Friday, 13 October 2017

Amazing Race Canada 6 is a GO!!!!

....but only for heroes, because apparently we need 'em more every day.

Specifically, they want to cast inspirational people. The Jody and Cory, Nicole and Cormac, Nat and Meg, Jule and Lowell or Karen and Bert types. They want a full cast of Team Give'rs. People who inspire others.

Okay, I see your problem. You think you're just an ordinary person with an ordinary partner. But are you sure? Look at Nicole Foster. I bet she never thought she was anyone's hero until that day in the Yukon when she would not give up on that firing range. Heroes can come in many shapes and forms.

And here is Season 6's first twist: you can nominate a team you believe to be a hero - with or without their knowledge.

Everything you or a potential nominator needs to know is on the Official Casting site HERE but you MUST be quick! Casting closes at 11:59 PM EASTERN TIME on November 29th, 2017.

Good Luck to all who apply! And if all goes according to previous seasons, get ready to RACE by the end of April or the beginning of May, 2018.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Bachelor Canada Weekly Results a.k.a. "Who Took the "Walk of Shame" This Week?"

Photo Courtesy Corus/The W Network
Who got roses? Who left in tears, broken-hearted that What's-His-Face didn't love her? Who questioned their very existence? You got questions? Here's your answers.

Also, I must provide you with a slight "Spoiler Warning": I'll be updating this as soon as possible AFTER the EAST COAST airing. I know, I know.  Western time-zone problems are a real thing.

But here's the thing - I believe in "event television." Yes, it's a thing too. I live-tweet episodes of my favourite shows, along with a lot of other fans. But, I consider myself a responsible Live-Tweeter, meaning I use the hashtag. So here's my Pro-Tip: If you use Twitter, and do not want to see spoilers of the episode as it's airing, JUST MUTE #BachelorCA or even the words Bachelor Canada. If, however, you insist on using Facebook well then, I'd have to first ask "Why?" (It's useless) Then I would probably tell you to stop following the show site.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Meet the Bachelor Canada's 20 Probable Future Ex-Fiances

Does the title of this post sound...oh, I don't know...a tad cynical to you? Should I tone it down a notch or two? Yah, but no. Damn it, I'm keeping it. I have little or no hope for this season. I am very sure we will be presented with more proof that it's the journey that's important, not a lasting relationship. This will be the fourth installment in The Bachelor/Bachelorette CANADA franchise, and so far no relationships have lasted.

Anyway, here are the girls vying for What's-His-Name's...whatever.

I'll post my first impressions as I go and/or get around to it. Some are just too darn easy. When I first looked at them, I thought, "How did they get the cast of The Bachelorette so right, but this seems so awfully wrong?" But now that I've had a closer look, I've come to realize these are very pretty girls. Some are downright stunning.

But...I'm still not sure about this lead. What the hell was wrong with Mike? Or that sexy tongue guy with the flowing, dark hair? What did Jasmine call him? Oh yeah...Sensual Tongue. Or what about Kyle, the giant cat-guy? He was adorable.

Also, fair warning. If you are looking for some damn politically correct, SJW reflective writing or if you are some sort of whack-job shipper looking for affirmation of your fixation...this is not the place for you. I will be just as critical as every other season. I'm going to have fun with the absurdity.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Amazing Race Canada 5 Leg-by-Leg Stats

Complete record of all eliminations, tasks and other race data. Updated immediately after the show airs (Eastern time). Spoiler-free, meaning there is no mention or discussion of RESULTS from FUTURE legs. BUT I've put it behind a jump for those living in a western time zone. You're welcome!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Amazing Race Canada 5 Team Spoilers

Okay, I know I'm late posting this season's team spoilers. Very late. But I have my reasons and those are purely personal. Please forgive me.

WARNING: Just in case you didn't understand the gist of the title of this post, let me remind you - THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE. DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU DON"T WANT TO KNOW. Otherwise, click away.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

And They're Off...Amazing Race Canada Season 5

Good Luck.
Make Canada Proud.
Race safe...

It has begun. Filming for The Amazing Race Canada Season 5 began April 26, 2017. This is where you will find my Leg-by-Leg Spoilers, updated regularly.

And this is where I feel it is my solemn duty to inform you that there are spoilers here.

Although, knowing where they are going is not quite as bad as knowing which team is eliminated on which leg. 
Nope, I will do a separate post for that...and that will come later.

So, don't click through unless you want to know...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Big Brother Canada 5: Current Status, HG Voting History, HG Season Stats, DR Counts,Alliances

All the info you need. 
Right here. 
All in one place: 

  • Weekly Status
  • Voting History
  • Season Stats
  • Diary Room Counts
  • Alliances.
Information is updated daily and as soon as possible.
There will be spoilers from Live Feeds. 
Vote & eviction results from episode taping are via @Hamsterwatch.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Big Brother Canada 5: Live Feeds...What's Up?

Up to the time of this post, on the eve of the premiere of season 5, Global has not confirmed when the Live Feeds will begin. Previous seasons have always started right after the first eviction episode airs in the Pacific Time Zone (1 AM ET the next day. Is it odd they haven't announced this, even via Arisa Cox on Twitter? Yes. Is there some reason they haven't? Maybe. Some fans have formulated a theory that it is somehow connected to the first HoH challenge, which was revealed last night on ET Canada. The HGs must work together in teams of two. What they didn't tell us is the TWIST that will determine the HoH out of the winning pair.

This kind of lack of information just makes everyone's head spin. Will it be Canada's vote? Will the other HGs get to choose? Do we get feeds one day earlier, on Wednesday night instead?

Well, the hell with that. I know exactly what's been going on in that house/spaceship.

Whatever happens, remember to have fun enjoying the feeds. Don't feed the trolls, play nice and please leave the HGs families alone on Twitter or on the FB chat.

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Lambs for the Slaughter? OR That BBCan5 Cast, Eh?

Well, we were just introduced to our Big Brother Canada season 5 cast. So now what?
Well, now the fun starts. All that analyzing. Reading the bios. Watching the interviews. Running scenarios through our heads.

Here's my two cents: a breakdown of the cast, including Pros & Cons and my Five-🚀 ranking for each. (Those are rocket ships, by the way. Or do I have to explain it to you.)