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Big Brother Canada 2 Kenny Finally Tells Someone About His Secret

I was just starting to think that Kenny has passed the point of no return about disclosing the fact that he is gay to his fellow house guests. I imagine if something like that isn't said from the start, there really is no right time to say it. Any way you look at it, Kenny pretty much stuck himself in the corner with this. He said that for the last little bit, he has been obsessing about it and stressing himself out. He has had to do a lot of covering up, because people have started to notice he's been seeming distant. The tipping point for Kenny was Canada's vote to nominate two houseguests for eviction this week. Canada's choice, Andrew and Sabrina, was based purely on public perception. Canada simply does not like these two. They are rude, obnoxious and to put it bluntly, lack personal hygiene. Kenny has been concerned that Canada may also disapprove of his hiding his sexuality. He decided that the time was right to tell Sarah - his best friend in the house.

In case you are unaware, and before you start to condemn Kenny for his little secret, let me fill you in. Kenny went into the house determined that his sexuality was never going to be a factor in the game. He was going to use his - as Sarah puts it, "ability to woo women" as part of his strategy. That is one of those things that looks good on paper, but in the Big Brother world, may not turn out quite the way you expected.

Kenny blurts it out, "I'm gay." Sarah's reaction was, to say the least, typical. She was dumbfounded. There was the 3 second silent pause that seemed like 5 minutes. Then the questions and the tears started. Kenny reminded Sarah of all the stories he told of his girlfriends, and all she had to do was change "she" to "he". Sarah then expressed her relief. She has seen Kenny as a close friend, never physically attracted to him. She has felt bad because she didn't want the public misconstruing their relationship. She is, after all not only about 7 years older than Kenny, but married with children.

Kenny was relieved that someone in the house finally knew, and in my opinion, he picked the best person to tell. They discuss the possibility of telling the other house guests. Kenny and Sarah agree on the way to handle it in the house. The main sticking point is everyone thinking if Kenny has pulled the wool over their eyes with this information, has he also been lying about other things? The second problem is Sabrina. Of course it is. In the first couple of weeks, Sabrina considered both Andrew and Kenny her boys. Kenny even kissed her. Well it was more of a peck actually. Kenny knows that Sabrina can, to put it nicely. Then there is Rachelle who is now taking her turn with Kenny. She has been coming on pretty strong and Kenny has been doing nothing to discourage her.

They also agree that if and when Kenny tells the others, she will act just as surprised as everyone else. That will save his ass just as much as hers. Kenny would also prefer to wait until after a few more evictions. The coming days may prove to be a turning point when you combine this with the end of the First 5 alliance.

Gogglebox!!! It's coming to Canada.

UPDATE: (July 4 2014) Gogglebox Canada has been renamed 'The People's Couch' (Canada) and premieres July 13 2014 at 8:30 PM on Bravo.
"What pray tell is a Gogglebox?", you're asking? Some sort of new Google app? A new NSA spy software? A new gaming device? Nope, nope and nope. It's a British reality based TV show that films regular people like you or me in their homes watching a variety of TV shows, and capturing their reactions. Simply put, it's a show about people watching TV (everything on TV including series, movies, documentaries, news, sports and even commercials). I am going to give you some time to think about that for a while...but please play the Final Jeopardy music in your head while you think.


Okay, so your first reaction is probably "who the bejesus would want to watch that?" Trust me, a lot of people would. Make no mistake, many people asked the same question when shows like Big Brother premiered. Gogglebox has become a big hit in the U.K., and has also been franchised in the States under the name The People's Couch. Get it? Like The People's Court? Okay. Here's a glimpse of what Gogglebox is all about in this British trailer.
One of my favorites is the "Steven Hawkin" (a deliberate misspell) episode. One of the regular cast members wonders if Steven Hawking is British, why he has an American accent and if he has it (the transcription device) on the wrong setting. Another finds it hard to pronounce the word "physicist" and says Hawking does astrology. I have included that video here as well.I think Gogglebox's appeal draws from a number of our own inner feelings, much the same way as various forms of social media do. There is something about the "share" factor...knowing that other people think or feel the same way about things as you do. Picture an episode of Canadians watching the Olympic Men's Hockey final, and I think you can see the possibilities here. For some people, there may even be an ego boost watching people make embarrassingly uninformed (I won't use the word dumb) comments, like me watching the Steven Hawkin clip. Just picture an episode revolving around Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel, The Amazing Race Canada or The Walking Dead. Perhaps you are interested in auditioning for the show? Producer Ron Carroll, the showrunner for hits such as Undercover Boss Canada, Be the Boss Canada, and Canada's Next Top Model, is at the helm of Gogglebox. You can submit an online application HERE. As the application says, You can be a reality star, and you don't have to leave your couch! The deadline for application is April 19. Applications are only being accepted from people inside the GTA. Your "group" must consist of 2 to 4 people, aged 14 and up, and you must submit a photo with your application. Keep in mind they want opinionated, entertaining people.

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 12: Time to Purge the Scum

We had to wait 3 days for this? Then suffer through the entire episode just to see Sabrina and Andrew's faces? Good grief.

The aftermath of the announcement that Canada is the new HoH has everyone very nervous. As Sarah put it, "if Canada likes the First 5, we are safe. If they don't like us, then 2 of us will be on the block." Everyone who is not in that alliance is loving it. After the announcement, everyone breaks into little groups in the backyard. Gee, I wonder who is allied with whom? Within minutes, Jon and Neda have already guessed the noms will be Sabrina and Andrew. Excellent. Sabrina stresses in the Diary Room that she is the one doing all the work in the alliance. Of course she did. She's a one trick pony. That's all she's got.

The house guests must sing O Canada once every hour. Who wants to see our HoH room? These guys our drinking our beer...eating our poutine. Arlie and Sabrina talk, and Arlie is just going to tell her whatever she wants to hear. All the while Arlie just knows that Sabrina is at the top of the list.

Got to love Arlie. He's alone in the storage room and talking into the camera just as if he is really talking strategy with the HoH. Meanwhile the others are using the Diary Room to make their pleas, or are suddenly acting all nice nice with each other.

The Have Not comp is set up like a Prom. One team member must act out a dance, while their team mate has to guess. Jon and Adel end up on slop, because neither knew what the frack they were doing. Big Jon in the Half Not room looks like he just ate the cookie that made Alice grow. Or was it the drink in the bottle? Whatever, he looks ridiculous.

Meanwhile, everyone watching this episode is probably throwing their Timbits at their TVs, and yelling "Just get on with the bloody Nomination Ceremony!!!"

But first, more of the HG's thoughts on who the nominations might be, and reflecting on their own gameplay. There are some very paranoid people in that house.

The time is here. All the HGs walk down the stairs to the living room, contemplating the chances of being nominated - as if they are the bachelorettes, all dressed up and  off to see if they will get the final rose from The Bachelor. Hilarious. But first, a commercial break.

Arisa breaks the news by naming one or two HGs at a time, and telling them if they are safe or not. She names Sarah and Andrew and says "one of you has been nominated.". Andrew, "I knew it". Which makes you wonder if he's known just how despicable he's been. Huh. Got ya Andrew. The last two are Sabrina and Rachelle. Arisa once again tells them that one is safe, and one is nominated. Rachelle and Sabrina hold hands and Sabrina says to Rachelle, "Its okay, we are friends". Arisa, " are safe". Rachelle's response wasn't a comforting line to Sabrina. Nope. It was "Thank God!" Ha ha ha. And then come the waterworks from Sabrina in the Diary Room.

Next up on Wednesday's episode is the POV competition. It has already been played. If you want a hint who won it, let me say the person with the POV is unlikely to use it. It will be a big move, and the Veto holder must be feeling like they are the biggest person in the house right now.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Canada's Nominations: No Big Surprise.

It's pretty well safe to say that judging from the online community, both Sabrina and Andrew will be Canada's nominees for eviction. That was pretty much realized after the first hour or two after the voting was announced on Thursday's show. It's even safe to say that the diehard fans out there knew this instantaneously. The general consensus is that everyone wants the First Five alliance fractured before the season becomes too predictable. Any house guests outside of that alliance who have tried, like Paul or Ika have been voted out. When you combine that with the fact that both Andrew and Sabrina are the most hated (on a personal level) by the fans...then its ding ding ding...we have a winner, folks! There's just been too much nose-picking, crotch scratching and other vile habits.

The fans are chomping at the bit in anticipation. Not just to find out who the nominees are either. They want to watch the live feeds to watch these two turn on each other. For any newbs out there, the live feeds have been down since Saturday morning and will not return until after the show tonight. After Dark was also cancelled for last night. The official reason is that Big Brother wants to keep the reveal a big surprise. They fool no one. They want the ratings. The "Canada as HoH" is sponsored by Twistos and they want the most bang for their buck. So much for the whole idea that Big Brother is a social experiment. I really hope they post the live feeds for yesterday and today after the show.

The next step in getting one of these two evicted is the POV comp. Here's a great scenario for you. Let's go with Andrew and Sabrina on the block. If you go by several unofficial online polls, Kenny and Rachelle are placed  in a distant 3rd and 4th, respectfully. What if Kenny wins POV and takes Andrew off the block? Rachelle would go up as replacement. How will the house vote? Very interesting indeed. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 HoH Canada Votes for Eviction Nominees...Plus Ika finds out about Kenny

Fans rejoice!

This week we get to nominate the two house guests for eviction. Thank God.

Go to to vote. You don't have to register to vote, but if you have been playing along and racking up points, your vote can be multiplied after leveling up.
My advice is to just straight out vote for the two you want to go up on the block. Don't even consider the back door strategy. Why? The house guests are running scared right now. They are thinking back on everything they have said and done and even wondering how the show has portrayed them. If anyone other than the ones up on the block win veto, there is no way in hell they will use it to save someone else.

(If the POV is used, I have no idea how that will be handled. The official site does not say. I suspect that they will just put up the person with the third highest number of votes)

Here is my other pearl of wisdom...don't be swayed by what you see them do or say today because they are all acting nice-nice right now. Things like looking directly into the camera. Sabrina went into detail that she was only mean to Ika and Adel (nope). Last night, whether true or not, she was sick after eating too much. She and Arlie were up late talking about her strategy and how Canada will love her. Afterwards, Arlie whispered into his mic something about he knows it will be Sabrina and Andrew on the block (because they are so despicable). Rachelle flashed her bra to the camera - saying "wake up Canada". Andrew is upping the showmance with Allison, making it seem legit even though he has said it's fake and will sell her out when the time is right. And get this - he let it be known that he knows one of the producers. Yep. They are all saying how they felt bad for Ika. Sarah thinks that Canada will respect the First Five alliance and what they have done. I don't know how they can be so wrong.

Voting ends tonight at 10 P.M. ET, but we won't find out until the Nomination Ceremony on Sunday night...just like the house guests. I can not wait to see the look on their faces. It's going to be excellent.

In other news...Ika was on Kiss 92.5 this morning and was told that Kenny is gay. Priceless. A must listen. Here's the link:

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 11 Week 4 Live Eviction

Is Canada about to become the next HoH? That's what Arisa promises at the beginning of the episode. What? Will Canada actually get a chance to send the Wicked Witch of the North back to her home on Whore Island?

After the Veto ceremony and Ika becomes the replacement nominee, she talks to Adel who she has become much closer to. Ika says she is done playing with the small fry in this game (Rachelle, Neda, Heather, Jon and even Sarah), and she's going to talk to Kenny and Andrew. Jon admits in the DR that he knows Sabrina is full of shit. He continues to play her game. Even Heather questions Sabrina's stories. Ika tries to bargain with Kenny offering to do his dirty work. He ponders it, but the chances don't seem hopeful.

Adel, Heather and Ika build a fort in the backyard. Just like Adel did with Paul and Kyle two weeks ago. Is this a thing now? Meanwhile Heather's 10,000 steps a day punishment is proving useful. Very useful. She overhears people talking...she knows things!!!

New challenge. They have to search through balls for clues. They then have to count the balls. Ika wins. But this may not be the best reward for someone in Ika's position. She is offered a choice of giving her and her fellow house guests letters from their loved ones OR $5,000 cash. Knowing her days are numbered, she is certainly not about to give these horrible people any kind of gift. She of course takes the money. She doesn't know she is being watched by the other house guests. In other words, she gets Topaz'd. (remember in season 1 when Topaz became HoH in the double eviction night, and she was thinking out loud, while being shown to her fellow house guests?). Well Ika spills the beans. If anyone didn't know about the First Five Alliance, they do now. She shreds their letters and has a great time doing it. Sarah is the only one that understands why Ika did what she did and she explains it to the others. She says she knows that what Ika said about her was 100% true. So...if Sarah knows that, shouldn't the other house guests also believe that what Ika said about people like Kenny, Andrew and Sabrina are also true. Andrew and Kenny call Ika every name in the book and then some. Shame, shame. Especially Andrew the douchebag.

Time for the eviction vote. No surprise Ika is evicted by a vote of 8 to 1.

HoH reveal time. Production has been playing sound effects for the last few days, mimicking set construction sounds. Excellent!!! Love it. Sabrina is screwed, glued and tattooed. Canada...don't eff it up!!! Just one question...can Canada record goodbye messages for her?

Big Brother Canada 2: Is Sabrina's Game Done?

Love her or hate her, Sabrina is certainly proving to be a controversial player on Big Brother Canada. Okay, maybe the "love" thing is a little bit much but believe it or not, there are some fans out there who see her strategy as good game play. Her game consists of lies, slander, over-reaction, uncontrollable outbursts, bullying, threats, intimidation, harassment, use of guilt, and the ever popular dry cry. Even Sarah, her closest ally is afraid of her. If anyone in the First Five Alliance question her, she uses guilt. How many times have we heard, "Everything I do, I do for us" or "I am doing all the work"? Everyone in the house is on edge because they know that whatever they say, it will get back to Sabrina.

The biggest question that most fans have however, is whether or not it's really game play or if she is actually suffering from some sort of psychological disorder. They think she's a living, breathing case straight out of their Psych 101 textbooks. Egomaniac? Check. Manic depressive? Check. Paranoid schizophrenic? Check. She has told so many lies to so many people, I honestly don't know how it is possible for any human being to keep them all straight. Maybe that's the deal. She's not human. Only an android brain is capable of storing and processing that much data. No wait. That can't be possible. Isn't there that law of robotics that says a robot cannot cause harm to humans?

To the best of my knowledge, her strategy started the first weekend after the premiere. That was when the whole Sabrina vs. Adel fight went down. Big Brother cut the live feeds for the better part of that Saturday because the hostility in the house became so bad. It is also painfully obvious that whenever the live feeds are put on Hush, Hush it is most than likely due to Sabrina. Take yesterday for example. It wasn't enough that Ika was Sabrina's target this week and is pretty much guaranteed a ticket out. No. First Sabrina talks Rachelle into telling Ika she will be evicted, knowing full well Ika won't go down without a fight. Sabrina has to harass Ika. She makes a scene in front of the other house guests, accusing Ika of ramming into her on the stairs (at best it was a brush, and Sabrina actually apologized to Ika). When that wasn't enough, she follows Ika and Adel out to the hot tub, sits in a chair and stares at Ika until she gets a rise out of her. Still not enough? Nope. Sabrina then claims Ika threatened her, runs to the Diary Room and pounds on the door. When they don't immediately let her in, she yells at Big Brother, "I used to be a model, and you deny me?". The producers go over the tape and tell Sabrina that Ika did not threaten her. She's still not satisfied. She gives Kenny, Arlie and Jon the story that they (Big Brother) are trying to portray her as a liar. Good God.  How much longer do we have to listen to this? Well, here are some points to consider:

To the producers, Sabrina is ratings gold. As long as she doesn't cause physical or emotional damage to herself or another house guest, or even pull an Aaryn Gries (BB15), she's probably good. She has got the fans and social media buzzing, and that's what they want. She causes drama and you have to wonder if the house would be beyond boring without her there.

Here's another bit of information. In her cast bio, Sabrina made a big point of saying that all she has ever wanted, her whole life, ever since she came out her mother's womb, was to be on TV. She also told Rachelle that she would refer her to her agent. What? Truth? Lies? What? Is she using Big Brother as an audition for Wicked?

Sabrina's days may be numbered. Members of her own alliance are very careful about what they say to her. They choose their words very carefully and are constantly stroking her ego. They are also wondering if she is lying to them as much as she is to the others. If you listen very carefully, they have already sent out trial balloons to each other that Sabrina has to go. The main reason they justify keeping her up to this point is she serves a purpose. She is their snitch. Their shit disturber. She weeds out and exposes the biggest threats to the alliance. She's the queen of manipulation. Look what she did this week to a very naive Rachelle. However, her usefulness in the game will soon come to an end, as fewer and fewer house  guests outside of the First Five remain. There will come a time when they just can't afford to keep her around, and they each have their own secondary alliances to fall back on. One thing is for sure. This upcoming week, with a double eviction looming over everyone's heads, things are going to get very interesting indeed. 


Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Episode 10

We left off with Sabrina Rachelle nominating Heather and Allison. Poor vacuous Rachelle is really being used by the Wicked Witch of the North, Sabrina. Neither Heather nor Allison seem too concerned about being evicted.

Yep you saw that right, right after Andrew discloses in the DR that he would use the veto to save Allison but would drop her in a second if she got in the way of the First Five, they show the two smooching in bed. Andrew makes the First Five sign behind Allison's head. Total douchebag. Think I am wrong? Think he's a good guy? Then take a look at this lovely video starring Andrew. What a charmer. 
The players are picked for the POV comp: Rachelle, Heather, Allison, Sarah, Kenny and Jon. The host is the ever charming Sabrina.

This is where Ika's game starts to bottom out: she talks to the remains of what still thinks to be girls' alliance (there never really was one), wanting to put up a power player...Andrew or Kenny. Way wrong move. If she had of just let things be and lay low for a bit, instead of listening to Adel, she might have been able to save her game.

POV Comp is called Lacrosse Fire. Each player must shoot a ball to score. The person with the lowest score in each round is eliminated. BUT, the eliminated player must open a gym bag with a "prize". The prizes can be traded. Jon, the hockey player is eliminated first. His prize is the Veto. Next out is Rachelle who gets the pool party for one (a punishment). She trades with Jon. Allison is out and gets a mystery bag of money that she trades for the Veto. Heather is out next and must wear a costume - hotdog. Silly girl did not trade for the Veto...she took the money. Kenny loses to Sarah. He gets a slop pass but trades for the money. Sarah is in first place and must wear an 80's workout outfit. She trades for the slop pass. Which means Allison ends the POV...while coming in 4th. And Kenny's mystery bag of money? ...$18.35. What is this? Let's Make a Deal?

Ika points out that Sabrina is crying her way to the top. We see a Slobbering Sabrina montage. Lovely. If you haven't been on the show site, and haven't seen the Facebook comments, I should tell you that Sabrina's nickname is Slobrina. Mostly because she is a nose picking slob, but slobbering, as in crying, works just as well.

Jon is awakened every couple of hours with a blowhorn. Each time he must do 2 laps of the pool. Heather actually likes her brightly coloured retro workout outfit. Rachelle's hotdog costume? Big deal. She was pretty much a wiener before the costume.

MARSHA! She lives! She is carefully concealed behind the frame above the camera at the end of the Diary Room hallway. I knew those frames looked awkwardly placed. She is actually right where she was last year. She gives a mission to Arlie, who is literally jumping for joy. Marsha cautions him not to hurt himself. First of all, she wants him to shave his head - because he looks like roadkill. Then she wants him to insult each houseguest, then get a hug out of them. The best zingers were asking Allison if she's put on weight; telling Heather her voice gets under his skin; telling Rachelle she's been a bitch to him; and telling Jon he smells like shit (then ass). I wish they showed more of Jon's response because he and Arlie totally cracked up. The only one that got to me was Arlie telling Kenny he thinks he's better than everyone. It has clearly gotten to Kenny and he tears up. But in the end, Arlie succeeds with his Marsha mission. Arlie tries to jump up to give Marsha a kiss, then she warns him not to make Peter (Brown) jealous. The reward is a visit from Talla. I am still not sure if that can be considered a reward. Maybe the Chinese food she brought in. Even the Have Nots were allowed to eat...I guess Big Brother had to manufacture an excuse to feed Sabrina. Talla kept going on about how it was soooo good to be back in the Big Brother house. I don't think see even noticed it was a completely different house.

Ika tries to make friends with Sabrina. She asks the witch if Rachelle is planning on putting her up. Out comes Rachelle, and she tells Ika that she will be the replacement nominee. What you didn't see was Sabrina coaching Rachelle on what to say to Ika. You also didn't see Rachelle being told by Sabrina that she should tell Ika about it. Gee I wonder why? Could it be because Sabrina wanted Ika to go off and piss off the whole house? Oh no, Sabrina wouldn't do that, would she? [you should see what Sabrina did to Rachelle earlier tonight on the live feeds]. Sabrina walks away in tears. Adel, proving that he really is the Peoples' Champ, comforts Ika.

POV Ceremony. Of course Allison uses it on herself. Then Rachelle puts up Ika, using her carefully coached lines written by Sabrina.

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Would You Like to See More Canadian Reality TV?

Would you like to see more talent-based Reality TV? Whatever happened to Canadian Idol or Canada's Got Talent? What about other shows like Survivor...that Canadians aren't allowed to compete on. If so then please have a look at this petition by Maniaxe Yamato. Your signature would be greatly appreciated.
Here's the link:

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Big Brother Canada 2 Recap of Week 4 Episode 9 HoH Comp

Of course they have to rehash the events that happened after Paul's eviction.  The girls are so pissed at Sarah because she betrayed them and voted for Paul. Blah, blah blah. Ika feels like she wasted her HoH and basically gave it to Andrew. She's right. Now she doesn't want to be part of the girl's alliance. She has basically just self evicted.

HoH comp. The bungee cords were rigged, I mean "individually calibrated" for each person's Weight. Rachelle wants to win to get Heather out once and for all. That's what she says now. Anyway, while the more sturdily built HGs are straining and dropping out left, right and centre, both Rachelle and Sarah appear to be having it pretty easy. Especially Rachelle. If you know what I mean. It's down to Rachelle and the person who betrayed the "girl's alliance", Sarah. How dramatic. Rachelle wins. Neda wants Rachelle to take out one of the guys....Andrew or Kenny. At this point, Rachelle agrees. Oh oh. Sounds like it's time for someone to deflect attention away from the First 5.

Numbers appear on the TV screens in the living room. What could that mean? They speculate that the numbers.....must mean....something. Wow.

Rachelle has to pick the Have Nots for the week: Adel, Sabrina, Heather, and Arlie. She tries to be fair and pick people who haven't been on slop yet. So she picks Heather, who of course was on slop in week 1. Sabrina volunteers then realizes she won't be able to sleep in the HoH room with Rachelle. Translation: less time to tell Rachelle who to nominate for eviction.

Allison and Jon are called to the diary room. They have to drink alcohol then act perfectly sober in front of the others. They get plastered. How the others didn't see this is beyond me. They win a booze and food party. (I will tell you the live feeds were hilarious. Well until Andrew got shit faced, chased Allison around, and puked his guts out. Rachelle tried busting into the Diary Room and Neda went up to a camera and said "stop watching us you creeps.)

Ika does her best to convince Rachelle to put up Andrew and Kenny. What she doesn't know is that Sabrina has already forced her hand with Rachelle...and convinced her to nominate Heather and Allison. Poor vacuous Rachelle, she thinks Sabrina is her BFF. "Sabrina is very smart and I trust her". Holy crap.

The numbers on the TV screens hit 2 million and start flashing. The HGs start cheering even though they don't have a frigging clue what it means. That actually happened Thursday night. Pretty sure BB knew exactly what they were doing by setting it at 2 million. It was an easy target because the fans have been accumulating points since the season premiere.

Sabrina is a horrible actor yet Rachelle is sucking it in. Sabrina is taking full control of Rachelle's HoH, and even doing Rachelle's dirty work for her. Sabrina breaks the news to Allison - about her being nominated as a pawn. Sabrina actually threatens Allison. "Be a smart girl". Or else...what? You might be sleeping with the fishes? She gives Allison a face that even her mother would punch. Allison must have used all her strength not to.Jesus, that was frigging scary.

Sabrina, I mean Rachelle nominates Heather and Allison. But neither are the target. Rachelle doesn't even know who the target is.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Release the Marsha!!!

Marsha has been released from the wall. Here's what happened:

The HGs were placed on lockdown in the backyard, and when they were let back in, everyone looked around the house checking for changes. The live feeds briefly cut to the DR hallway...which was in all probability a production error - they were checking the Marsha cam. Remember Arisa saying that Marsha was "hiding in the wall"? She probably meant that literally...Marsha must be rigged inside that nice big frame at the end of the hall. Sure enough, Marsha chose Arlie to give a secret mission to. His task was to approach each HG individually, insult them, then get a hug from them.

Allison: he said she looks like she's gained a few pounds
Adel: he annoys him when he's trying
Andrew: "sometimes you treat me like f***ing shit, man"
Rachelle: you can be a bitch sometimes, acting all better than me
Heather: Your voice gets under my skin sometimes
Ika: sometimes I feel like you hate my guts
Sabrina: you're so emotional and sometimes I feel if I say something, you will throw me under the bus
Kenny: you think you're a bit better than me
Jon: you smell like shit, man. You smell like ass.
Neda: you probably don't even like boys
Sarah: your breath stinks right now

The whole time, Arlie roamed around the house looking depressed. He played it like the slop was getting to him. The funny part was before he could even give Sarah her insult, she had noticed him acting depressed and kept following him around giving him hugs. When he told her that her breath stinks, Sabrina was also there, and the three of them talked about the First 5 alliance. Of course, Sabrina had to go on and on and on - in full damage repair mode. Arlie may even have learned a few tidbits from this, like someone wanting to put him up as a pawn, but Sabrina said no, not until absolutely necessary. Even if that was a lie (and who can tell with Sabrina), I think Arlie could learn something from it. Then Big Brother called Sabrina to the DR - I think just to break up the convo and release Arlie. Jon's reaction to being told he smells like shit and then again ass was priceless...he took it like a bro. Ika had to be hard...for obvious reasons. Then there was Kenny. After the hug, Kenny's feelings were genuinely hurt - he teared up. I had to go "aww".

Arlie wins whatever reward. Don't know what that is yet.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 4 Live Feeds Updates (Spoilers)

Friday March 21

  • Sabrina is doing all of Rachelle's talking and work for her. They are constantly together - Sabrina is blatantly acting as if it's her HoH.
  • Ika and Neda are very aware that Sabrina is controlling Rachelle
  • Sabrina talked to Andrew, telling him that everyone hates him, and that Allison is on the block. (I think Andrew is starting to realize he has had enough of Sabrina)
Thursday March 20 (after the eviction, HoH comp)
  • Rachelle won HoH comp. It appears she had to pick the Have Nots for the week: Heather, Adel, Arlie and Sabrina
  • Ika cries in bathroom. She keeps saying she wasted her HoH.
  • Sabrina throws Sarah under the bus again to Ika, Rachelle and Neda.
  • Sabrina is the first in Rachelle's ear. She blatantly TELLS Rachelle to nominate Heather and Allison, and backdoor Ika. (Rachelle appears to totally agree)

Big Brother Canada 2: Recap of Week 3 Eviction

Marsha waits! the wall.

Yep, it looks like we can expect to see Marsha as early as Sunday night. That is what the "Boost the Meter" stuff has been about on the show's main site. If the meter hits 2 million, then Marsha will come out from hiding. The points are the collective total of all the fans play along points. I am sure that they are already well aware of the number of total points, or else they wouldn't have set it at 2 million. Just pointing that out.

Anyways, on to tonight's pre-taped "Live Eviction" show,

The girls are very certain that Heather is going home. What Ika, Neda and Rachelle have not yet realized is that Sabrina is a lying bitch who has thrown her supposed best friend Sarah under the bus. Then backed up over her. Twice.

Adel explains about his veto power being the ability to replace a player in the POV comp. Later we learn that he lies to Jon, telling him that it's a veto that he can use after a POV winner vetoes someone. Basically he can veto a veto. Not too sure if Jon fell for it, but if that lie is ever revealed, it may just come back to bite Adel in the ass.

Before the eviction, the nominees get a final plea. First up, Heather says, "blah, blah, blah, I hope you all ...something or other". Paul says"if he goes home, they will have to put someone else n the block." Yeah, that is kind of the point of the game.

The vote begins. Here's the "order" that the HGs went into the DR and their vote:
Arlie           Paul
Adel           Heather
Andrew      Paul
Kenny        Paul
Neda          Heather
Rachelle    Heather   its tied 3 to 3
Jon             Paul
Sabrina      Heather
Allison        Paul     the vote is 5 to 4.

Remember that Ika is expecting a tied vote and that she will have to break the tie. Then Sarah goes in.

Sarah         Paul 

The audience moans. Why? Because they thought that Sarah betrayed the girls? I don't think they are watching the same show I am. It's Sabrina who is the backstabber. She was the one who let Sarah expose herself to the girls while she remains safe. Another thing...isn't it amazing that the vote just randomly resulted in that dramatic "Sarah" moment?

The comp for the new HoH begins. "Hang in There". The HGs must keep there hands on the podium while a bungee cord, attached to a hip belt, pulls them backward at regular intervals. Arisa makes a point of saying that the traction from the bungee cord has been "individually calibrated" to each of their body weights. So in other words, the bigger you are, the more force is pulling on you. Sounds suspicious to me.

They cut to commercial and when we return, Heather is already out. She moved her hand or something. Officially, we will have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins, but the winner has already been decided. Check my standings and voting history post HERE to find out who won.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 Eviction Day Spoilers for Week 3 ***UPDATED***

Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop.
What started out as a very simple plan by nominating Paul and Heather for eviction has turned into a giant mess for ALL the HGs. After all, Paul and Heather are the two lowest rungs on the ladder. No big moves. It looked to be the easy way out for Ika. But it has turned into the move that has fractured the First 5 alliance and exposed them to the others...all at the same time. Here is the situation as of this morning, as brief as I can make it:

  • Ika has formed an alliance with Adel. Adel convinced Ika to change the target to Heather. Adel exaggerated his special Veto power he won from the Buzzworthy comp, making it seem like he can basically veto a veto.
  • The supposed Girl Alliance want Heather out. The First 5 (Kenny Andrew, Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina) want Paul gone. Sarah and Sabrina are in both alliances (to them the girl alliance is just a cover) and they do not want to expose the First 5 to the girls, therefore they feel they must vote to evict Heather. Sarah and Sabrina keep changing their minds about Heather or Paul.
  • Kenny gets nervous. He comes up with a plan with Sarah - he will blame his vote for Heather on Allison. He talks to Andrew about voting out Heather instead of Paul, but Andrew convinces him to stick with Paul as the target. Kenny tells Sarah the plan is cancelled, they are voting out Paul, but Sarah and Sabrina need to at least split their vote.
  • Ika keeps asking Allison how she is going to vote. Allison keeps putting it off.
  • Last night: Sabrina stayed up late with Ika (not sure if she slept there), presumably to deflect any suspicions Ika might have about Sabrina and Sarah. Arlie is sleeping on the HOH couch with them. It turns into Sabrina covering only HER ass, not Sarah's as well.
  • This morning...the Ika and Sabrina convo gets back to Sarah. Sarah questions Sabrina's intentions. Sabrina claims (lies) that she didn't understand the plan...but Sarah sees through it.
Everyone is on edge this morning. The First 5 alliance is fractured and it appears that they each are seeking their own backup alliances.

As it stands this morning, it would appear that Paul will be evicted tonight. However this is a situation that can change in a heartbeat. I will update if a major shift develops.

Update 12:40 P.M. Allison told Ika she is voting to evict Paul. Kenny talks to Ika in the bathroom. Ika now ponders voting out Paul. Paul comes in, Kenny leaves, and Ika tells him she will be the tie breaker.

Update 1:13 P.M. all HGs except Paul and Adel are gathered in the living room. General conversations. (I always suspect that when this happens, they all just want to make sure that no one goes off in groups for last minute deal making/strategizing). BB announced earlier the "Live" eviction will be taped at approximately 4 P.M., so there is not much time left. BB then calls all the HGs to living room (for eviction rehearsal)

Apparently Paul is evicted by a vote of 6 to 4.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Brad and Bianka End Their Engagement

Brad Smith officially announced on his Facebook page this morning that he and Bianka Kamber have ended their engagement of "almost two years". He says the experience was more than just a television show to them, that it was real life.

Oh, the heartbreak!!! I really thought these two crazy kids were going to make it! It is bad timing...with the new season about to start filming and after that disaster of a season with Juan Pablo. The Bachelor Canada was supposed to be so much more sincere than that fake U.S. show! Not only that, but I am pretty damn sure that CityTV intended to promote the upcoming season by constantly referring to Brad and Bianka's "fairy tale" romance, or some such nonsense. I can just hear all those girls saying they want want the kind of love Brad and Bianka have. What will they do now? Seriously, he says they have grown apart. Maybe Brad has just become a bigger media personality than her, what with his gig on Breakfast Television.

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 3 Live Feed Updates

Thursday March 13:
  • Ika and Neda talking. Ika (new HOH) doesn't want to waste her noms on Paul or Adel. She wants to take out Kenny. Later, Neda tells Sarah. It gets back to Kenny.
  • Big Brother gives the HGs a beer and wine party in backyard. Sabrina gets drunk quickly.
  • Neither Ika nor Adel are drinking.
  • Andrew hits on Allison. Andrew kisses Sabrina. Andrew and Allison spend a lot of time talking about beer, tats, piercings and travel. Sabrina spends time with Kenny.
  • Kenny, Andrew, Rachelle, Jon talk about Ika wanting to put up Kenny and Andrew. Rachelle thinks Ika is just talking. The plan is to get Ika to understand she is putting a target on her back. Andrew and Kenny hope she puts them up at the same time so one could win veto. Then Ika would have to put up someone else up, and make more enemies.
  • Sabrina tells some girls she likes Andrew and doesn't think Kenny likes her. Then tells others the exact opposite...after Kenny kisses her.
  • Allison circulates well among the HGs.
  • Adel begins to campaign with the girls (namely Ika and Sabrina) to unite and get out some of the guys. He goes at it by explaining that last week, with Kyle, the Outsiders were just trying to get the girls to see the dominance of the guy alliance. He said he stuck by Kyle and Paul because he wasn't going to let them become totally alienated. He also said he doesn't trust Paul, but refuses to let the guy just be ignored by everyone.

Friday March 14

  • According to Sabrina, Allison slept in Andrew's bed. She thinks Allison is a plant by BB to stir up trouble in the house - by becoming a friend for Heather.
  • Ika gets her HOH room.
  • Bitchfest '14 continues...Ika, Rachelle, Sabrina engage in a she said/she said argument. All the girls (minus Sarah and Allison) eventually get involved. Then eventually they all agree not to talk bad about a girl unless that girl is in the room with them. (right!)
  • Ika tells Sabrina that she is going to nominate Paul and Adel.
  • The Have Not comp: looks like Paul, Arlie and Allison are on slop this week.
  • BB gives Heather cake mix and icing to make a birthday cake for her boyfriends birthday. She has never made cake, so Sarah will make it.
  • Adel talks to Ika, the plan is now to put up Paul and a girl.
  • Ika has a very long talk with Heather with the intention of getting her to volunteer as the pawn. Eventually Heather agrees to it, after Ika promises that she is in no danger.
  • Heather talks to Jon for reassurance
  • Ika runs to the other girls and says it (telling Heather she will be the pawn) was the hardest thing to do. She doesn't like Heather, but it was still very hard. She felt like crying. 
Saturday March 15

  • Ika has nominated Paul and Heather
  • Arlie and Kenny cannot find their stashes of cigarettes. Allison has been discussed as a saboteur. (my opinion: They can think of someone else that could do this? Like someone who is nominated (Paul), someone who was just evicted (Kyle) or someone who is jealous of Allison? (Sabrina)
  • HGs on lockdown in Bedroom, possibly for POV comp prep
  • Adel and Paul talking: Adel warns Paul not to throw him under the bus again. He pleads. Paul said he is done. He is not playing a game with him. Adel says everyone in the house hates him (Paul) yet he still hangs around with him. Adel can't trust Paul. Paul swears on his "fricking wife" and marriage.
  • The so-called girls alliance now wants to evict Heather, with the reasoning that if Paul is evicted, then Andrew has no one to go after. Plus, of course, they hate her.
  • Ika won POV. Heather was injured during the comp. 
Sunday March 16

  •  Andrew talks to Sabrina and Sarah. They tell Andrew that the girls' target is Heather - they are going to vote with the girls so as not to expose the First Five alliance. Andrew doesn't care which one goes. They agree that Paul, Heather, Adel and Ika must be evicted pre-jury. Andrew also promises that he will not betray the First Five alliance in a showmance with Allison.
  • Heather back from hospital, using crutches but there is no cast.
  • Sabrina gives Andrew crap for spending time with Allison. He agrees and promises to spend time with Sabrina tomorrow. She continues on about him playing two women. He tells her she is a good girl, but he likes women who are not so good.
Monday March 17
  • Sarah tells Kenny if he is nominated as replacement that they have the numbers to keep him
  • Sarah and Sabrina say Ika can't be trusted...she is flip flopping again on the target this week.
  • POV Ceremony: Ika DID NOT USE her POV...Heather is still the target. Ika and Sabrina in HOH room talk to Adel to make sure they have his vote. They also told Adel that they are going to keep Paul in the dark - not tell him that Heather is the target, because they don't want his behaviour to change and tip off Heather.
  • Sarah comes into the HOH room , they all talk, then Adel leaves. Sabrina, Ika and Sarah agree that they don't trust Adel 100%, and he will soon be gone too.
  • Neda and Ika discuss how well Sabrina can be nice to Allison when in fact she hates her. They speculate that if Sabrina can be like that with Allison, can she be deceiving them too?
  • Adel has won the hashtag challenge. He was allowed to watch video from the outside world (news) e.g. Canada winning hockey gold in the Olympics 
  • Adel and Ika scheme: Adel will let it be known that one of the powers that he won was a "special POV" that he can use after any POV ceremony to save someone. (he can veto a veto). He was given a different power altogether. He tells Arlie. Everyone believes it.
Tuesday March 18
  • Allison/Andrew/Sabrina...whenever Allison and Andrew are in the same room together (alone or with other people) Sabrina moves in. (Andrew and Allison agreed previously to tone it down a bit, but Andrew can't help himself) At one point it became so bad and awkward that Allison said, okay, i get it to Sabrina.
  • Kenny warns Andrew to stay away from Allison - or else they will lose Sabrina from the First Five. Andrew is well aware of this. He is only pretending with Sabrina.
  • Kenny and Andrew: they still want Paul gone this week. Both Kenny and Jon gave their word to heather that they will not vote to evict her. Andrew can get Allison's vote. Andrew convinces Sabrina. Sarah and Sabrina discuss voting Paul out. Sarah convinces Ika to change her mind ...again, on the condition that next week Heather will be evicted. 
  • Allison and Andrew have a late night rendezvous on the hammock in the backyard, after everyone goes to bed. Just lots of kissing BUT under the blanket. Allison doesn't want any viewers to think they are doing anything more than kissing under the blanket, so she sticks her hands out from under the blanket. She tells Andrew she considers herself single inside the house, that she ended her relationship before she left.
Wednesday March 19
  • Sabrina ragging on Andrew again about Allison. First she warns him about showmances and how it will affect him and the First 5 alliance. Andrew says she has nothing to worry about. If it's Allison's time to go, and there are no other options, then he has no problem nominating and evicting her. This answer wasn't good enough for Sabrina, so she says she is more concerned about our friendship. (yeah, I bet you are) Andrew tells Sabrina she will always be his friend (right). Sabrina pushes the issue and starts talking about Allison having a boyfriend. Andrew tells her he knows about the situation with Allison's guy - that she broke up with him before coming on the show. (according to what Allison told him the night before). Sabrina starts talking about there being double standards. Andrew seems to have had enough of this and tries to talk strategy and the order of eviction after Paul goes home: Heather, Ika, Adel, Rachelle).
  • this continues until Allison comes over and blow dries her hair beside them. Sabrina goes over to the others who are all gathered in the backyard.
  • Kenny hatched a scheme and told Sarah: He will switch his vote to vote out Heather, saving Sabrina and Sarah from being targeted by the girls. He intends to blame it on Allison.
  • Kenny also talks to Andrew about voting out Heather instead of Paul. Andrew makes his point that Paul is the bigger threat. Any ramifications from Ika, Neda and Rachelle, and Adel are inconsequential once Paul is gone. Heather will be the target next week.
  • Kenny and Sarah decide not to go through with Kenny's plan and to vote out Paul.
  • Late night...Ika and Sabrina talking in HoH bed. Ika reveals she is worried about the vote tomorrow. Previously Allison told her that she will vote to evict Heather. Then Allison approached Ika and told her she is not sure how she will vote. (this would have put a crimp in Kenny's plan to blame Allison, if Ika knew that Allison will vote to evict Paul). Sabrina tells Ika she doesn't think Allison will vote Paul...she's doing some desperate covering up. She keeps deflecting the conversation saying things like the worst that could happen is that there will be a tie and Ika is the tie-breaker.

Big Brother Canada 2 - Week 3 Recap of Aired Episodes

Wednesday March 19

A lot to cover in this episode. Adel has gotten his head back in the game after the fiasco that was Kyle and Paul. He has been allying himself with Ika. He says he is building a relationship with her that will get her to the end. That's highly doubtful. Heather also believes she is still just the pawn, because she believes that Ika is her ally. Ika reveals she lied to Heather.

Meanwhile Paul is miserable being on slop and an outcast among the others. Good old Adel still maintains his friendship with Paul. In part because of loyalty, but also because he and Ika want Paul to keep his yap shut and not reveal to anyone that He is safe and Heather is the real target.

Those mean girls and their fake alliance talk about Heather and Allison being the people they hate the most. By the way, they don't refer to Allison by name...just call her "New Girl", as if she's Zooey Deschanel. Speaking of Allison, nobody is trying to get to know her. Just Andrew. Of course Allison hasn't really been trying. She is just sticking by Andrew for protection. These two have been making googley eyes at each other, and having late night rendezvous I might add, since she came into the house last Thursday. Yet, she says she doesn't want to let the others think she and Andrew are in a showmance. Go figure. They now agree to spend less time together.

There was a Buzzworthy competition on Sunday. Canada was the judge through social media. The person who gets the most tweets on their hashtag, wins news from the outside world, and a special power. I won't get into it much except to say the funniest were Arlie streaking through the house (they didn't say anything about him trying to dye his balls with cranberry juice), and Kenny who striped down to his undies, wore a bow tie, and poured vegetable over himself. Sabrina did a bad job of fashioning herself into a Kim K copy (kopy?).

The POV comp gets under way. The players are Ika, Heather, Paul, Andrew, Arlie and Neda. It's called "Nuts to That". You just know there are going to be a lot of nut jokes. Allison is the host and is wearing a Ranger outfit, the players are wearing squirrel outfits. This gets Andrew very excited. He wants to show Allison his nuts. They have to walk along a fence (like a balance beam), use a giant nutcracker to smash open the nut. There is either a letter or a stop sign inside. A stop sign is a one minute penalty. There are also blanks inside some nuts. Okay, I won't go there. Anyways...what happens to Paul? He falls on the fence. Yep. Right on his nuts. Apparently he mixed up what nuts he was supposed to crack. Then he starts getting a lot of blanks. He starts complaining. THE BEST LINE of the night came from Heather who said, "No one cares about your nuts, I don't care about your nuts".

Right after that, Heather falls off the fence and really hurts herself. Game stops and she leaves to have medical attention. Ika wins POV.

While Heather is gone, everyone except Andrew, Allison and Paul gather in the HOH room to see who they should evict. Ika wants Heather out. Sabrina goes to get Andrew and finds him talking to Allison in the hammock. Now Sabrina is worried about Andrew's potential showmance. Andrew and Kenny want Paul gone. Of course Ika is pissed. I guess she figures the HOH gets their way with who gets evicted.

Later, Sabrina begins her campaign trying to convince Andrew that a showmance is bad for the First 5 alliance. (don't be fooled...she is actually jealous of Allison - this is evident in the live feeds).

Adel is announced as the winner of the Buzzworthy challenge. I don't think it was due to anything he did on Sunday, I think it's because he has gained a lot of popularity because he stuck by Kyle and Paul, and has turned into quite an amusing guy. He is shown the news that both the Canadian Womens and Mens Hockey teams won Olympic gold. He is also given a message from his girlfriend and a special power. He can replace any player in any one POV comp. BUT...he intends to exaggerate this power. Actually he later gets together with Ika and they devise a lie - make up some other Veto power completely. You will probably find out tomorrow night.

At the POV ceremony, Ika decides not to use her POV, and the noms remain the same. As it sits now, both Heather and Paul believe they are safe this week. Check out my Eviction Day spoilers tomorrow for the last minute situation on who is going home.

Sunday March 16

Ika becomes HOH, and Kenny is worried he may be the target. Heather enters the house, wanders about like Goldilocks trying all the chairs. Then the bears come home. Everyone is very welcoming, or so they seem. Kenny recognizes her, and is afraid she might know he is gay...a fact he has been hiding from everyone. Kenny knows he has kind of gone past the point of no return with his pretense. Allison plays it up great. The girl should become an actress. Then there's the other girls...the bitch squad is freaking out.

Big Brother gives them beer and wine to have a welcome party. The Have Nots can eat again. Sabrina gets drunk right away...then she marks her territory. She sits between Allison and Kenny, flirts with Kenny, then kisses him. Of course, Kenny is getting in deeper with his charade. Makes me wonder what Sabrina would do if she ever found out the truth about him. Sabrina is acting like a 14 year old. Correction...a drunk 14 year old. What they didn't show is that Andrew started hitting on Allison. Sabrina didn't like that either. Luckily Andrew noticed and kissed Sabrina. (check my live feed updates for more info)

Ika gets her HOH room, reads her letter, and Sarah gets homesick for her husband and kids. Adel gets an audience with Queen Ika to convince her to put up Andrew and Kenny. She considers it. (she actually considers it a lot more than what is shown) Sabrina proves what she is good for in the First 5 alliance and talks Ika out of it.

Sabrina continues to flirt with Kenny, and he plays it for all it's worth. He recognizes she is a very dangerous player, and he needs to form a bond with her. I keep wondering what will happen if or when Sabrina finds out. Something tells me its going to be explosive - they might just need to build another new house for Season 3.

In the Have Not Comp, the HGs are divided into teams of 3. They must stomp grapes (old Italian style), fill wine glasses, then walk a slippery floor to a barrel they must fill. Jon, Paul and Allison lose, mainly because Paul decides to slide on his ass along the entire length rather that falling and not being able to get up.

Ika decides to put Paul and Heather up on the block. When she's telling the other members of the bitch alliance, Heather walks in. Meanwhile, Andrew and Kenny get to know Allison very well. Ika flip flops on the nominees after Neda points out Ika would be doing the guys a favour by nominating Paul and Heather. Neda wants to target Kenny and Andrew. But Ika is no dummy and recognizes that people only want to make big moves when they are not HOH. Ika decides to nominate Paul, but asks one of the other girls to be a pawn. In the end she nominates Paul because he has thrown everyone under the bus (how many times have we heard that line?) and Heather, who she promises, in front of everybody, that she is just the pawn and won't be evicted. Wow, something tells me this will be good.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Eviction Day Spoilers March 13

POV: Kenny wins
Kyle is out
The Power of Veto competition will conclude on tonight's show. Kenny wins. He will take Neda off the block and Andrew will nominate Kyle as her replacement. Unless Kyle does some heavy duty last-minute bargaining today - which is doubtful, he will be evicted. The vote could be unanimous but I suspect Adel may try to make a statement, making it a 9 to 1 vote.

As for the Final HG, who is supposed to go into the house tonight, it's generally agreed that it's down to being a 2 person race between Allison and Scott.

Big Brother Canada 2: Week 2 Alliances

Here is the status of alliances in the house for this week:

The First Five
Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina are still going strong. There are indications that Jon and Rachelle may join them as the final 7.

The Girls Alliance
Sarah, Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle, Ika + Heather as a periphary member. They have started to implode due to constant infighting.

The Newfies
Kenny and Jon...still strong

The Outsiders
Kyle, Adel and Paul. Hardly an alliance, more like a bond created out of need.


  1.      Sarah and Sabrina
  2.      Andrew and Kenny
  3.      Jon, Neda and Rachelle

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2: Secret House Guests...Who's Going In?

Voting for the Final HG closes at midnight tonight, and the person that Canada chooses will enter the house tomorrow. Here's what they will be walking into:

  • An established house: the remaining HG's have been inside the house for 2 weeks already. They pretty much know each other as well as any 13 (soon to be 12) strangers possibly can.
  • A divided house: alliances have been formed. There is the first 5 (Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah), the girls' alliance, the guys alliance, and the remains of the Outsiders (Paul and Adel - by the sounds of it, Kyle will be voted out tomorrow). There is also a multitude of 2-person alliances.
  • A fighting house: The wounds suffered on Saturday are still fresh, even though apologizes have been made.

Whoever the newcomer is, they are going to have to play dumb, act like they don't know anything, and lay low. Just let the house continue with their current game plan of getting rid of Paul, Adel, Heather and Ika - supposedly in that order (if we can trust what has been said in the live feeds). They must also know who they want to align themselves with. 

Nate Sandri,
23, Burnaby, B.C.
Custom Sheet Metal Fabricator
If Nate had been one of the original 14 HGs, he would have fit in better. I don't think Nate got the necessary votes from Canada. I think everyone recognizes the fact that he would just be fodder for the rest. He might be brought into an existing alliance, but only as a fringe member that could be easily sacrificed. Two things could happen. He is nominated and evicted next week by the new HOH  - Paul and Adel are safe for another week. Or, he'll be nominated as a pawn, possibly to test his loyalty, because the First 5 Alliance is dead set in getting Paul out.
Allison White
25, Lewisporte NL, (currently St. John's NL)
I think Allison has the most potential to shake things up in the house. She's got game - she's a huge Big brother fan. She's also been paying a lot of attention to the feeds in the War Room. One other thing...she recognized Kenny, although she didn't say how or from where. She may even know Kenny's gay. If Kenny also recognizes her, things could get very interesting indeed. Whole new alliances could form. As long as she stays clear of any showmance, say with Andrew, she will do well. I think her biggest competition would come from Sabrina who would no doubt become very jealous of Allison interacting with any of "her guys".
Scott Bosse
36, St John, NB (currently Halifax, NS)
Medical Secretary/Event Producer/Drag Queen
If there had been no Gary in season 1, I would back Scott. However, every single one of the remaining HGs inside are all too aware of how popular Gary became both inside and outside the house. If it weren't for Topaz's mistake, Gary would have won. Yes, I am well aware that just because Scott is a drag queen, it doesn't make him another Gary. But I think if Scott is Canada's pick, he would definitely be evicted next. Even at the expense of keeping Paul and Adel another week. They just won't risk it. It's too bad, because Scott has been hilarious inside the War Room


So who's going into the house on Thursday? I think it's going to be Allison. For two reasons: real BB fans will recognize that Allison has the game to survive and turn the house upside down; and guys will vote for her because she's hot.

Whoever is chosen, I hope Big Brother does not tell the HGs that the newby has been watching the feeds. I would also really like to see the new House Guest just show up, not introduced. Just be standing in the kitchen making breakfast in the morning when everyone wakes up. Nope that won't happen. It would be great, but nope.

Notes: Photos courtesy CNW (modified)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 - Week 2 Recap

HOH: Andrew
Nominees: Paul and Neda
Replacement Nominee: Kyle
Target: Kyle

Live Feeds Updated regularly:

- Live feeds are very irregular... they are 'Hush, Hush' (down) more than up.  However, we do know that Andrew won HOH and nominated Paul as target and Neda as pawn. (Andrew's plan has since changed)
- lots of fighting among the much so that the 3 in the War Room believe these people are mean. The fighting became so bad that Big Brother purposely stopped the live feeds and has taken steps to repair the damage. Note: feeds were down for Saturday almost completely. Only the War Room feed was up, and even that feed was short-lived.
- Kyle, Adel and Paul appear to be the troublemakers, because they know they are the targets this week. Paul continues to isolate himself and has accused Andrew of being a racist and a womanizer. He refers to himself as the virus in the house. Meanwhile, Kyle accused Ika of "playing him", after noticing that things said to her in confidence have gotten back to Andrew and Kenny. (I am not sure if that was the start of all the infighting, or if something happened even before that. There have been references to a couple of events since the beginning of the live feeds on Wednesday night) Adel called Sabrina a cow. Kyle and Adel suspect one of them will be backdoored this week and continue to look for ways to "stir the pot". Andrew has said that Kyle has to go.
- The HGs were given a game to play involving 3 tasks and having to work together. (reminds me more of a trust-building group therapy activity)
- The Final 3 are being given turns in the Diary Room to make a plea to Canada for votes. This will probably air tonight (Sunday)
- Adel and Kyle talking. Adel keeps referring to the big disturbance on Saturday. He says he "saw something", then he threw his mic in disgust. He then says "Big Brother changed the house rules because of it". Every time he says this, he is warned by production and/or the live feeds cut to a commercial.
- Kenny won POV and takes Neda off the block. Andrew puts up Kyle, as expected.
- Jon is talking of making a big move and targeting Andrew if he gets HOH.This immediately gets back to Andrew and Kenny via Sabrina (was this a test by Jon?). Sabrina asks if Kenny is pleased she snitched.
- Paul, Adel and Kyle are making the most of their limited time in the house. Hot tub, pool and making a blanket fort. They continue to isolate themselves from the rest of the HGs ...neither Paul nor Kyle are doing anything to try to stay. They have called themselves "The Outsiders" or after spending a lot of time in the hot tub, "Lobsters" (my opinion: I think Paul is continuing to play Adel and Kyle knowing Kyle is the target, making sure he stays that way)
- Jon is injured: he dislocated his shoulder by the pool. He is currently receiving medical treatment.
- Jon is back in the house
- Sarah, Sabrina and Ika fight over a potato chip - Sarah made chips for the Have Nots, Ika ate one
- the First Five alliance discuss taking in Jon and Rachelle, to become the final 7 HGs. The plan would remain the same though: the First 5 are still the final 5, and out of those, Arlie would be the first to go, leaving Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina as the final 4.

Recap of Episode 3 Sunday March 9

- Rachelle approaches Kenny about Heather saying Kenny said he doesn't trust Rachelle. Confusing? The only thing we learned here is that Heather is a big snitch. Apparently Kenny fed this to Heather as a test. She thinks she is in with a Kenny/Andrew alliance, when in fact she is sitting on the periphery looking in.

The HOH starts with everyone dressed in the latest farm fashions. The line of the night goes to Kyle when he sees the out-going HOH Paul walk in to host the comp..."Paul comes out dressed as a big cock". The comp is called Fresh From The Farm. For Round one, the HGs are supposedly "randomly paired" in teams of two. Right. One team mate must keep a very large metal bin suspended with a rope, while the other must collect potatoes with their team colour on it. That same person must throw them into an opposing team's basket. The team who keeps their basket up the longest wins. The first two teams eliminated will become the first Have (Half) Nots. Of course the girls are out first. Sarah, Neda, Rachelle and Heather are on slop for the week. It's down to Kenny and Jon vs Andrew and Arlie. Jon gives out. Andrew and Arlie move on to Round Two. They take a short break. Arlie goes in the pantry and pretends to be exhausted. He does not want HOH. In Round Two they must dig through the potatoes and find the golden potato...aka the baking potato in gold foil. Arlie again feigns exhaustion and purposely passes over the gold tater several times. Finally Andrew finds it and claims HOH, of course thinking he found it fair and square. Heather is elated because Andrew ins. One thing is for sure, Heather is dumber than the average blonde. I never knew that was possible.

Andrew shows off his HOH room, and everyone shows their happy face. This is immediately followed by the Have Nots being introduced to slop and potatoes, then their Half Not room. Wah. How will they survive?

The First Five alliance is revealed to us formally. They were the first group who went into the house and decided to ally with each other right off the bat: Andrew, Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina and Sarah. Meanwhile, Paul knows he will be Andrew's biggest target this week, so he tries something with Ika. He says Andrew is a racist, has been tormenting him and actually starts to cry. Ika recognizes bullshit when she sees it.

Time for Andrew to ponder his nominations. He's got a revenge hard on for Paul, but is also considering some of the girls. He is also listening to Kenny's suggestion of booting out Kyle -  the physical threat with rocks rolling around in his head. But in the end, Andrew nominates Paul and Neda. Andrew says he nominated Neda because she is a strong player. Then he exposes Paul for slandering him. In his Diary Room confession, Paul indeed admits to lying, saying Andrew is not a racist. This is the start of the disturbance that lasted all weekend. It got so bad that feeds were down for most of Saturday. On top of that, whenever any HG starts discussing it, they are given a warning and/or the feeds are cut. There is more...much more to come. It will be interesting to see how much makes it to air.

Recap of Episode 4 Wednesday March 12

The show starts with a review of the big snit after the nomination ceremony. In a nutshell, Paul first accused Andrew of being a racist in a convo with Sabrina. He then reinforced it by crying over it with Ika. Ika got back to Andrew about it. That's why Andrew called him out in the nomination ceremony. Paul states in the Diary Room he knows Andrew is not a racist. He just wants to be the Richard Hatch, the bad guy to get him to the final two.

Kyle and Adel think they are now screwed because of their association with Paul. But instead of cutting the guy loose, they only make things much worse. You can read my recap of what really went down HERE

Big Brother makes the HGs go through a series of team building exercises to calm the house down. Before the POV Comp gets under way, Kenny gets Andrew to agree on making Kyle the new target. The plan is now to win POV, take Neda off the block and make Kyle the replacement nominee.Eventually Adel and Kyle clue in to the plan.

The POV players are picked: Paul, Neda, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Jon are the players. Arlie is the host. Big Brother informs the players and the host that they will receive a gift...a special screening of the soon to be released movie, Divergent.

The comp is an obstacle course based on the movie they just saw. Jump off a 10 foot wall, crawl, climb up and over a rope wall, jump into freezing water, grab a puzzle piece, then zipline to the puzzle board. They must repeat the course until they get all the puzzle pieces. Paul knows he is screwed. He takes what seems forever to even jump off the first wall (and land on a big cushion). People are getting their second puzzle pieces before he even gets over the ropes.

The episode ends before a winner is determined. Gee, they have a lot to cover tomorrow night. POV winner, POV ceremony, Live Eviction and the Final HG enters the house. I guess they won't have any time to cover the big fight that happened on Saturday. Funny how that happens.

Recap of Episode 4 Thursday March 13

The POV comp continues....Kenny wins. No surprise there. Then there is the gratuitous analysis of whether or not to use the veto. Kenny saves Neda and Andrew nominates Kyle as the replacement. Of course Paul believes his plan to be the villain is working. He also says if he becomes HOH he will seek vengeance.

Kyle makes the most of his remaining time in the house by learning to pray with Adel. He does not do any campaigning or bargaining to save himself. He, Adel and Paul call themselves the Outsiders, and spend most of their time in the backyard or in the hot tub - completely separate from the others.

But the writing was on the wall, and Kyle is evicted by a vote of 9 to 1, with Adel the only dissenter.

New HOH competition,'s a trivia contest. They must discern between fact or rumour.
Paul out first. Then Neda, Rachelle, Adel, Heather, Jon, then everyone except Ika. She wins. The comp was short and I wonder if they suspected something was up - like a twist.

Meanwhile in the War Room...the secret 3 are given a "last supper". This happened yesterday. Arisa gets right to it. Allison won. She can make up any story she wants, but can never reveal the War Room, or that she has been watching them all week. She gets escorted in by the BB Secret Service. They held the HGs in the backyard and let Allison wander around. When they open the gate slowly, the HGs notice her and the reaction was hilarious. Especially from Arlie who gives a little wave to her. She plays dumb...they all run up to her and she says, "You guys are here already?" Kenny says, "We've been here for two weeks". Hopefully, she will be able to keep up the story.

So what are her chances? Pretty darn good. Even if Ika puts her up on the block, the First Five are unlikely to vote for her. Chances are Ika will follow whatever the main alliance wants - which is getting rid of Paul and Adel. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Apocalypse Now! Big Brother Canada 2: The Week 2 Fight

Big Brother Canada has it's own apocalypse now, and at its heart of darkness is a guy named Paul.
I am going to try to make sense of this whole situation. It's not an easy task. The condition inside the BB Canada house has decayed into a web of lies, distrust, fighting and physical threats.Here is a rough sequence of events.

1. The first night - the drinks were flowing. It was party time. Andrew became a little rowdy. In front of Jamaican-born Ika, he gives his best Rastafarian accent. At the time, Ika seems a bit put out by this, but it stops there and never becomes an issue.

2. Paul becomes HOH in a deal that was almost guaranteed to paint a very large target on his back. He begins his reign and literally plants himself in the HOH room. He "grants audiences" with the other HGs. He has a very long talk with Sabrina, running down each of the others' character traits. At one point he calls Andrew a racist and a womanizer, but then quickly takes it back. (my opinion: he planted the seeds)

3. In the first live feed on Wednesday night, Adel and Kyle agree that Andrew's bad impersonation was in no way racist. The guy was just having fun. Paul has taken complete control in the HOH room, and in so doing has isolated himself completely from the rest of the group. He is alienating himself. Andrew and some of the others begin to make fun of him, imitating Paul saying "That's insane". Andrew is nominated for eviction, along with Anick.

4. Andrew wins POV and takes himself off the block. Paul nominates Ika as replacement. Anick goes home. Paul knows he will become the number one target by whoever becomes the next HOH. That's a given. He looks for allies, tries to make alliances with practically anyone. The only two who fall for it are Adel and Kyle. Everyone else seems to have let Andrew and Kenny know what Paul has been up to (alliances and lies).

5. Adel and Kyle have become Paul's bitches. They get sucked so far into Paul's web of lies they give up their own game, if they ever had one to begin with. Andrew becomes HOH. The house starts to turn on them, then they take it to the next level. Sabrina claims Adel called her a cow, and "moos at her". Adel claims it was a misunderstanding. Things start to go from bad to worse for Adel and Kyle.

6. Paul and Neda are nominated for eviction. Andrew throws the book at Paul and explains why he is being nominated...for lying about him being a racist and therefore slandering him to his parents, friends and the rest of Canada.  

7. The fighting starts into full gear. Adel and Kyle realize there is no turning back. They go into an all-out campaign of stirring up trouble. They follow people around. Whenever one of the girls come near them, these two call them pawns.The live feeds are down for most of Saturday.

8. Adel claims that he had to talk to the production psychiatrist after having a breakdown where he threw off his mic and threatened to quit the game. He also claims that production had to "change the house rules" to "do not talk about not talk about sexuality". He continues to bring this up. Every time he does, he is warned not to talk about production and/or the live feeds are cut. Adel threatens to punch out the next person who makes fun of his religion or his sexuality. meanwhile, Sabrina has had a few meltdowns of her own...a very long crying episode in the bathroom.

9.  Publicly, Paul tries to distance himself from Adel and Kyle, but he still finds opportunities to engage in conversations with them, and stir the pot.  Paul reinforces the "Andrew is a racist" seed he planted, by feigning his own breakdown. Eventually, Adel and Kyle realize their days are now numbered. They have also realized that Paul has used them.

10. At the end of Sunday's episode, we hear some diary room confessions. Ika states that Andrew is a lot of things, but in no way is he racist. Then, surprise, surprise, Paul admits that Andrew is not racist and that he made the whole thing up. He also says he wants to be the bad guy of the house.

My Opinion...

I want to know who this Paul guy is. He claims to be a Consultant and a Motivational Speaker. He is married with children What I find extremely hard to believe or understand is for what purpose would any professional, with even a moderately successful business, give up 3 months income to do this show? It's fine if you are in your 20's, as most of the cast are. They can take that interruption in their lives. But someone Paul's age? 48? Come on. Something's just not right there. For him, the prize doesn't explain the risk. Neither is it an opportunity for promotion of his life skills. He's been manipulative, NOT motivational. He claims to be a loving father and husband. All he has shown us is a very manipulative personality with no boundaries.

Cheers to Andrew for exposing this jerk. This was not an Aaryn Gries (BB15) situation. I think Paul is using that incident and knows damn well what kind of damage an accusation like that can do to someone. In fact, I would consider a false accusation just as damning, just as harmful, just as hurtful as making racist comments.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 - Week 1 Recap Aired Shows and Live Feeds

HOH Paul
Have Nots Unknown
Nominees for Eviction Anick & Andrew 
Power of Veto Andrew - used
Replacement Nominee Ika
Evicted Live Eviction Thursday

Episode 1 Wednesday March 5 (Premiere)

This season's theme is "Can you keep a secret?"

The first notable change is the size of the studio's huge. Arisa gives her tour of the house. The Have Not room is themed Half Nots and is literally half of everything. Whoopy. The War Room has a strategy table with figurines of each house guest - meant to parallel an actual war room/bunker. You know, like something that Churchill used in WWII.

House guests are introduced in three groups:

Sarah, Sabrina, Kenny, Andrew and Arlie.
Ika, Anick, Jon and Kyle.
Paul, Rachelle,, Heather, Adel and Neda.

Everyone is super excited, especially Arlie the die-hard fan, who hoots and hollers. When Kyle gets in he immediately unbuttons his shirt, sits on the couch and says, "This is a nice pad, man." Of course, this is the steroid-induced village idiot who lives in his Mom's basement, so even a one bedroom bachelor apartment would look good to him. Arisa interrupts the HGs and tells them it's time for the first HOH comp, and to go put on their supplied red and white Canada swim suits. Bikinis for the girls, banana hammocks for the guys, and boxers for Paul. Thank You Big Brother for your sense of aesthetics, not to mention decency..

It's called "Ice Breakers". They must stand on blocks of ice. Much, much nastier than it looks.Even after a few minutes, the pain was shooting up their legs. The blocks had each of their names on it and I couldn't help but notice that the HGs were positioned very strategically. Kyle the meathead was placed between Heather and Neda - he was very happy about that. All of Canada would have known if it wasn't for the ice. A disgustingly massive amount of pizza and wings - compliments of Pizza Pizza, were placed out for the HGs who drop out. The next temptation were 3 coolers with surprises in them for the next 3 to drop out. Heather jumped at it - she won $1000. Ika opens hers, Hah! No prize...she must wear her bathing suit for 48 hours. Then Paul, who encouraged several others to drop out, strikes a bargain with the rest of the HGs still on the ice. If any of them win HOH, the others still on the ice won't be nominated. They think about it. Then he ups the ante. He gets HOH, in exchange for no backdooring any of them. They all agree - why? Because they know Paul will get the heat from it, become a target. The others are super pissed.

First Twistos Twist. The 15th House guest. There are 3 potential House guests who will be sequestered inside the house in a soundproof living area and completely separate from the others. Over the next week, Canada gets to vote for one of them to enter the house. So let me get this straight. The houseguests have been in there for a week already. By the time this 15th HG goes in next Wednesday, one of the first 15 will have been voted out, and two others will be nominated for eviction. I can't see this sitting well with the HGs. The 15th HG will be an immediate target.


- Jon and Rachelle are close, Jon is also close with Neda
- Rachelle is flirting heavily with Kenny
- possible nominees for eviction: Andrew and Anick.
- Sabrina is circulating herself throughout the house, making alliances.
- Anick is isolating herself and talking about practicing her pre- eviction speech/plea. 
- Ika, Sabrina, Sarah and Neda...possible alliance
- Kenny, Sabrina, Sarah, Andrew and Rachelle...possible alliance
- Kyle and Sabrina: Kyle may think he has an alliance with her
- Kyle, Andrew and Jon have agreed to protect each other
- Andrew wins POV, saves himself.
- replacement nominee appears to be Ika
- the live feeds have been down for the better part of today (Thursday). Looks like they are following the same filming schedule as last year...the so-called 'Live Eviction' is actually pre-recorded a few hours in advance.

Episode 2 Thursday, March 6

People are comparing Paul's reign as HOH to The Godfather. He nominates Andrew and Anick for eviction. He considers Andrew a loose cannon...after he had a bit too much to drink and became loud. Power of Veto Comp Paul, Sabrina, Andrew, Adel, Anick and Kyle compete. Everyone is in Super Hero suits. They must break through 3 barriers using tools, then break through glass. The first to do so wins POV.Anick is pretty much useless...the universe was definitely not on her side. There must have been one of those nasty negative tornadoes hanging around. Andrew whips through it and wins POV. At the POV Ceremony, Andrew takes himself off the block. Paul nominates Ika. Paul has made enemies all around.

Eviction: Anick by a vote of 11 to 0. See what did I tell you? That girl was a shoe in to bug the crap out of everyone in the house. Frankly, I think they knew it too when they cast her.

The 3 nominees for the 15th House Guest are introduced to the audience, supposedly unaware of what Big Brother has in store for them. The remaining House Guests inside the house have no idea about these 3, BUT these nominees can spy on the house!!! Da da da! Thats huge. Then the Big Brother "Secret Service", aka 3 actors in black suits and looking more like Men in Black, blindfold the nominees and escort them to their secret room. It's the War Room. Why were they blindfolded? Well, so that they couldn't see the crappy exterior of the house, which would totally destroy the illusion of it all.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Big Brother Canada Season 2: Preview Part 2 - The New House

The Season 1 House was gorgeous. That kitchen. The HOH room. The Haves bedroom. I absolutely adored the Subway themed bathroom. And then there's Marsha. Dear old Marsha. So when I first heard that a new house was being constructed, I was kind of shocked. What a waste of money...tearing down that set and building another. But then again, with The Brick as the major sponsor of the show, why not?

Here are some of the pictures that were released. My first impressions were, "Nicely done!". But, then...

The Bathroom.
Larger than a lot of apartments. Sleek. Looks incredible when clean...which makes me wonder about the scale of the disaster that will be created once the House Guests get in there. All those lotions, powders, scents, wet towels, and dirty underwear. Well at least there won't be any glitter (or will there be? Hmmn.) Take note of the spaces which look specifically designed to encourage and facilitate conversations. Those designers are tricky, aren't they?
The Haves Bedroom
Another room that looks great when tidy. Extremely bright. Wait a minute, not too sure about the red, and the textured walls. Looks like it could be a bedroom for Santa's helpers OR the guest room in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. You know, when Superman entertains the rest of the Justice League.
Diary Room Hallway
Look at all those keyholes. Curiouser and curiouser. No Marsha. Where did you go, Marsha? But the picture frames seem odd, don't you think? The whole area makes me feel like I am in a Rene Magritte painting of Alice In Wonderland. Who gets to go down the rabbit hole first?
HOH Bedroom
Pretty, but those overhead lights look like they were strategically placed to deter bouncing on the bed. No, not that kind of bouncing.
Personally, I don't care for the wood. Gives it a bowling alley look. And those sloped walls and ceiling? Very tempting to invent a new game of rolling heads of lettuce and seeing if you can get one right up to the ceiling. That's what I would do. I hope those one-way mirrors are shatter proof. I also hope there are no bowling balls in the house. Warning: do not get drunk and run around that bar. Maybe one of them will invent a new drink called "Twisted Ankle".
Main Room
Will you look at that. Green. I hate green.'s pretty. Sunken circular seating. Custom made by The Brick. Note the separate double couch for the nominees. This will be great for the Eviction Vote. There is no hiding from the nominees, no looking away, is there? There are also five, that's right, five TVs. Something has to be up with that...there is usually just one for contact with the host.
Swimming Pool
Hope those tiles are non-slip! Look at those nice sharp corners. Nope. Not liking this at all. Has a public swimming pool feel to it. Well except for the one-way mirrors. Chairs all lined up like that? Boring.

Of course, we haven't seen all of the house. Some things have to remain a surprise. Like the Have-Not bedroom. There is also supposed to be a new room called, The War Room. I presume it is specifically meant for strategy discussion, but with Big Brother, anything is possible. Could be a totally new aspect of the game. It may even involve the new Side Show, with Gary Levy, Peter Brown and Arisa Cox.

There are more cameras. The entire set has increased in size, which is amazing because even the old set looked bigger than BBUS. Speaking of which, it looks like BBC has really upped the ante on the U.S. show. The ball's in your corner now BBUS. Time to refresh that set. I wonder if they have ever gone in there with a black light. You know, the kind that detects, well... Blech.