone punished and ruining her HoH.

Nomination time. Kenny and Allison are nominated. Then friend and foe alike all hug each other. Isn't that nice?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Weekend Update - Week 6 Live Feeds

        Thursday April 3 to Sunday April 6
  • Heather won HoH comp called "Blind Side" - (my opinion: very ironic since no one saw that coming). She is given her HoH room later that night (Thursday), which leads everyone to speculate that there might be an instant eviction - HoH rooms are usually opened the next day.
  • Rachelle, Sabrina, and Allison (separately) talk to Heather as soon as everybody leaves from the standard room reveal.
  • Rachelle apologizes to Heather for treating her meanly, suggests they be friends then asks her if she is safe. Heather tells her she is not the target, but could be a pawn.
  • Heather tells Sabrina she is safe
  • Allison tells Heather they started out as friends, but then she (Allison) got involved with Andrew. They have girl chat, agree to do their nails together and Heather tells Allison she is not her target and will try to keep her safe.
  • The have nots (chosen by Heather) are Kenny, Sarah and Rachelle
  • Rachelle eats Heathers candies
  • BB tells the house guests they have 15 minutes to pack their bags. No reason is given.
  • BB has punished the whole house for Rachelle's indiscretion. Slop and no hot water for 48 hours (will end Monday)
  • Rachelle tries to apologize to Heather, calling it an accident and blaming her nerves and fear of being nominated. Heather will not have any of it. (my opinion: Rachelle came off as if she was blaming Heather for being nervous)
  • Heather tells Rachelle that she will be nominated - for getting everyone punished. Heather later states that she only said this to Rachelle to punish her for ruining her HoH.
  • Heather tells Kenny he is being nominated. He tries to talk her out of it.
  • Heather tells Allison she is being nominated as a pawn. Allison is upset. Heather asks Allison if she wants to sleep in the HoH room and they can do their nails. Allison storms out.
  • Allison told heather about the First 5, and that the alliance has been together since the beginning of the show. Heather passes the info onto Jon, Neda and Adel.
  • Heather & her allies agree that if any of them win PoV, they will take Allison off and put up Sarah.
  • Sarah is panicking. She wants the other side to think she wants to go up on the block. Arlie warns her that "the other side" is already considering it, and she better stop or her game will be in jeopardy.
  • PoV players are chosen: Heather, Kenny, Allison, Rachelle, Sabrina and Arlie. 
  • Kenny wins PoV
  • The plan is to nominate Sarah as replacement...Sarah is the target.
  • Heather tells Sarah that she is a possible replacement nominee, after Sarah tells Heather that she is just being herself, and not trying to be her friend. 
  • Heather tells Sabrina and Rachelle she is not going to discuss a possible replacement nom until right before the Veto Ceremony. Heather asks them who they think she should nominate...their choices are Jon and Adel.
  • Adel tells Heather that Arlie talked to Allison, and Allison is "on board" with them.
  • Arlie tells Jon and Adel that he will not expose himself to the First 5 until the eviction when he votes for Sarah.  
(my opinion: at this time, the Arlie and Sarah situation is identical to the Andy and Helen events in BBUS 15, but it is still unclear as to Arlie's true intentions)
  • Veto Ceremony is Sunday
  • Sarah to Allison: if the worst happens and I go home, please promise me you will take care of Kenny. (she is alluding to his "secret", and how Kenny will need a confidant) Sabrina can't do for him what you can do.
  • Outside lockdown late Sunday afternoon. When HGs return inside, they get food + reward. They look for the reward, but no one can see anything...except there are two daisy arrangements on the upstairs balcony. Neda checks the larger one. Camera zooms in several times to the smaller arrangement. Allison checks this one and finds a clue. She begins to follow trail. One clue reads "make a splash". She checks around pool once, looks elsewhere then goes back. She finds the next clue inside a hockey puck. 
  • Her search goes on for several hours. Not sure how many clues there are in total but she knows it involves the secret room, Last clue was "read it like a book, 1 to 3"...just before airtime of Sunday night episode, the feeds to go Hush Hush EXACTLY when Allison opens the door.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 6 New HoH Heather & The Fallout

From the Live feeds Thursday night after Andrew's eviction:

Heather won the Blind Side Comp...."blind side" how ironic is that? It certainly blind-sided the First 5 minus 1. They are scrambling. They know they are done for now - they will be targeted again this week. They also realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to treat Heather like crap since the game started.

Heather got her HoH room right after the comp...and everyone was up there when the live feeds returned after the show. Unusual because the new HoH gets their room the next day. This set off a round of speculation that maybe this will be an instant eviction. Everyone was acting all nice nice, being Heather's best friend. Everyone but Sabrina, who was giving Heather the absolute worst side-glances. Gee Sabrina, I wonder what was going through your mind?

Arlie, Jon, Neda, and Adel were in very high spirits. I imagine Adel was very relieved that he doesn't have to worry that the truth about his Veto power will come out.

Sarah immediately came down with a migraine. When Sabrina asked if Sarah was mad at her (Sabrina being her usual paranoid self), Sarah and Arlie let Sabrina know that maybe it wasn't the time to make everything that happens revolve around her. This resulted in a half hour discussion between Arlie and Sabrina. Good God.

Both Sabrina and Rachelle took turns questioning Heather about her nomination choices. Heather told Sabrina she is safe, and then told Rachelle that she will have to consider things overnight, but she was pretty sure that Rachelle wasn't her target. However, if Heather decides to put Rachelle up as a pawn, she will let her know beforehand.

The longest convo of the night goes to Sabrina and Allison. They concluded that Heather's nominations will be kenny and Rachelle - with Kenny being the target and Rachelle the pawn. This is probably true if we can believe the info that Arlie passed on to Heather Wednesday night is their plan.

Here's the problem for Sabrina and Allison. Sabrina has a pact with Kenny, but her best friend is Rachelle. How can she vote for either of them. Nope, that just won't do for Sabrina. So she makes Allison promise to go talk to Heather and suggest to her that she shouldn't put up a weak player like Rachelle against her "target" (she is not to mention Kenny's name). Sabrina tries to get Allison to suggest Sarah to Heather. Allison doesn't think Heather will go for Mumsy. Sabrina then suggests that she herself (Sabrina...yes you heard that right) goes up. Allison has a problem with that, because she also has a pact with Kenny, and she doesn't want to vote for Sabrina. Now you may ask yourself why all of a sudden, any promises or pacts make a difference. Because of Jury...and every vote will count.

So watch for Sabrina to go into full, all-out game mode in the next couple of days. Looks like she's going to be spinning another snot web of deceit. This just keeps on getting better and better.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Week 5 Recap of Live Eviction Plus BB Side Show

We left off after the POV Ceremony. Sabrina starts working the house. Neda and Jon tell her what she wants to hear. Then she goes to Andrew and tells him they have to watch out for each other. Bunk. All this week she has claimed she never campaigned against Andrew. Bullshit.

Andrew gives in to the dark side and resigns himself to being evicted. What will it take to jump start his game? Hmmn.

Meanwhile Arlie is working both sides of the house and doing a great job at it. If anyone questions anything, then he just puts it down to having come from Sabrina and that he knows she lies a lot. It's an ideal situation.

BB rewards the HGs with a camp out. They get PJs, and will be sleeping in the backyard in sleeping bags. Kenny comes on strong with Rachelle and she is soaking it in. Poor twit. Jon approaches Andrew with a deal to keep him in the game and vote out Sabrina.

Kenny tells Sarah he is gay. Of course she asks why he didn't tell anyone and Kenny explains it was strategy because he can work the men and women. His only worry is if he tells the others, it will create a trust issue. He explains his coming out to Sarah at this time was just to get it off his chest. He is not ready to give up certain advantages keeping Rachelle, and perhaps Sabrina "interested". I think he should just leave it be. It's almost as if he passed the point of no return with that revelation, and he is right. People will see it as "if he can lie about that, then what else has he not been truthful about?"

Andrew talks to Arlie. (Not shown in the episode is that Arlie talks to Jon) Jon tells Sabrina that Andrew is not ready to go home yet, and has been campaigning against her. Sabrina starts to wind up for making a scene, involving lies and deceit. Note that this happened yesterday...and a lot more happened than what they let on. Let's just say the house looked like it was going to flip and vote out Sabrina...until she spun her dry-eyed, paranoid snot web of deceit. So charming.

The live vote. The vote was 7 to 2 to evict Andrew, with Kenny and Allison voting for Sabrina.He exits to some cheers and a lot of booing. But he wasn't mad. He asked why Canada nominated him. How can he be that dense?

For the last two days, BB has been showing "mugshots" of each of the house guests. This is what the next HoH Comp will be about. It's called "Blind Side". They are true or false. Kenny, Adel, Sabrina and Allison are evicted. The game will continue on the next episode, but I will let you know who wins in my House Guest Status Board.

Arisa tells us that next Thursday will be the Double Eviction. Hold on to your seats kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

From Side Show:

Keep in mind that Peter promised that he will put Andrew on the grill. He better keep his word.

Peter and Gary give their review of some of the HGs:'re screwed
Arlie: he's getting too comfortable, and he may fail.
Jon: he's playing a good get to the Jury House
Allison: where's that game? Keep your hands where we can see them.

Andrew is introduced. He says, yes he knows he was a douche, but explains that being in the house "does things to you". Okay. I buy it. Arisa then hits him with two shockers. First up she confirms that Allison was voted in and adds that she was in a "War Room" inside the house, watching the HGs for a whole week. Andrew is shown the goodbye messages from the others. Kenny tells Andrew he is gay. His reaction was as priceless as Ika's was last week.

All Peter had time to say was "Andrew, you bald headed bitch". Wow. I watched Side Show for this?